Soccer in Belize

Posted By: Sundinrocks

Soccer in Belize - 04/25/04 10:51 PM

How popular is Soccer in Belize, I figured since it was a British Colony it might have a large intrest in it. Does Belize have a national soccer team and how well do they do?

Posted By: Katie Valk

Re: Soccer in Belize - 04/26/04 03:02 PM

Yes, very popular, many teams and we compete (at times) in Concacaf, etc, as part of FIFA. We have two leagues, currently vying for dominance.
Posted By: Sundinrocks

Re: Soccer in Belize - 04/27/04 03:59 AM

Yeh I found a World Cup 2006 Qualifing site and Belize is set to play Canada on June 10th, wish i could get the game here in the States. Too bad i really love soccer but isnt shown that much on tv.
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: Soccer in Belize - 04/27/04 11:54 AM

I am surprised that our resident soccer fiend, Marty, didn't answer this one!

When you take your trip, Mike, you should be able catch a game somewhere. It's pretty cool taking the time to watch one, you catch yourself thinking "I AM WATCHING A SOCCER GAME IN BELIZE!" Pretty special, and it's a freebie.
Posted By: Sundinrocks

Re: Soccer in Belize - 04/27/04 11:22 PM

Well marty is pretty busy you know. haha.

Yeh I was really wishing that I could do that, and since I found out its all over the place it shouldnt be too hard to find a game. Indeed I probably will be thinking that, the best of both worlds, soccer and Belize.
Posted By: Xoc

Re: Soccer in Belize - 04/28/04 01:06 AM

hehehe I have tickets to the game in Kingston! Now I just have to find a flag...

Yes I'll be rooting for Belize cuz somehow I don't think they'll be bussing up their fans. laugh
Posted By: specv

Re: Soccer in Belize - 05/03/04 04:51 AM

When down over Christmas I brought two soccer balls and daily we played with good young adults and young kids.

My 12&9yr olds would play beach soccer all afternoon and then by 5pm the big game would start at the main pitch in the center of SanPedro. The locals were far to good for me, it was fun. We gave our soccer balls to Oscar and another local and there gratitude was priceless.

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