jelly fish/sea lice

Posted By: lizzy

jelly fish/sea lice - 06/20/04 05:12 PM

Do you still need seasafe or is the season about over? If no seasafe available is a heavy lotion enough?
Posted By: chattykathy

Re: jelly fish/sea lice - 06/20/04 05:54 PM

We dove with Ramon's from 6/6-6/16 and did not experience any problems in the ocean with jellyfish or sea lice.
On land,however, the bugs were really bad our last two days and even had multiple bites using deet! We thought we saw mosquito fogging from the back of a pick up on the west side of the island during those days, but not positive that's what it was. The only taxi we took the entire 10 days was our last night leaving Taste of Thailand because the bugs were so aggressive! I'm originally from Alaska so I thought I knew bad bugs...but this was way beyond!
Hopefully the seas have calmed since last week! Our diving on 6/7 was one of the roughest reentys into the boat that I've ever had. My husband opted out of the second dive, but I hung in there for our son. Anyway, the divemaster was very helpful in hauling us out of the boat and my bruises are now beginnig to fade smile Our blue hole day was our very best day! The diving is so much better on the outer areas. It was also a huge thrill to see the sharks. I wasn't even going to do the blue hole b/c it had no appeal to me, but I'm so glad I went. It really was one of my most fun and memorable days ever diving! Have fun!!
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Re: jelly fish/sea lice - 06/22/04 12:28 AM

Just got back on the 19th. On the morning of the 17th, we snorkeled at Shark Ray Alley. Sea lice everywhere!!! None at Hol Chan, though, an hour later.

We had Sea Safe and no one was stung. Our guide told us heavy lotion would work just as well.

Posted By: scubabarbi

Re: jelly fish/sea lice - 06/26/04 09:23 PM

Hi all we will be in AC in july and wondered if any "pica pica" sea lice are still around? eek Any way can't wait to be living the dream laugh
Posted By: CaSnorkler

Re: jelly fish/sea lice - 06/26/04 11:57 PM

We will be there end of January. Do we have to worry about bugs and sea lice then??? eek
Posted By: alaurieb

Re: jelly fish/sea lice - 06/28/04 09:40 PM

I was just in AC from 6/11 to 6/25. We went in the water nearly every day. We never used Sea Safe and never had a problem. smile
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