Help me choose a rental villa!

Posted By: melodyt13

Help me choose a rental villa! - 05/10/04 12:12 PM

I'm looking for a two-bedroom house on the beach for myself, husband and two kids... I'd prefer to be short walking distance into town b/c of the kids..

Any opinions on these?

Casa Caracol
El Fuerte
Caye Casa
Brianna's Beach House

Thanks in advance
Posted By: Jack and Rose

Re: Help me choose a rental villa! - 05/10/04 01:13 PM

Briana's Beach House is a 5 min walk to town & is just what your looking for. It is right on the beach in a great location. I stayed in the same area and would do so again and would consider renting Briana's.
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Re: Help me choose a rental villa! - 05/10/04 08:30 PM

I recently stayed at Hotel del Rio, right next to Caye Casa. It looked fantastic and very nice. I think it was recently renovated because that was my third time at del Rio and I didn't notice it before. It's a 10 minute walk to town and very close to the bakery and Papi's diner, which serves great cheap eats. I also noticed Briana's Beach house. It's a little closer to town but Caye Casa looked much nicer, at least from the outside!
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Re: Help me choose a rental villa! - 05/10/04 08:45 PM

Try looking at Paradise villas. It is on the north end of town and everything is right there. Great staff, I never saw them unless we needed something and then they were right there!! I know they have two bedroom units on the beach. We stayed there with 4 to a room but only used the one bedroom unit and kids stayed in the other room a little tight and will use the two bedroom unit next trip!
Posted By: C from UK

Re: Help me choose a rental villa! - 05/10/04 08:52 PM

We're staying at Brianna's at Christmas (Hubby, 10 year old son and Mother and Father in Law) and I've been looking out for any info at all on it when it comes up. Everything I've seen so far says how lovely it is - so convenient and yet quiet. I love the idea of having the little fenced garden/yard bit at the front going straight out onto the beach - it has a barbecue and bicycles and 20% off all Searious Adventures trips. Hope it's all we've read about. Happy Holidays!
Posted By: SOP in NYC

Re: Help me choose a rental villa! - 05/14/04 06:25 PM

I stayed with 5 friends at Casa Caracol recently and all of us had nothing but nice things to say about the place. The location is great, the house is well kept (maid service every 3rd day) and Phil and Marie share a wealth of information on things to do and see. Would stay there again in an instant.
Posted By: P&J

Re: Help me choose a rental villa! - 05/14/04 06:30 PM


This is where we stayed for our Honeymoon last Sept. Great place to stay, Pool, Pier tons of stuff to do at the Villa.But not so close to town, Island Ferry has daily runs that can pick you up at pier or a short walk at Journeys End.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Help me choose a rental villa! - 05/14/04 07:06 PM

Brianna's or Caye Casa are probably in the best location kid wise. Close to or "in" the residential area so there will be tons of kids around.
Posted By: scubalover

Re: Help me choose a rental villa! - 05/19/04 05:44 AM

I can tell you all you want to know about Brianna's! We just spent the week there (May 8-16) and had a great time. It's the cutest place, and after riding our bikes up and down the beach, we were even more pleased with our choice.
It is right on the beach, but realize that part of the beachfront there is also a road. It's not a freeway, mind you, but golf carts, trucks and taxis do pass by, not to mention school kids and others either walking or riding bikes. I just don't want you to have the impression that there's a private little beach at your front door. The yard is completely sand, the only garden is the two potted plants in front. There's two bikes in the shed out back and we used them extensively to ride through town, up to the store, and all throughout the island. We didn't even find it necessary to rent a golf cart.
At the end of the pier right out front at Patojo's, there's a great swimming/snorkel area. It's bouyed off, so boat traffic isn't a concern. It's fairly shallow, starting at about 4 feet and going to about 10 feet, and there's a little reef out there with a few fish. We saw squid, lobster, fish, conch and a spotted electric ray.
It's a short walk to shopping (grocery, bakery, etc), -- about 10 min -- but once you're on the front street (Barrier Reef Dr.) everything is at your fingertips.
You don't mention how old your kids are, but there are a couple of neighbor kids that my husband played football with, ages 6-8, and other kids joined in too.
I hope this answers some of your questions... email me if you have any other questions. laugh
You'll enjoy your trip whichever location you prefer.
Posted By: C from UK

Re: Help me choose a rental villa! - 05/19/04 10:20 AM

Hi Scubalover - I've been thinking about you whilst you were at Brianna's, hoping you were having a good time - wasn't sure when you'd be back. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for your report on Brianna's - would my son and husband be able to catch fish off the little pier in front? ooooh... I'm getting so excited!!! Any other info or tips would be truly appreciated.
Posted By: scubalover

Re: Help me choose a rental villa! - 05/19/04 06:48 PM

C from UK... I think you could fish from there, but don't know how much you would catch. It's true what's been said here, that close in to shore it's filled w/turtle grass and very shallow. There's some decent snorkeling to be found under the piers, esp at night, but you have to be patient, it's the small stuff that comes out.
We didn't see any fishing from the piers, so I guess if the locals don't, you won't have much luck. Am sure you could ask the neighbors, they're fishermen and would know where you could fish from the shore. laugh
If you have any other questions, feel free to email me! smile
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Re: Help me choose a rental villa! - 05/19/04 08:01 PM

Just back...stayed at Paradise Villa and it is a wonderful place with a great staff. The units have 2 property managers. Let me know if your interested & I'll post their names. You're gonna love AC.
Posted By: C from UK

Re: Help me choose a rental villa! - 05/20/04 09:52 AM

Thanks, Scubalover - it sounds so idyllic - I know I'm not going to want to come back. That's what scares me is coming back to the UK in January, the darkest, coldest month with the prospect of February which is just as bad. It's going to be a real downer. I think this board will keep me going though. Thanks again!
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