Capt. Bicho - Very Good

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Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/16/04 04:30 PM

We were down last week and fished with Capt. Bicho two days for bonefish. The guy if very good. The winds were horrible, but he managed to position the boat well enough that we were able to cast downwind to the bonefish without problems. We took 13 bonefish the one day ranging from 2 - 4 lbs. Two other people at our hotel fished with two different captains the same day and managed 3 fish apiece. Can't understand how Capt. Bicho could see the bonefish without polaroids, but he does! We recommend him highly. As for the other day, we had engine problems after 1 hour of fishing and had to return to the dock. Caught 3 bonefish in that one hour, no charge for that trip - nice guy.
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/16/04 05:08 PM

What days? I went out on Tuesday the 8th and it was small craft if not bordering gale force winds. He said one engine was running rough so be prepared to run on one engine but all was fine. We caught about 20 snapper(yellowtail, mangrove & Mahogany) along with some grouper and misc other small fish that we threw back. The snapper was wonderfull but I wish I did not watch him prepare it....he kicked that WHOLE BUCKET of butter. We then trolled the reef for baracuda and got a good strike but line tangled and we lost it. I wish we could have went outside and got some real fish but I never have a problem eating fresh snapper. Bicho and Bicho Jr are HIGHLY recommended.

If anyone uses him, see if my Evinrude hand towel is still flying from his bimini...a small token of our appreciation.

Thanks for the hookup Capt Jeff...absolutely wonderfull wink
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/16/04 09:48 PM

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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/17/04 01:39 PM

We fished with him Monday June 7 and Thursday June 10. We were hoping to reef fish one of the days, but you're right, the seas were rough so we opted for bonefish. Haven't seen a bad post on him either - Thanks Capt. Jeff.
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/17/04 02:49 PM

Ps...his son is deaf so don't try for an hour talking to him like I did while Bicho was using the cast net...he told me when he was finished. Try and go offshore if possible, the catch will be worth it.
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/17/04 04:28 PM

Vacation lover - Just wanted to know if you were flyfishing? as my hubby's fishing with Capt Bicho later on in the year and would like to know what flies you were using if so and what sizes were best as he's tying his flies himself. Any info would be great! Thanks - sounds like you had a great time - hope he can do that well too!
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/19/04 04:49 PM

well the capt just got back from the west coast /your right capt bicho does a great job ,with the bone fish we tried it ,when we where down last trip ,not me but great action .. still like reef fishing better .and yes the wind was blowing 30 miles a hr almost every day ,strange wheather then ???? ,wind makes for sloppy condtions . to all here the skinny ,,,,the famous capt bicho bbq beach lobster /fish feast is the best there !!!!!!!,and forget the diet ,give me a half dozen lobsters with his sauce ,the sauce he makes home made right at the bbq ,yum ,tyum .yum , no way you eat dinner that night after the lunch all the lobster you can eat plus all the trimmings it is easy to live the dream here .....
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/19/04 05:44 PM

Dear Jeff, Hi, my name is John Parkin, an Airline Pilot from Portland, Oregon, USA, whom will be moving (for tgood) to Belize--[Ambergris Caye area] and would greatly appreciate any information you might have for me to do volunteer work on isla de bonita. I speak spanish fairly well and am interested in helping boat captains' and doing volunteer work for the city chamber of commerce, and am wondering WHERE I might spend the first couple of weeks lodging so I can explore belize city, etc., and decide where it's safe and INexpensive to live down there. I am also going to apply with Tropic Airlines and already have been in touch with their chief pilot to drop in once I get down there, the first ten days of decemeber. any info. you can provide//contact people tips, etc., would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, John Parkin at [email protected]
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/19/04 06:02 PM

john call me at my work no#toll free 1 800 231 7447 or e mail me at [email protected] we will chat have seen your posts ,you sound like a great guy ..
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/19/04 09:15 PM

cool Welcome home Capt. Jeff...My husband has fishng charters scheduled with Capt.Bicho. July 2&6 reef fishing and July 9th flats. Since it will be just he and my husband I may go along even though I don't fish....(don't want to miss the BBQ..Lobster is my FAVORITE food,) but I DO get sea sick. Now I have the pills, the patches from the Dr. and the wrist braclet. Capt. Bicho said he would take it easy going out and I do believe him. You probably have fished the most with him..what do you think?? confused
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/19/04 10:55 PM

