Please help with Honeymoon

Posted By: timalpr

Please help with Honeymoon - 06/12/04 06:16 PM

My soon to be wife and I are want to have our honeymoon at the cayes. What are some of the best places to stay? Some people have suggested Ramone's Village. Is this a good place to stay.
Posted By: lacole

Re: Please help with Honeymoon - 06/12/04 08:06 PM

The palms by far. The website doesn't do it justice. We stayed there for our weddingmoon with our 20 guests last month and it was wonderful. The staff were so pleasant and accomodating. I can't say enough good things about The Palms.
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Re: Please help with Honeymoon - 06/12/04 10:05 PM

lacole, are you the bride from South Carolina?
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Re: Please help with Honeymoon - 06/15/04 02:53 PM

my fiance and i will be at ramons for our honeymoon in exactly one week..i will let you know how it is. for us, we liked the idea of staying in the cabana on the beachfront better than the condo type places.
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Re: Please help with Honeymoon - 06/15/04 07:29 PM

Popular honeymoon places are Ramon's, VH, Portofino, Mata Chica - depends on what you are looking for, price range, etc.
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Re: Please help with Honeymoon - 06/15/04 11:08 PM

Why not check out O'Farrell House right down the way from Ramon's and The Palms, they can get you a single room rate very affordable. The benefit is it's very private, but close to everything as well. The rooms are very spacious too!
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Re: Please help with Honeymoon - 06/16/04 12:29 AM

I've stayed at Ramon's & it's alright, but over priced in my humble opinion. The Palms is very nice, more private for sure, but if you're into the palapa look instead of a condo then you'd like Ramon's. I think Victoria House is just about the most beautiful, peaceful & expensive local on the island, perfect for a honeymoon. You'll have agreat time whichever one you choose.
Posted By: timalpr

Re: Please help with Honeymoon - 06/17/04 02:49 AM

thank you for your advice. We have not decided where to stay yet, but we are going aug 27th- sep 6th. I didnt really realize how hard this was going to be. We probably only will get to do this once, and we dont want to screw it up. It would help if money was no option, but we need to stay below 4000 including air fare. OUCH.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Please help with Honeymoon - 06/17/04 03:52 AM

Ah well, then in that case, take a look at either Suite 10 or 15, at the Blue Tang Inn.

Posted By: jford

Re: Please help with Honeymoon - 06/22/04 09:53 PM

My wife and I just returned from a week at Ramon's. We were very pleased with our choice. We also love the cabana type accomodations. We had a beachfront room on the southern end of the property #29. Our view was like a postcard. We were literally 30 feet from the water. A VERY good A/C but no TV. We rented a refrigerator (5$ / day). It is exactly that.....a cabana. Not all the luxuries of a condo. After staying there, if I could choose any room I wanted, I would choose the honeymoon cabana at the southern end. It is very private. There is also a honeymoon cabana at the north end which would be nice as well, but not as private there. It seemed that most of the people from the Palms and other nearby places came to enjoy Ramon's beaches and beach chairs, and they usually stayed on the nothern end since that's where the Palms is. I know there may be nicer accomodations like victoria house, etc. but the location of Ramon's is perfect if you are interested in spending time in town, which you surely will. We were there 7 days and walked to town every day (approx 5 minutes) with no problem at all. It seems that Ramon's is just far enough from town that the foot traffic in front of the resort is very minimal. Overall, you will not go wrong with Ramon's. It seemed like to me that people would stay other places and come to Ramon's to enjoy it's amenities like the beach, bar, pier, etc. Just my opinion. Sorry for the novel.
Posted By: jford

Re: Please help with Honeymoon - 06/22/04 09:58 PM

One other thing I meant to mention and it's about $$$$$. I read on this board once where someone used the rule of $150 per day per person for spending money while on AC. I used that theory and it was almost perfect. The 2 of us ate very well (VH, capricorn, etc) every day and probably drank way more than we should have. We also went on several excursions and bought several t-shirts and hats and it worked out to amost exactly $300 per day. With that said, I feel like you should be able to have a very nice vacation on $4K.
Posted By: HavinFun

Re: Please help with Honeymoon - 06/22/04 10:21 PM

Is that US 150.00 per day or Belize 150.00 per day????? No one seems to specify confused
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Please help with Honeymoon - 06/22/04 10:36 PM

Posted By: seashell

Re: Please help with Honeymoon - 06/23/04 08:04 AM

Wow, you really did treat yourselves. I generally spoil myself rotten, but my budget it only $100 US/day. Sometimes I spend more, sometimes I spend less, but in the end, it comes out to about that. For clarity, I don't include my dive budget in my daily budget.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Please help with Honeymoon - 06/23/04 08:05 AM

Mmm, I just thought of something. Since I generally spend much longer than 7 days at a stretch, I do have days where I'm living much more quietly. That probably makes the money go further.
Posted By: fuzzy_navel

Re: Please help with Honeymoon - 06/23/04 02:12 PM

jford and seashell, thank you so MUCH for that bit of info regarding daily budget! You have no idea how helpful that was. Many thanks! ~Jenn
Posted By: kimical

Re: Please help with Honeymoon - 06/23/04 06:02 PM

We were married at Ramon's in May and had a great stay there--but we did find it to be a bit pricey for the accomodations. We were there 2 weeks and it really adds up quickly. My suggestion would be to stay a couple of nights in their honeymoon suite on the ocean and then consider moving over next door to the Belizean Reef. We had some friends who stayed there and it was only about $100 a night---full accomodations with kitchen, etc. and right on the beach. Close enough to Ramon's to use all of their amenities too. We loved both.
Posted By: 4leafclover

Re: Please help with Honeymoon - 06/24/04 12:03 AM

Master bedroom, Second floor, Private veranda overlooking the beautiful caribbean ocean(and pool), hearing the ocean waves, along with the blowing palm trees and occasional tropical bird calls.....O'Farrell House is calling your name for that most wonderful Homeymoon experience ever! Come enjoy life here!
Posted By: alaurieb

Re: Please help with Honeymoon - 06/28/04 09:29 PM

Just my 2 cents....
I just got back from 2 weeks in AC for our wedding and honeymoon. We stayed at the Xanadu and thought it was perfect. Just outside town far enough for some seclusion, but close enough for a stroll down the beach or two use one of the resorts FREE bicycles. I haven't heard a ton mentioned about the Xandadu on the board, but we were VERY happy there.
**Also the staff is WONDERFUL! Susan and Martin will do anything & everything to make your stay perfect.
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Re: Please help with Honeymoon - 06/29/04 05:40 PM

Laurie--tell us all about your wedding--how was everything? Do you have pictures?
Posted By: A&B to Belize

Re: Please help with Honeymoon - 06/29/04 08:40 PM

We went to the Victoria House for our Honeymoon. It was an incredible week. We loved the fact that there was no alarm clocks, no radio's or TV's. The staff goes out of their way to make you comfortable and even made drinks for us out of coconuts a local sold us in town.
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