Reccomend a dive shop?

Posted By: baraboodish

Reccomend a dive shop? - 06/25/04 06:00 PM

Can anyone recommend a dive shop? We'll be staying at The Palms from 7/25 - 8/8.

I have been diving before but my daughter is newly certified.

Posted By: mobunny

Re: Reccomend a dive shop? - 06/25/04 06:16 PM

baraboodish, we are staying at the Palms 8/5 - 8/19. Maybe we'll see you? We hope to be new divers by the time we arrive (We do our open water certification 4th of July weekend) and plan to use Amigos del Mar. They are hightly recommended by many boarders. See you in SP! 41 days and counting, mobunny cool
Posted By: kcwaterbug

Re: Reccomend a dive shop? - 06/25/04 06:46 PM

Amigos del Mar is theive shop I would use. The others are OK but Amigos is FABULOUS! Lots of attention to detail and safety; things for every level of diver...can't do any better in San Pedro
Posted By: Melylt

Re: Reccomend a dive shop? - 06/25/04 08:44 PM

I have been diving numerous times on Ambergris Caye and always use Amigos del Mar. They are by far and away the best, most experienced, professional and fun shop on the island!
Posted By: RobertE

Re: Reccomend a dive shop? - 06/25/04 09:33 PM

Protech is a good choice. Excellent rental equipment (all newer Scubapro), nice boats and friendly staff. They also have nitrox and provide dive computers with their rentals. all the guys there will take care of you.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Reccomend a dive shop? - 06/25/04 10:38 PM

Is there a BAD shop on the island? Amigos Del Mar is good, but they are also BIG. There are many small, independent operators on the island who don't always get their fare shake.
How about speaking up for the little guy?
I've used Hustler Eco Tours and Ched Chabral (Reef Adventures) since 1998.
cool Harriette
Posted By: Badco

Re: Reccomend a dive shop? - 06/26/04 01:08 AM

AMIGOS DEL MAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: chattykathy

Re: Reccomend a dive shop? - 06/26/04 01:46 AM

We (family of 4 )dove with Ramon's this June for the 10 days we were there. Very wonderful experience even though the windy conditions made for less than favorable boat re-entrys!. Have fun!
Posted By: Or

Re: Reccomend a dive shop? - 06/26/04 02:56 AM

Protech rules. They are really good. Ask for Roni.
Posted By: Sam Scuba

Re: Reccomend a dive shop? - 06/26/04 04:01 AM

I know Amigos is the most popular dive shop, but I have always stayed at The Palms and always used Ramon's for our diving. First, it's right next door andvery convenient. You can get a locker right there to store your gear so you don't have to schlep it around every day. Second, the staff are friendly and competent, always showing us a safe, good dive and catering to our needs. I'm going back in a few weeks and will be diving with Ramon's again. Our favorite divemaster is Palma, a friendly young man who really works to find interesting sea life and show us a good time.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Reccomend a dive shop? - 06/26/04 06:58 AM

There's no gear schlepping when you go with Amigos either.
Posted By: Coco Loco Lady

Re: Reccomend a dive shop? - 06/26/04 01:31 PM

Amigo's Del Mar took such good care of us, we had only been diving once before and it was 2 yrs. prior to Belize.
Posted By: 4leafclover

Re: Reccomend a dive shop? - 06/26/04 07:57 PM

Amigo's is #1 for doing The Blue hole dive trip~a must see adventure! The two other dives with it are most excelent! From our experiences, that is! Local dives are great with Amigo's and Ramon's as well as Protech(we hear). One to avoid:aqua dives....too many bad experiences from guests. Just stick with the best ones and you won't be disappointed.
The Plams can set up all your diving through the office upon arrival...relax and enjoy!!! They will always pick you up from their pier.
Posted By: egcntrk

Re: Reccomend a dive shop? - 06/26/04 09:07 PM

ScubaLdy: a plug for the little guy

Tulu began as a free diver for lobster quite a few years back [don't think he'd appreciate me saying how long ago] and is an experienced diver. We snorkeled with him and could not have been taken better care of. He knew where we were every moment. Our neighbor dived with him and had only good things to say. He is known by all on the island. If you want personal attention and don't want to be with a big group, he's your guide. Can you tell I was very happy with the service? Here's how to reach him:

cell 600-4582
home 226-2287 [all posted with his permission]

Reef Adventures was closed the day I needed to rent fins from them but had a good price...$5.00 BZ. Found them next door at Rasta Pasta for the same price & once they found I was going with Tulu didn't hesitate to rent them out.
Posted By: scubabarbi

Re: Reccomend a dive shop? - 06/26/04 09:28 PM

cool We are staying at Ramons and plan to dive with Ramons counting days laugh
Posted By: diveron

Re: Reccomend a dive shop? - 06/26/04 11:19 PM

Protech or Amigo's
Posted By: Barnicle Brad

Re: Reccomend a dive shop? - 06/27/04 03:12 AM

Amigos Del Mar. Take their trip to the Turneffe Elbow. By far the best day we had on our vacation!!!!!!!! Sufaced to a pod of 30 dolphins. Top notch operators, very profesional and kept an eye on everyone, which is very important.....
Posted By: Casita Folks

Re: Reccomend a dive shop? - 06/30/04 10:11 PM

Ramon's dive shop is right out your front door. Rick who runs the dive shop is wonderful and they have some of the most experienced dive masters on the Island, Ask for Rayo, pronounced Rye Oh, or Turiano, they are both wonderful, you won't regret it.
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