Getting ready to live the dream

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Getting ready to live the dream - 04/28/04 02:02 PM

Board meambers,
First I want to thank you all for sharing all of you stories, I have become very fond of starting my mornings on this board. I am packing up to leave for the Belizean Shores on May 3 w/ my husband to celebrate our 10 yr. anniversary. We only have a week, my 2 children are staying home with gramma. I do have our trip booked with Capt. Bicho on the 7th, thanks to Goody, Jeff and all the others and the only real question I still have is... Did any one have trouble with bugs? I have 2 girlfriends who just got back from the mainland after a 10 day dive trip and they had been torn apart by sand fleas as well as other critters. I feel very prepared thanks to you all, since I'm an overpacker from way back. I've kept at one case so far! Thanks again for all the insight, I can hardly wait!! April In CA
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Re: Getting ready to live the dream - 04/28/04 03:02 PM

...bugs have not been that bad at all as of late (we are about a mile and a half north of Belizean Shores.) No sand fleas... mosquitos come out if the wind dies, but that's been rare... they won't get too bad until the rains come. Bring a bit of Off and you should be fine.
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Re: Getting ready to live the dream - 04/28/04 03:08 PM

Hi April,

My husband and I are making plans to come to AC in June for our 20th anniversary..also leaving kids at home! Can't wait to hear about your trip..have a great time!
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Re: Getting ready to live the dream - 04/28/04 03:25 PM

April...The first night we arrived at dusk we were invaded by mosquitos and bites. However, after spraying urselves with Sawyers Bug repellent with 30% Deet we weren't bothered again. This was only on the first night and after that we didn't have a t problems with bugs. Didn't hit the mainland so can't advise you on there.

Funny thing in San Pedro is that while we were viewing the crocodiles in the lagoons at dusk a truck spraying for mosquitos drove by spraying a crowd of people as well as the mosquitos. Since West Nile Virus hit NY they announce sprayings in the paper to warn people to stay indoors...not that way in Belize!!!....have a wonderful anniversary & great trip!!! I have a feeling you'll be wishing you brought the kids along...we did that when we went to Barbados & I recall feeling that way....Goody
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Re: Getting ready to live the dream - 04/28/04 03:51 PM

Thanks again guys. After talking and seeing my girlfriends (who will have reminder bites for another two weeks or so) I got a little worried. I now feel reassured.
Goody... my kiddos are younger , too young for snorkling or water sports yet , but I feel pretty sure this will be the last time they do stay home.
Thanks again for you GREAT trip reports, really enjoyed the pictures also.
P.S. Did anybody do a tour w/ Daniel Nunez/ Tanish Tours? His name keeps popping up.
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Re: Getting ready to live the dream - 04/28/04 04:21 PM

Yes, I did. I went to Lamainai--the best day trip I've ever had, and I have some experience. My wife did not go. She like to pretend dhe's a local on her day off. Remember to pack half as much clothes and twice as much money. My rule is women only get THREE PAIR OF SHOES, including the ones they're wearing! Trust me on this. Then buy something there.
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Re: Getting ready to live the dream - 04/28/04 06:07 PM

Mambo Chill Boutique next to Fido's has a new supply of cute shoes!
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Re: Getting ready to live the dream - 04/28/04 07:51 PM

We just got back and didn't use our OFF spray once. We did get a couple of bites while at the Hammock House at dusk one evening (no wind), but that was it. We didn't venture to the furthest reaches of the island, might be more there, and didn't have enought time to do a mainland trip, somthing for next year.
Goody2Shuz - For next time, from where did you watch the crocs? We didn't think of it while we were there. We were on the lagoon side a couple of times during the day, but briefly. We were going to catch sunset at the IT bar, but just didn't get to it, anywhere near there or town?
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Re: Getting ready to live the dream - 04/28/04 11:32 PM

Barbara K - How did you know about my shoe habit. You are really talking my language now!!
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Re: Getting ready to live the dream - 04/29/04 12:12 AM

Phyllis....the crocs are mostly viewed south of Banana Beach resort past the water tower on the right hand side(lagoon side). You'll see what appears to be a point, there are usually other people/golf carts gathered there around 5:30pm or 1/2 hour before sunset...Goody
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Re: Getting ready to live the dream - 04/29/04 12:19 AM

Our group of 4 is getting ready to live the dream too!!!!! On Thursday night we go to the Jimmy Buffet Concert, here in town. On Friday morning we board a jet in Charlotte NC for a direct hop to Belize City and expect to be chilling out in San Pedro by 2 PM.
Somebody please speed up that clock for 1 day and then slow it down a lot for the next week. Please,please,please!
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Re: Getting ready to live the dream - 04/29/04 12:50 AM

Hey Mike don't even have to wish for it to slow down!!! When you first land in Belize you're in the fast lane...still racing. All of a sudden, almost like in twilight zone, everything moves at a slower pace. It takes some adjusting....but as slow as things go there's just as many things to do and soak up and take's strange until you actually live it and then you get back and everything's back in the fast lane and you're trying to slow it is so different...almost magical!!! You'll never view life in the same way'll be better in so many ways wink
Go and live the dream....Goody
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Re: Getting ready to live the dream - 04/29/04 01:18 AM

I spent last week in the northern part of AC where I heard the mosquitos are bad. I took DEET but didn't use it (Too much wind for the bugs).

I also took shoes, but didn't need them either!!

Now I'm back home, wearing shoes and a wrist watch (UGGHH). Goody is so right about time in AC...I'd like to live my entire life at that pace!
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Re: Getting ready to live the dream - 04/29/04 02:44 AM

April, my husband and I are also staying at the Belizean Shores in July. We're also leaving our kids (1 Bernese mountain dog and 2 pugs), but they're our babies. Anyways, if you get a chance, please give me a review when you get back. I'd really appreciate it. Have a great time and I'm still counting down - 72 more days!!
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