island confusion!

Posted By: lakegirl

island confusion! - 06/11/04 01:26 AM

HELP!!!! We were thinking of staying on beautiful Ambergris Caye but now the other couple we were going with wants to go to Caye Caulker. Has anyone been there? If so what is it like? Should we split our vacation between the two? Help me with the pros and cons as we have never been to either one. Thanks everyone!!!
Posted By: cajunman

Re: island confusion! - 06/11/04 01:28 AM

stay on Ambergris Caye, but visit Caye Caulker......just much more to do, see, eat, drink, etc.........
Posted By: lakegirl

Re: island confusion! - 06/11/04 01:34 AM

Thanks Cajunman!! Being a "newbie" can you give me some examples? Do you mean more bars etc....?
Posted By: cajunman

Re: island confusion! - 06/11/04 02:03 AM

exactly....not bashing must take a day trip there, hang out, eat, drink, etc.....but even if you just want to relax you can do it in San Pedro while being much closer to groceries, bakeries, bars, restaurants, etc........
Posted By: lakegirl

Re: island confusion! - 06/11/04 02:27 AM

Thanks. Does Caye Caulker have anything like Bakeries, fun bars and shops? I really hate to sound like such a dummie but its so hard to choose a "new place". Also what about all the reports on crime I am seeing? Any insite there?
Posted By: silkpainter

Re: island confusion! - 06/11/04 02:30 PM

Check out and for more information on Caye Caulker.
Posted By: Fluffy

Re: island confusion! - 06/11/04 03:09 PM

I agree with Cajunman. Stay in AC and visit Caye Caulker for a day. You can even stay overnight if you'd like. I did that in May. Stayed at the Exotic Caye Beach Resort in San Pedro and then went to Caye Caulker for a day and decided to stay the night. Returned to San Pedro the next day.
Posted By: margarita

Re: island confusion! - 06/11/04 04:56 PM

Hey let them stay on Caye Caulker and you stay in San Pedro - Then no matter the weather or time or level of awareness you will all have somewhere to stay! Go back and forth between the islands - it is relatively easy & cheap and you can snorkle/fish along the way! they are close enough to travel daily! Belize it!
Posted By: lakegirl

Re: island confusion! - 06/11/04 10:48 PM

Thanks everyone for the tips!!!! I think we will let them go to Caulker and we are going to stay on Amergris!!! Everyone gets what they want!!!!
Now........what's fun on Ambergris? What are the best "eats, drinks and so on!!!!........
Posted By: cajunman

Re: island confusion! - 06/11/04 11:46 PM

hey Fluffy,

I kinda like you, nobody ever agrees with me, including myself.....
Posted By: Fluffy

Re: island confusion! - 06/11/04 11:55 PM

Only kinda?

Everyone should have one friend. Even if it's a fluffy friend. wink
Posted By: mikell

Re: island confusion! - 06/12/04 01:26 AM

we stayed on AC...made a day trip to caye caulker...could totally see spending more time there...depends on what kind of vacation you want. same great weather on both islands...fabulous swimming place on caye caulker...better than anywhere i saw on AC...great little shops with good prices...

but if you need to be around more variety in restuarants, bars, shopping, people, etc...AC has more variety.

CC seems to have a younger crowd...cheaper prices for digs probably the attraction...

don't be deterred by the smaller's a very cool place to hang out for a few days...or even longer if you like a less busy scene.
Posted By: BiggieFL

Re: island confusion! - 06/15/04 03:54 PM

CC is great if you like pichuli(sp?) oil:)

Did a day trip there ($17.50us R/T and 1/2 hour ride) and it is like a mini A/C. Same dirt roads, same little shops etc but 1/8 the size. Was more back packer type of people and the smell of Pichuli oil was enough to make one gag...take a bath damit! The food and drink was DEFINATELY cheaper(except beer) and the split is a great place to hang, drink, swim, etc at the Lazy Lizard....try the Lizzard [#%!]. Happy hour starts at 5 because most leave the island on the last ferry at 5:30.
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