Another interesting photo anomoly

Posted By: ilandhoper

Another interesting photo anomoly - 04/21/04 07:08 PM

Would like to run this info by the boarders in general. My wife and I have been looking through photographs on the San Pedro Sun website and have been thoroughly enjoying them. We found a photo of the Jungle Room at Casa Tortuga, //, and having actually been in that room in the past couple of months, appears to actually be a photo of that room. However, interestingly enough the photo also shows up on ebay, , in an advertised auction for Costa Maya and Caribe Island Resort. Has anyone ever heard of riverfloatexpeditions out of Winter Springs (Orlando), FL? The rest of their ad on ebay looks reasonable from what I remember of the area. Is this kind of thing even legal?
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Re: Another interesting photo anomoly - 04/21/04 07:09 PM

Do a search on Costa Maya

You will come up with all kinds of fun posts on this very issue.
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Re: Another interesting photo anomoly - 04/21/04 07:34 PM

Wow, thought we had something new. After reading the search on Costa Maya, should have titled the post another "Yet another Costa Maya issue". This place must really be struggling. Thanks for the info.
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Re: Another interesting photo anomoly - 04/21/04 11:41 PM


you made a grevious error in your post above. The Ebay ad does not say "Caribe Island Resort", it says "Casa Caribe Resort"......not even close to being the same.
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Re: Another interesting photo anomoly - 04/22/04 12:31 AM

Tell me Ilandhoper, how did you like Casa Tortuga and Maria. I stayed there last June and LOVED it(especially Maria). Kathy
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