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skeeters - 06/20/04 11:14 PM

Anyone out there know how the skeeters and other bugs are at AC right now. confused We're leaving in 11 days and trying to decide if we need some heavy duty stuff. Also another question, how far is it from Capt. Morgan's into town? cool :rolleyes: cool
Posted By: M Andries

Re: skeeters - 06/21/04 12:05 AM

We just got back on Wednesday night from AC and there was not a skeeter in sight. The wind kept them away...
But...if you are going to the jungle, that's a different story, make sure you take a little spray to stay covered.
Ya'll enjoy.

Posted By: M Andries

Re: skeeters - 06/21/04 12:07 AM

Oh yeah...Capt. Morgan's is about a 20 minute boat ride into San Pedro.
Posted By: M Andries

Re: skeeters - 06/21/04 12:09 AM

One more thing...make sure you take time to eat a Capricorn's (it is right there close to Capt. Morgan's) was some of the best food we've had on the island.
Hint: The stuffed Grouper is "to die for".

That's it...Melissa
Posted By: chattykathy

Re: skeeters - 06/21/04 12:16 AM

We also returned Wed. night from a 14 day trip and found them very bad on Monday and Tuesday. Even our deet didn't keep us from being majorly chewed. I don't know if the bugs were from the thunder storm that happened a few days earlier, but we didn't have any problems the previous 7 days nor the 3 days that we spent inland in the jungle.
The beach was bug free, but on the pathways around Ramon's and on the west side of the island, they were beasts! Mini golf was a feast for the buggers and the back roads to Taste of Thailand sent our kids in a full sprint for cover. We hovered by the door upon leaving and took our only taxi of the trip to avoid the attack! We saw a pick up truck that appeared to be spraying pesticdes around that area, but not sure if that was what it was doing.
Anyway, nothing that dampered our incredible trip, just a minor something to laugh about now!
Posted By: chattykathy

Re: skeeters - 06/21/04 12:25 AM

Capt. Morgan's is fairly far north. We enjoyed stopping there on our bumby road trip via rum punches. We enjoyed their poolside bar and took a swim before hitting our next spot. It seemed to take 20-30 minutes from town with the hand ferry crossing and slowing for bumby conditions since we din't wear sports bras!. We went by golf cart, but took a water taxi when we dined at Capricorns (near Capt. Morgans). We found the water taxi's very expensive for a family of 4 ($40us), but a fun one time experience. M Andries is so right...Capricorns had delicious food! We had escargot, crab cakes, conch ceviche, filets (really outstanding), stone crab, and shrimp...O'ya and rum punch for 4 smile
Posted By: Sandal

Re: skeeters - 06/21/04 03:13 AM

Thanks ladies,that helped alot. I did'nt realize Capricorn's was so close by.I had read on this M.Board that it's a nice place to dine.I'll have to check out those crab cakes and conch. Where did you all stay?

Carla smile
Posted By: USNA73

Re: skeeters - 06/21/04 03:21 PM

No skeeters beachside from 6/9-17. Ran into just a few in other locations, and Susan was eaten alive by a swarm hiding in the back of a taxi one night (driver - Fidel)!
If you visit mainland ruins look out. The 95% deet from REI was great. The monsters swarmed but didn't land.
Capricorn was fantastic. Dinner on the 12th was wonderful. Merritt cooked our meals to perfection and the coconut ice cream was out of this world.
Posted By: knotborde

Re: skeeters - 06/21/04 09:39 PM

The mosquitos were not too bad. Of course, our cologne for 10 days was Deet! From head to toe. While in the junge at Maruba, it was horrible though.

As far as Capricorn's is concerned, it was the WORST meal on the island to us! We will have more to say about that when we write our trip report in the next few days.
Posted By: Mike and Daphne Ryan

Re: skeeters - 06/26/04 10:25 PM

A bad meal at Capricorn?

We stay right next door, eat there often,and NEVER had a bad meal. Always excellent. Be very curious to read your trip report.

Mike and Daphne
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