Day 3 - what we really did

Posted By: wannaBEthere

Day 3 - what we really did - 05/11/04 04:48 AM

What really happened on Friday:

Recouped from trip to Lamanai …. and …..

Walked the beach north. Still didn’t see any skeeters, I’m assuming that they were saving room for Redheada.

Saw lots of washed up “stuff” but hey, it’s an island and what goes out, must come in, and in, and in. A trash can placed statically behind a palm tree might be a consideration, I know that I’d have picked some if it up.

The lizards were out in force sunning that day. Talk about a face that only a mother could love.

Was disappointed with the quality of the pics from this roll of film. Though gotta say that the ocean scenes remind me of a dream when you’re not quite sure if you’re awake or asleep. Maybe cuz we spent most of the day trying out hammocks, and beach chairs and catching some of those much sort after illusive Zzzzzzz's.

Tomorrow we’re signed up to go snorkeling at Mexico Rocks …. glub .. glub … glub!

The real deal, "day after" Lamanai

Posted By: mikell

Re: Day 3 - what we really did - 05/11/04 01:19 PM

just catching up on all your photos...some very nice ones...loved the "fish story". the colour is amazing. bryan in the hammock...puts me in the mood to be feeling those warm afternoon breezes right now!

loving your reports!
Posted By: fuzzy_navel

Re: Day 3 - what we really did - 05/11/04 01:36 PM

Great report! I'm having a great time reading them and the photos are beautiful. Looking forward to more.
Posted By: wannaBEthere

Re: Day 3 - what we really did - 05/11/04 01:48 PM

Thanks for the compliments guys. Like I said, was disappointed in the quality of one of the rolls of film we took, may be that it was old or "who knows" ... but the memories are firmly etched, and they're the best ones anyways!

As for "fish story", just happened across that one. It was on a sign (low to the ground) somewhere near the police station. "Caught" it at just the right time of day.

And as they say "keep yer lines tight"
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