Goody's 1st Day - The Belizean Fever

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Goody's 1st Day - The Belizean Fever - 04/19/04 02:48 AM

Will try to follow in Mikell's footsteps...know you boarders have been waiting for something as board worthy. Please keep in mind that I don't have that journalist/editor experience behind me...just the dream of producing something entertaining for all...that being said....

The first day in my opinion really doesn't the time you arrive your body and emotions are adjusting to Belizean time. Arriving at Belize City airport was an experience in itself!! I was surprised at how quickly we got through customs. I am ashamed to say that we had 2 carry ons and 5 checked items(including our fishing and snorkel gear as well as snacks for a family of four) and still we made it through quickly with no mishaps. I immediately followed the signs for Jets Bar...was greeted by Jet himself and his warm Belizean smile. Told him Capt. Jeff sent me and he said "well you'll be looking for a rum punch then" and he proceeded to mix one up for me. At the time I recall thinking to myself "I never thought of Capt. Jeff as the Rum Punch type" and I'm sure Capt. Jeff will further elaborate on that. wink Anyway...the rum punch was just what I needed to pass the time away especially since we got bumped onto a later flight with Mayan Air(must have been due to them needing another plane to accommodate all that luggage).

The flight to San Pedro on Mayan Air was uneventful and as we landed we could see our pile of luggage the second biggest thing in sight besides the terminal itself!!!. We were greeted by a taxi that wisked us off to Banana Beach Resort.

Now knowing that my next paragraph may be upsetting to some of you boarders, I'm asking you in advance to please hold on tight to your Belikin bottles before tossing them my way!!! I'm a very honest gal and my first impression, as was my family's, while being transported to our resort, was "holy this what paradise really looks like?" and "Will we be able to stand it for 13 whole days?" I know that there are others that must have had similar thoughts on their first visit only you weren't bold enough to state it on this board full of Belize lovers!!! laugh So take a slug of your Belikin and see how quickly things can change...

We checked in...and immediately our moods were lifted as we took a look out into the tranquil waters and the breaking tides over the barrier reef!!! What a beautiful site...the dust on the road was long forgotten and the smiles lit up our faces.

Took a cab to Pauly's pizza and just as our pizza is delivered to the table our 15 year old is in tears telling us that she had left her small backpack containing the $200 dollars she had been saving since September. Pauly immediately offered his assistance asking us if we knew the cab company or name of the driver. We were so exhausted from the trip & had no idea even what the driver looked like and certainly not his name. Pauly's pizza deliverer, a local named Raphael, stood outside with my husband for over 45 minutes flagging down each taxi driver and spreading the word about the missing backpack. Within an hour it was back in my daughter's hands...minus the 40 dollars she gladly gave as finders fees to the driver and Raphael!!!

Needless to we took our taxi ride back to Banana Beach we couldn't help but think...what a wonderful feeling it is to be spending 13 days with people who care enough to go out of their way to put a smile back on your face....especially when you're so weary from the travel. No sooner did we enter our room before I knew that we were overcome by the Belizean fever!!!!
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Re: Goody's 1st Day - The Belizean Fever - 04/19/04 03:24 AM

LOL..we just sit here waiting for first impressions. We all have had that first impression, but it is soon forgotten.

For every action there is a reaction, yours was a powerful one, true to Belizean way.
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Re: Goody's 1st Day - The Belizean Fever - 04/19/04 03:24 AM

You are doing just fine. Will this be day by day?
You have the fever already, slow.............. smile
More More
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Re: Goody's 1st Day - The Belizean Fever - 04/19/04 03:28 AM

Great 1st round! Cannot wait to hear the rest. . . so exciting.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Goody's 1st Day - The Belizean Fever - 04/19/04 06:18 AM

"paradise" lies in the eyes of one's you found out me thinks......ramble on, we await
Posted By: Now Danny

Re: Goody's 1st Day - The Belizean Fever - 04/19/04 09:45 AM

Good story, waiting for more.
Posted By: mikell

Re: Goody's 1st Day - The Belizean Fever - 04/19/04 12:53 PM

goody...sounds like you traced our footsteps in a grand way! i love these stories of everyone's unique adventures and impressions. can't wait to read more and hopefully see some pictures!

your days with capt. bicho brought back great glad you got to do that.

anxiously looking for the rest of your report!!
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Re: Goody's 1st Day - The Belizean Fever - 04/19/04 01:07 PM

Thanks all...for your encouragement!!! My next entries are going to be somewhat of a challenge. I'd like to incorporate my photos but I'm not the best at doing those type of things on the computer. Is there a simple way to go about getting my photos incorporated with my report as Mikell, you so fabulously did? Any assistance would be much appreciated....Goody
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Re: Goody's 1st Day - The Belizean Fever - 04/19/04 01:27 PM

Aloha Goody!!!!! (oops wrong island)

This is what I know …. you are one of those rare travelers who would be a pleasure to travel with.

