Goody's 2nd Day - The Fever Grows

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Goody's 2nd Day - The Fever Grows - 04/20/04 03:24 PM

Woke up to the magnificent warmth of the sun filling the room #335 at Banana Beach. It was one of their coutyard rooms on the 3rd floor which overlooked the big pool, which would serve as our home for the next 5 nights before we'd move to one of their deluxe oceanfronts for the remainder of our stay. Realizing that I was now a part of the dream...really here in the place I was up to this point only dreaming about, my mind started racing thinking of where we should start on our journey now that it was reality.

Just at that point the door opens, allowing more of that beautiful sunshine to enter, and my husband rushes in & shouts,"Congrats are in order... for just moments ago I hooked my first bonefish!!!" We were in awe and he went on to explain that he went down just south of Caribe & found himself a little lagoon off the ocean and had succeeded in catching a 2-3 pounder. It was truly a great beginning to our first full day in paradise laugh

Had breakfast at El Divino...this was the moment when I realized that it was time to adjust to Belizean time...for it took a good 45 minutes to get our food, which by the way was great. The Banana beach breakfast, which is what you coupon will cover, is more than enough to start the day with. My advice is to make a small substitution for a given item...there were 2 pastries which I would substitute toast for...this would keep the cost down, although the other choices were not all that expensive. The 45 minutes gave our family the time to decide how we wanted to spend our first day.

We decided that we wouldn't be able to follow in Mikell's footsteps, as far as walking the beaches into town...we are the type of family that likes the adventure of exploring every nook & cranny of an island and that the only real way to do this would be via golf cart. The cab fares of $5US, although reasonable, would certainly add up. We lucked out at Castle Golf, after having found 3 other places out of carts. And they gave us a terrific deal for our 13 days and honored the 10% off coupon as well which I had brought with me. They promised us a cart within the hour which we knew without asking would probably be two.

Walked across the street and found ourselves a palm with 2 lounges at Holiday Hotel. I decided this would be a perfect time to make a few entries in my journal that would assist me in my trip report. The girls were busy making deals on beaded anklets & necklaces with two local boys, named Edgar & Eric. And hubby was off checking out the area for more fishing holes. As I was writing I noticed that I had been joined by my first new friend who had made himself comfortable under the same palm tree as me.

Sorry,guys...but until I iron out some gliches this is the way you'll have to view my pics that I've incorporated within my trip report....

We ventured on to Estel's for lunch where my daughters had found Rosanna, a local women who made custom necklaces while you wait.

We feasted on the burritos, hamburgers, and quesadillas that Estel's blackboard menu offered. We decided to enjoy them outside with the beautiful turquiose waters spread out before us. The burrito,which was so huge, was gobbled up amazingly by our youngest daughter. And she haunted us the rest of the week to go back for another!!!

We returned to Castle Golf and boarded our unique mode of transportation & decided that, although late, we'd head north for our first adventure. When we vacation somewhere we make it a priority to take every opportunity to get to know the's culture & it's people.

We were at the cut & hand ferry within minutes...and of all people we end up meeting up with Edgar & Eric, the two local boys who my girls bought jewelry from earlier. I'm thrilled because I was sorry that I hadn't gotten a picture of them and so I made up for it as we waited to board the hand ferry.

Edgar and Eric board the ferry as well explaining to us that they're heading up to Captain Morgan's for the day. They inform us that they are on Easter vacation for 2 weeks and that Captain Morgan's happens to be one of their favorite places to spend by the beach. As we disembark the ferry, they walk ahead of us, wave, and politely say their goodbyes. We drive up to them & invite them to come along since we're heading in the same direction. About 20 minutes into the trip, we stop for a soda from our packed cooler, taking in the beautiful sights of palm trees and the turquoise waters that paint the horizon. The boys scurry up a palm tree to retreive a coconut. My daughters are amazed at how quickly they are able to do this and attempt to do the same. Unable to do so...they are in awe at how easily their new friends make it seem. The boys share the coconuts demonstrating how to get to the fruit & milk protected inside.

We continue our journey & arrive at Captain Morgan's about 25 minutes later. We are interested in seeing this property because it so happens to be one we can trade into with our timeshare and would most definitely be a way for us return to this paradise that we're quickly growing to love. The grounds are beautiful and we decide it is definitely a place we'd like to stay in the future. The pics will speak for themselves.

By now it's getting late but the girls refuse to leave before mastering the art of climbing a palm tree. With a few scrapes, and a tremendous amount of effort, and 15 minutes of training from Eric & Edgar, they finally manage to do so!! And Dad is able to join them as well...but this acrophobic gal is happy just catching the kodak moment!!!

We head back to the cut afraid if we venture much further we may run out of gas. Edgar is kind enough to show us how to check the fuel tank located under the seat...and we are amazed to see that there is still plenty. We reach the cut about 45 minutes later and while waiting for the ferry the boys show the girls a makeshift slide off the far side of the Hammock House.

Back in town, the boys lead us to Severo's house...hubby had a half day scheduled the next morning & wanted to confirm with him. Seems that everyone in this town knows each other and where each other lives. We pull up and a neighbor invites the kids onto her deck to play with her parrot. Hubby heads next store speaking with Severo with a woman sitting on the rail of her deck. The boys all of a sudden are hiding, scrunched down in the back of the cart. As we pull off & we ask them why they were hiding, they tell us that Severo's wife is the principal at their school!!! We laugh as we head to drop them off at their house.

What sweet boys...we had a lot of fun with them and they made our first full day in paradise such a special one. As they direct us to their house, a clean but certainly simple home, our youngest daughter says to her newfound friends, "you guys are so lucky to live here. I bet you never run out of things to do!!" Her words touched me and the fever grew that had struck us the night before. It's times like these that you really know you're in paradise!!!

