Goody's Back

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Goody's Back - 04/18/04 02:11 PM

Hey you missed me & all my jumping around on this board. Got in at 1 a.m. and I'm sure you all know how that goes. I'm sorta floating between paradise and reality...good side is that I returned to sunny 70 degree temperatures in NY. I'll be posting a trip report hopefully within the next few days and catching up with you all inbetween. The info on this board is definitely a key to the success of a firsttimers to you all soon...Goody
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Re: Goody's Back - 04/18/04 03:01 PM

Welcome home, Goody, we just got back home late yesterday too...It was good to meet you, hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay here!
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Re: Goody's Back - 04/18/04 03:07 PM

We did...only bad thing is that you guys were away and couldn't get our last fix of the great food and martinis!!! We had a 3 hour layover in Miami...perhaps we even crossed paths returning home...we only wish we were heading back in your direction!!! Your place is great Chris...just like everyone says on this board. You will definitely be a big part of our trip report. Hope you got some R&R in Miami...Goody
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Re: Goody's Back - 04/18/04 03:39 PM

this should be good! can't wait to read all about it...welcome home!
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Re: Goody's Back - 04/18/04 04:29 PM

goody 2 shuz how was your trip with capt bicho and did the kids have fun .????????? did youy get to eat some fish???? did you get in the water ??? lets hear from you !!!!
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Re: Goody's Back - 04/18/04 05:04 PM

Capt. Jeff...thanks...thanks ...and more thanks!!! We had 2 wonderful full days with Capt. Bicho and his son. First day was slow as far as fishing was concerned...caught enough to cook up mainly snappers. Capt. Bicho made the day like no other for us...aiming to please & bringing smiles to our faces. The fish just weren't biting on the 12th but we made up for it snorkeling even the Captain himself got in with us in Shark Ray alley showing us the sites since Bicho Jr. had a sinus infection. Beach BBQ was everything you said it would be & kids cleaned the chicken from the bone and our family which tends to be not much into fish eating...gobbled up his was sooo delicious and out of this world!!! All the fixins to go with it made out to be one of the best meals we ate in the 13 days we were in AC!!

On the 15th, we started outside the reef and immediately started bringing in yellowtail snappers, groupers, and oh boy triggers that made you think you had sharks on the line!!! What a fight they put up....the kids really had their first true experience of fishing on this day. We had two big highlights...while one of the kids (BNBelize's daughter who joined us for the day) was reeling in a yellowtailed snapper, a barracuda hooked onto the snapper and Bicho Jr. almost fell off the boat in all the excitement!!! Cuda ended up jumping off leaving us with the snapper. We used two lines trolling inside the with a sardine & the other with a snapper...and within minutes we hooked into something on the sardine line...I turned just in time to see a big cuda jumping out of the water on my husbands line....10 minutes later we're taking pics of my husband with Capt. Bicho & Bicho Jr. with a 16 pound/38 inch barracuda!!! Look for my trip report...there will be some better details....thanks again Capt. Jeff...Capt. Bicho told us the new engines that you found for him were due the very next day & he was so excited about getting them. And the timing couldn't be better 'cause one of them kept on dying & they were having to hand start it each time we had to get somewhere different. He smiled at the mention of your name & he should for all the great things you say about him here on this board...apparently he doesn't know how popular he is!!! Anyone going to San Pedro who doesn't book a day with Capt. Bicho is truly missing out on a wonderful thing!!!
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Re: Goody's Back - 04/18/04 06:16 PM

goody 2 shuz this sounds great sooooooo glad you and your family had a wonderful time ..I am capt bicho"s biggest fan ,and love to praise his many talents ,like guide ,capt gourmet chef and most important real nice guy ..he gives his clients lots of bang for there $buck. clearly the best value in sanpedro , has now two boats and will be geting another off shore boat in sept ? will look for your report .so glad you got to live the dream with your family and enjoy life together nice ....
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