I finally finished posting pics...

Posted By: BNBelizeSoon

I finally finished posting pics... - 05/09/04 05:23 AM

Finally, it's done. I posted the last picture in Album IV today. These are about 200 of my favorites from the almost 800 pictures I took... I don't know what I would have done if I couldn't have unloaded my 256 mb card 3 times while on our 8 day vacation.... I have the board to thank for that one...
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Re: I finally finished posting pics... - 05/09/04 07:48 AM

GOSH them are a lot of photos!!!
Thank you so much cause I'm nuttin up wanting to be there again! It helps to re-live sorta speak seeing these. wink
So... when ya goin back???
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Re: I finally finished posting pics... - 05/09/04 03:14 PM

Thanks for sharing those great pictures. What brand of underwater camera did you use? I loved your Blue Hole story - I too am anxious about that dive. We were new divers last year and decided we were not quite ready for the plunge. I believe this year my husband will convince me to give it a try.
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Re: I finally finished posting pics... - 05/09/04 04:02 PM

I think I have to skip next year... going to Roatan, staying at Cocoview Resort next April for our big 20th anniversary.. yippee. I hear the diving is fantastic there. Hopefully, we can get back to San Pedro in 2006...
I have an Olympus C750 with a PT-018 underwater housing that I was able to purchase online for about $160.
The Blue Hole is a dive that I am glad I did but will never do again. The Amigos crew was great and truthfully, I spazzed myself out. I did it one other time in Cozumel (our last dive on that OW trip.)on the Santa Rosa Wall, just freaked myself out because I couldn't see the bottom.... I need to keep my mind occupied, I think taking photos and having my boyancy down pat is a huge plus.
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Re: I finally finished posting pics... - 05/09/04 11:18 PM

great photos...loved the peak into your whole trip! we stayed in #307 at BB...two floors above we have the same shots...only from higher up!!!!

roatan? we heard such great things from a couple staying at BB...they said you HAVE to go there! sounds like you'll love it!

thanks for sharing all your stories and pics!!
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