Posted By: JohnB

Drinks - 05/11/04 05:24 PM

Well I am here and lovin it. I just wanted you all to know that I held up my end of the drink thing. I brought 11 drinks for boarders, I think one person was sleeping or it would of been 12. Portofino is great and the staff is wonderful!

As everyone has said in the past, the people are half the reason to come.. I will report in detail when I return.

ps have been with several boarders and they all are nice.
Posted By: fuzzy_navel

Re: Drinks - 05/11/04 05:32 PM

I am soooooooo jealous!! laugh
Posted By: wannaBEthere

Re: Drinks - 05/11/04 08:04 PM

meeee tooooo ....! Wonder if they're still "sipping" and how fast we can get there?

Posted By: JohnB

Re: Drinks - 05/14/04 08:00 PM

Met great boarders, was a pleasure to by them drinks. There are a lot of people that read our rammblings but do not log on. I bought them drinks too. They got me on a technicality...
Posted By: scubalover

Re: Drinks - 05/19/04 11:01 PM

I can certainly vouch for JohnB buying drinks! We "found" him at BC's and he even extended the courtesy to the non-board spouses!
Thanks again John... sorry we didn't make it all the way up to Portofino to return the favor, but if ever our paths cross again, we will! laugh
Posted By: JohnB

Re: Drinks - 05/19/04 11:13 PM

It was my pleasure! I think your hubands name is John, didn't mind buying him a drink at all. he was nice. Hope to here from the MANY others we touched.
Posted By: Communik8r

Re: Drinks - 05/19/04 11:35 PM

We'll drink to that! Oh, I guess we already did. Thanks for the drinks John. Ditto what Scubalover said. Sorry we didn't make it back to the chicken drop Scuba, it was a long day and after eating what was probably our best meal, we had to go crash and get ready to come back home. Did you guys win?
Posted By: scubalover

Re: Drinks - 05/20/04 12:16 AM

Hey Communik8r... yeah, we wondered what happened to you two! No, we didn't win and even bought a few numbers for round two! Didn't get poop on that one either! It was a hoot tho, who'da thunk it? Chickens can be quite entertaining!
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Drinks - 05/20/04 02:59 AM

Better than a cock fight!
Posted By: scubalover

Re: Drinks - 05/24/04 07:58 AM

Hey JohnB.. as promised, here's your photo!
This was taken at our get together at BC's!
Posted By: JohnB

Re: Drinks - 05/24/04 10:30 PM

frown Can't open picture. Mail to my email if you would??
Posted By: scubalover

Re: Drinks - 05/25/04 12:02 AM

I changed the settings on Yahoo, so now it should be available to everyone who wants to see who's buying drinks!
I emailed to you as well! laugh
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