I’m going to go in a different direction for a moment because two things stand out from your first “installment” … (you’re working on a contract with your publisher right? This will be our lil secret)

The first impression is how easily you “flowed with the tide”. Not only did you not grumble about getting bumped, you joked about your luggage being the reason. Had that not happened, you might not have had the time to sit and experience the warm hospitality offered by Jet.

The other is that you had enough faith in human kind to even attempt to find the backpack. Lots of folks would have just uttered “It’s gone” immediately preceded by using every word in the new and improved cursers’ dictionary … and been miserable the rest of the day.

Sounds to me that your vacation was on the right track …. Can’t wait to hear more!

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Re: Goody's 1st Day - The Belizean Fever - 04/19/04 02:05 PM

On our first trip to AC, as the rattletrap van hustled through the streets from the airport to Paradise Villas in the dark with our luggage precariously hanging out the back, the thought going through my mind was "Holy crap, what has my wife gotten me into this time?". Needless to say, when I saw the grounds and the accomodations, I put the thought a little farther back in my mind. After the sunrise the next morning, and walking the beach to Estels for breakfast, returning through town, the thought ceased to exist. Looking forward to trip 5 as soon as possible.
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Re: Goody's 1st Day - The Belizean Fever - 04/19/04 02:07 PM

You've emergered....the sleeping dog awakes!!! Where have you been...I was beginning to think that you finally got there!!!
Love that new icon...perhaps you'd be the very person I need to help me get my next report rolling with some pics wink I'm in limbo here...

Yes...I truly live on seeing the good in all people, & often to my own demise!!! My daughter stated when I said that someone will find her backpack, "But mom...these people seem to have very little...who wouldn't take the $'s gone and my vacation is ruined!!!" I explained to her that most people are honest and that I believed the backpack would turn up and that my only worry is that it was lying in the back seat & wouldn't be discovered until hours later when the driver wouldn't be able to know who left it & how to get it back to them. It certainly restored my daughters faith in people...she surprised me when she dug into her bag and offered the finder's fee. Not a thing she normally finds easy to do wink
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Re: Goody's 1st Day - The Belizean Fever - 04/19/04 02:11 PM

Bobber...thanks for being bold enough to come out before those bottles came flying my way laugh I know it's a feeling firsttimers must's almost like going to Disneyworld for the first time...a place you dreamed of bringing your kids to forever, the Magic Kingdom....that is, until you see the lines wink ...Goody
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Re: Goody's 1st Day - The Belizean Fever - 04/19/04 06:54 PM

You should hear the reactions of people who go to the mainland first!!! Talk about culture shock!! But almost everyone loves it all in the end
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Re: Goody's 1st Day - The Belizean Fever - 04/19/04 09:26 PM

1.Feb 28th p/u by wifes brother at "huge airport",with golf cart.

2.Half way down Front Street I had seen about ten places I knew about because of this board & the great town map to click on.

3.Got to Aqua Marina at end of Front where he works,checked in,dropped bags,walked out on pier with him & he said "sometimes you see rays right in here" no sooner said, a 3ft wide one came right in front of us in 1ft of water.

4.Changed clothes to "uniform of the day" T,shorts,sandals.Got in cart for a tour of town and a little south.Stopped at Bannana Beach for a drink on the beach. Turned to my wife & said "when do you want to come back".

Total elapsed time since arrival: about 3hrs.

Knew I was someplace special. Biggest reason: The Belizeian people!!!

That's why your daughter got her backpack back with all the money in it!!!! She's a special kid to then turn over what I'm sure was hard earned money to thank that person
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Re: Goody's 1st Day - The Belizean Fever - 04/19/04 11:06 PM

Jack, my kinda guy, hit the nail on the head. The people there are the type of folks we wish were everywhere.
speaking of icons, I was doing some playing with one. What size are they supposed to be? I seem to remember 48 x 48.
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Re: Goody's 1st Day - The Belizean Fever - 04/20/04 03:31 AM

Bobber .... I checked on the properties for the ones that the board had ready made, and yuppers, 48x48

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