Golf Carts and hand ferry?

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Golf Carts and hand ferry? - 05/29/04 09:22 PM

My family is visiting AC for the first time in a couple of weeks. I saw an online article where people were waiting in long lines to get across the hand ferry. We are staying about 2.5 miles north of San Pedro and need to use the ferry to get to town. Would you advise renting a golf cart and waiting for the ferry or taking a water taxi when we go to town? Does anyone rent mopeds on AC?
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Re: Golf Carts and hand ferry? - 05/30/04 02:50 AM

We stayed at Belizean Shores the end of April/first of May and never had long lines at the ferry. At most had to wait only "one turn" to go across. Since it's the low season, I'm just guessing that it shouldn't be a problem.
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Re: Golf Carts and hand ferry? - 05/30/04 02:53 AM

The long line is only at "rush hour" early in the morning and after 5PM on workdays when all the construction workers are going to and from.
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Re: Golf Carts and hand ferry? - 06/04/04 03:37 AM

Golf cart is OK. We used one from El Pescador Villas a few times. It takes longer than by boat, of course, the "roads" being what they are North of the cut. Timing things to use the Island Ferry is not so bad as it seems. Water taxi will cost more than the Ferry, of course, but then, it's right when you want it, pretty much.

Count on 12 minutes to town from where you are by boat, maybe 25 by golfcart.

We never had long lines at the ferry, either. (February)

Mike Ryan
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Re: Golf Carts and hand ferry? - 06/04/04 04:35 PM

Last year in May, I waited in a very long line to get across. Reason being - the winds were horrible and boats found it difficult to get around and many weren't going out. Lots of people were landlocked (only one dive company was taking folks out) and resorted to rented carts and drinking their way around town smile

Re: Golf Carts and hand ferry? - 06/07/04 03:18 PM

there is a beautiful view, if you do have to wait.
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Re: Golf Carts and hand ferry? - 06/07/04 04:53 PM

Yes, there is the beautiful view if you have to wait but there is also the Hammock House Bar right there on the north side where you can even get refresfments while you wait.
Of course you do run the risk of having sooooo much fun waiting you may forget why you are trying to go to town any way. Not that that has happened to me of course.
Kat/Tuki Tuki
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Re: Golf Carts and hand ferry? - 06/09/04 07:05 PM

Choose the day of day for your crossing. Wait until after 8:00 in the morning to go north. Do not try to come south at noon or north at 12:45 as a lot of workers go home for lunch. Then too the guys who actually pull the pull ferry take a lunch break.
The worst problem is from 4:30 to 6:00 in the evening going south. There can be long lines for the golf carts as it is reasonable to occasionally load up the ferry with the bike riding construction workers.
If you MUST go during that time be sure and have lots of bug spray or you will get eaten alive by the sand flies while sitting there.
Also - the amount you paid for a round trip does not cover you if you cross after 8:00 PM. At that time it becomes a 'private enterprise' and will cost BZ $10 one way.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride! This is Belize.
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Re: Golf Carts and hand ferry? - 06/09/04 07:06 PM

Sorry - should have read "Choose the hour of the day . . ."
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Re: Golf Carts and hand ferry? - 06/09/04 07:13 PM

Skinney has a betting pool on the go to guess how many days until the next cart gets pushed/drives off the ferry.
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