We were with Capt Bicho and his son Nesta on June 9th. It was so fun to watch him stalk the sardines with his fishing nets! We got such a kick out watching him when he'd spot a group of them and then let his net fly. It also entertained us by how obsessed he was with any baracuda spotting that he had. We were able to land one and lost a couple while trolling. What a great time reef fishing we all had! It was our first experience for that type of fishing. Our daughter caught the most fish and gloated the whole week! We even had fun playing with the nurse sharks that kept biting. The BBQ was delicious and we managed to eat almost the whole huge package of fish and lobster that he had so expertly prepared! From there, Capt. Bicho induldged our tourist need to go to shark/ray alley. The weather had been so windy, that we hadn't done the dive trips that we had hoped for so were glad to fit that in. It was a terrific day and were so glad that we planned it! Thanks Capt Jeff (I called you Capt. Ron at BC's smile for your referral of this trip!
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/20/04 03:32 PM

great chatty kathy,glad you got to live the dream ,you made my day!!! would have loved to see your daughters face ,catching the fish ,it is posts like this that make my referrals a joy ..Ilove to share infomation about my buddy and capt bicho and his son capt charlie's multi talants as a fishing guides and super chefs ..people say you push him ,and there are lots of good guides in sanpedro ,and I say yes there are ..I have fished with most of them but it my eyes he is still the best there !!!!! ,and I have fished all over the world for forty years ,so i know hot from not ,,glad you got to live the dream and enjoy ..
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/20/04 03:37 PM

toy 4 irma you will do just great ,just tell him about your problem with motion sickness,he will keep you in calm waters ..the lobsters also like calm waters ,but do not eat more than a dozen lobsters for lunch ,that may make you sick ,go live the dream and enjoy your special day ...
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/21/04 02:17 PM

Biggie, I knew something was up with Bicho Jr. when he got excited about something early on. I knew it wasn't bad English! Nice family.

C From UK, I wanted to flyfish, but the winds were absolutely horrible when we were down. I opted to stick with spinning gear. There were a couple people who flyfished when we were there, had a horrible time with the winds. Hopefully the wind will be calm when you're down. Email Capt. Bicho regarding the flies, he should be able to help.
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/21/04 04:22 PM

Capt. Jeff...Thanks so very much... :p In the past four months I have spend my 30 minute lunch on the board...looked forward to it...HEY I teach 1st grade so it was sorta like a Carribean
fix of sorts...and when the first graders came back from lunch...well I felt revived!!! :p
Not even knowing you I felt a strange bond?? smile
and for whatever reason...respected your opinion!
Teaching first grade I tell my class to be
causious of strangers... :confused!!
I have decided to join my husband andCapt. Bicho on my husbands second reef trip ( ( perhaps he can bring me lobster or four or five)...???!!!
I had hoped so much that you would have been there to fish with my husband and the Capt...Perhaps next time..??? Oh ...when we scheduled our charters...we included the infoumous quote...."LIven the Dream"...Capt. Bicho said you MUST know Capt. Jeff...??? well.. sorta we said...Capt Jeff I fell you're the main man on fishing....replays from Bicho's many clients truly reinforce your thoughts !
In ten days we hope to be a Beliver!!
KIND regards. smile !!!
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/21/04 09:02 PM

toy 4 irma you will be a beliver,big time !!!!!would have loved to fish with you guys but very busy trying to make living,as I am always traveling some where..and need to stay home and look like I work ???,will be down to sanpedro not till end of july or august first week , to fish #1 then #2 furinish the condo I just purchased with new stuff like big tv jacquzzi tub etc etc,,,and try make it a second home will be livin the dream soon ,send me photos of your catch ,and your face with the smile from ear to ear ,,enjoy
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/23/04 10:15 PM

