We're back ....

Posted By: wannaBEthere

We're back .... - 05/05/04 02:11 PM

yawnnnn ......

Hi guys, we just got back to Ohio at 9PM last night. Temp was a warm, balmy 58 degrees when we touched down. frown

Will get a report posted as soon as I manage to switch gears!

BUT ... have to say we had an incredible "journey". It's not just the destination that makes San Pedro so special, it's the people you meet and things that you experience along the way.

A reminder to all who are still packing 'n unpacking ... UNPACK again, you'll be glad you did. Pack light is the key. When "they say" ya only need tshirts, shorts and sandals, "they" REALLY mean it! No matter where you stay, or eat.


laters ....
Posted By: NYgal

Re: We're back .... - 05/05/04 02:18 PM

Welcome... wink
Posted By: Now Danny

Re: We're back .... - 05/05/04 02:51 PM

So glad you had a good time. Withdrawal from the sun shine is tough. Looking forward to a trip report.
Posted By: lolamae

Re: We're back .... - 05/05/04 03:47 PM

Can't wait to hear about your trip. Only 65 more days for me. Also, thanks for the confirmation on what to pack. I always over pack and I'm really going to try to (for the first time ever) pack light. Just one thing, even at what they considered to be the nicest restaurant, shorts, t-shirts and sandals were OK?
Posted By: govikes

Re: We're back .... - 05/05/04 03:55 PM

lolamae, I always bring JUST ONE - fun little sundress with to wear for any 'special' outings. The rest of the time it's swimsuit, shorts, beach coverup. When I was there in Nov., I found these great sleeveless loonnnnngggg t-shirts (I used them as beach coverup dresses). They were only $5US and I ended up going back and buying 3 more in different colors; they worked great for day or evening. laugh
Posted By: fuzzy_navel

Re: We're back .... - 05/05/04 04:22 PM

Welcome back awty! I missed your humor. Can't wait to read your trip report. I just know it's going to be a great one.
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Re: We're back .... - 05/05/04 04:23 PM

Yes, even at the nicest restaurants, shorts and t-shirts are fine. Sandles optional.
But, it is fun to wear a cute little sundress out at night too.
(Unless of course you are like me.... I still after 3 years MUST pack at least 2 outfits per day, plus something for dinner. I already have closets full down there, but it's one of those obsessions that I can't seem to shake. AND, how many times have I actually worn a sundress to dinner, maybe twice in 3 years.)
But, I give great advice on packing!!!!!!!
Have a great trip!
Posted By: mikell

Re: We're back .... - 05/05/04 11:20 PM

welcome back awty! looking forward to your whole report!

can't agree with you really is true that you don't need much in the way of clothes! spent 10 days there in a bathing suit & flip flops most of the time...with a few sarongs ...which doubled as dresses for dinner out! it's ultra-casual. guys will only need a couple of pairs of shorts and a few t-shirts!

glad you had a great time...there wasn't a doubt!!
Posted By: lisaob

Re: We're back .... - 05/06/04 02:51 PM

this makes me excited to begin my research for our first trip next winter. we are also from ohio - cleveland!
Posted By: BNBelizeSoon

Re: We're back .... - 05/06/04 05:36 PM

AWTY, it's good to see you still have energy after your trip.. We missed watching you walk across this board. Can't wait for your trip report, I'm sure that it'll be infused with your humorous views for a fun and entertaining read.
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