Having had the first full day that we did, we decided to eat dinner at El Divinos. The food was good, served in Belizean time, which allowed us to talk about the adventures of our day. Afterwards, finding ourselves exhausted, we head for our room. We turned in early knowing that tommorrow would most likely be another full day holding the wonders of paradise.
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Re: Goody's 2nd Day - The Fever Grows - 04/20/04 03:30 PM

Excellent report and thanks so much for sharing the pics of Captain Morgans. We are leaving in 10 days and I can hardly concentrate on anything else! smile
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Re: Goody's 2nd Day - The Fever Grows - 04/20/04 05:44 PM

You are sooo good at this goody, I miss you and your wonderful family already. Great pics! I hope I can get mine up and running...
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Re: Goody's 2nd Day - The Fever Grows - 04/20/04 05:56 PM

great report, but i can't get the ofoto site to open!

tell your husband i'm jealous!!! Of the bonefish, i mean.
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Re: Goody's 2nd Day - The Fever Grows - 04/20/04 06:03 PM will see a security screen pop up just hit yes and it will bring you to the pic. Unfortunately, until I find another way, you have to do this to view each pic. MIkell's at work & seems to have the nack...perhaps she'll be able to show me the way later..she was able to do it and I tried it the way she instructed but doesn't work on my end.

BNBelize...miss you guys too!! Were you able to see the pics? My only regret is that we didn't get more pics with you guys...being that we were all having so much fun. Gives us an excuse to do it all again laugh laugh laugh
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Re: Goody's 2nd Day - The Fever Grows - 04/20/04 07:39 PM

goody 2 shuz waiting for the capt bicho fishing photos and report on the edge of my seat ,waiting to see the dream .. leaving for venice wed tomorrow business trip [tough life ] at 3 pm hope it is up by then if not will try from the ship ?? told me you had a wonderful time with the famous capt .. bicho would love to see the pictures and the smile on your faces ,,
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Re: Goody's 2nd Day - The Fever Grows - 04/20/04 08:35 PM

Capt Jeff...I will try to get to it ...we didn't do our fishing with Bicho until Day 8 and Day 11 laugh laugh At this rate you'll probably be already gone but since your the guy who pointed us in the right direction I'm going to try to e-mail you your own personal batch of photos...don't want you falling off that seat of yours now wink

I'll probably be able to get it to your email sometime this evening as long as I don't encounter any problems like I have been these past few days...Goody laugh laugh laugh
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Re: Goody's 2nd Day - The Fever Grows - 04/20/04 10:53 PM

goody....this is good!! sounds like you & your family really got into the place quickly. i loved the fact that people were so friendly too...not surprised your girls made friends right away. you had an amazing first day!

i'm still not sure why you can't post the photos for me when i go to your link...

[Linked Image]

in any's a great report and your pictures capture the fun you had...everyone has such big smiles!! your girls are glad to hear they enjoyed the trip so much!

waiting for more!!! smile
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Re: Goody's 2nd Day - The Fever Grows - 04/21/04 01:53 PM

[Linked Image]
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Re: Goody's 2nd Day - The Fever Grows - 04/21/04 02:01 PM

Okay NY gal you don't have to rub it in that you & all of creation can post my pics but I can't!!!! You're hogging up the spotlight (just kidding before you take it the wrong way)

I guess it's time to close up my the message loud & clear!!! It's a little bit scary to see what people can do with just a little bit of info...Goody :p :p
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Re: Goody's 2nd Day - The Fever Grows - 04/21/04 02:07 PM

I will delete this if you want me to's entirely up to you. I don't mind one way or the other.
It's one reason I mentioned, if you have pics you don't want to share, don't post the URL. OK laugh
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Re: Goody's 2nd Day - The Fever Grows - 04/21/04 02:14 PM

No need to...Ny gal. I don't have any pics on that album that I don't want to share. I just wanted them to come along with the trip reports in an organized fashion. Didn't realize that posting a particular pic would lead up to the entire album....we all learn from our mistakes.

I'm gonna go onto finishing my report so I can get back to real life...until I can get back to paradise again of course laugh laugh laugh ...Goody
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Re: Goody's 2nd Day - The Fever Grows - 04/21/04 02:20 PM

goody...we love you! and your trials and tribulations have been fun...for us at least!

keep posting...we've all seen your great pictures one way or, we want to read the story that goes with them!!

you've given me a reason to turn my computer on every morning!! laugh
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Re: Goody's 2nd Day - The Fever Grows - 04/21/04 02:30 PM

Thanks...Mikell for your words of bottom (so tempted to use a less appropriate word) was actually sore by the time I crawled into bed last night!!! I wanted so much to figure this thing out that I dedicated virtually the entire day to do so!!! Any way...I need a little downtime this am...need to take a shower (pew) and catch up on a few things...and perhaps this afternoon I will get back to my report in time for you to read it before you retire this pm....Goody
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Re: Goody's 2nd Day - The Fever Grows - 04/21/04 02:42 PM

Goody, on my screen I still see that red X, on Nygal's and Mikell's.

Goody you have a rope now, Oh No, what are you doing with a rope?
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Re: Goody's 2nd Day - The Fever Grows - 04/21/04 03:07 PM

Chloe... don't even wanna know!!! It's gotta be the photo website...when I read my trip report I click onto a syntax & it brings me to the pic but there's this nasty security screen...tedious to view a pic...but that's all I can do & will continue to do in my reports....I am unable to embed the photos like others are able to...I see Mikell's & ny gal's photos on my screen and yet you don't...figure that one out

On another note...I took my shower...fell lots better & smell much better too... it's time to go do some errands & if time allows. continue with my report....Goody
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