We were out with Capt. Bicho and Bicho, Jr. on the 12th. Let me say: WOW! We had a wonderful time. We knew almost nothing about fishing. Capt. Bicho was super. We couldn't get enough. What a hoot! We caught fish from the first cast (a big red snapper) to the last(a monster ray that Susan fought for almost a half hour before we could get it close enough to cut the line and then the line snapped). Capt. Bicho was a true professional who was very happy when we caught fish. Bicho, Jr. was downright excited at each bite. The BBQ lunch was great, and the snorkeling at Hol Chan was fun. There is nothing better than Livin' The Dream.
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/24/04 03:02 PM

We have scheduled a trip to go fishing with him in July. Have the winds calmed yet? I know it is hard to say day by day, but just wondering.. out of excitement I am quite sure. smile
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/24/04 03:17 PM

usna 73 will also share that with the capt bicho,he loves to hear positive feed back the guy works hard to make people happy's comments like yours is why I share my wonderful times with him with the board ... I like getting new people into fishing it is great fun .,and capt..bicho makes it easy !!!!!a day on and under the water is super will be one of your best days there .glad you also got to live the dream and enjoy life .
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/24/04 03:25 PM

mt12133 wind is never predictable ,july should be just fine ,the people on the island like the wind it cools everything down ,and as most have no a/c a breeze is nice for them to sleep at night .. [ask capt bicho for the no wind guarantee ].only kidding .you will have a blast ,get ready to live the dream and enjoy ..
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/24/04 04:36 PM

I know we will have a grand time. LOVE to fish!!
Thanks for the info. wink
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/24/04 08:11 PM

Hubby & I will be fishing with Capt. Bicho the first part of July. Hubby will be fly fishing. I want to use spinnig reel. Does Bicho have rods & reels. We have break down fly rods but no spining or bait casting stuff. (for me)
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/24/04 08:41 PM

he has the best of spinning reels and rods all brand new ,all new tackel ,the best of the best .when are you going what date????
Posted By: mt12133

Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/25/04 03:00 PM

What are people catching these days?
Posted By: RC

Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/25/04 05:50 PM

Thank Capt Jeff, We will be there July 1-6. And fishing 3 of those days:)
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/25/04 06:04 PM

just spoke to capt bicho he was out bone fishing ,with a long time fisherman .the man is 83 years old ,and goes each year with bicho ,half day am trip four hours of non stop action ,the man caught ,12 bone fish ,one cuda, in the 15 lb class ,and lost a tarpon 50 lb class ?? and jumped sky high and did a dance all over the top water till he won the war ,,not bad for a 83 year old fisherman . the day before the man caught 25 snappers ,triggers.,and three nice groupers ,again half day like 8 to 12 this guy must be in some shape ..must be the old man in the sea guy ?????????fishing must keep him young ...
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/25/04 09:48 PM

My husband and I and friends are going to AC the first part of March. I was glad to hear about the spinning reel equipment. The wind blows a lot in Montana too so hopefully we will be used to it. Can't wait for the warmer weather though
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 06/25/04 10:17 PM

Thanks Vacation Lover.
Sorry I haven't thanked before, my email has been down for the last few days and I have only just got it up and running again to read your reply.
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 09/13/04 11:50 PM

hey captjeff,

Do you know the prices on a half day with capt bicho and even a full day. I am looking to do some bonefishing in the future.
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 09/15/04 03:56 AM

go to there posted go to pricing on his home page have fun good fishing to ya .
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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 09/15/04 05:01 AM

I have emailed Capt. Bicho and i'm going to be in AC Sept. 25th thru Oct. 8th, he suggested i see if anyone from the board would like to go out fishing one day during that time so my cost would be cut down?

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Re: Capt. Bicho - Very Good - 09/15/04 05:03 AM

Flyboy 2004 we are flying down from Portland on Sept 25th (best friend and i) what airline do you work for?

peace out,
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