The failed lobster mission

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The failed lobster mission - 07/03/04 09:09 PM

One of my goals on AC was to eat all of the lobster dishes available on the island. I figured with 10 days, eating 2 meals a day, it should be an obtainable goal. But alas, it was not.

I was doing pretty good until day 3 when I got to Carambas and found 10, count em, 10, different lobster dishes on the menu! These were the entrees, not including the appetizers. So I had to start doubling up and get lobster appetizers along with the main meals.

It was a worthy mission and I had lobster more ways than I can name, in every restraunt mentioned on the board, eating over 30 of the critters in my allotted time. I ate lobster twice a day for 8 straight days. Appetizers and entrees!

On the ninth day I rested and ate some red meat at El Divinos. What a meal! Skewers of beef, pork, shrimp, chicken and pinapple, grilled to perfection and served with all the trimmings. Oh yeah, I did have lobster ceveche for an appetizer.

Gained 10 pounds and couldn't snap my jeans when I got home.

Here are my ratings so far:

Best lobster dish for the price, Carambas Coconut lobster. Ummm.....

Best lobster at any price and the best restraunt overall that we visited, Rico's at Banyan Bay. Great food, service, ambiance, staff. Prices not low, but reasonable for the meal. About $100 for 2.

Honorable mention, Fido's, Calientes, Cannibals, Elvi's, Blue Water Grill, and Lily's. All had fast service, great food and reasonable prices.

Worst lobster for the highest price ( I know I'm going to catch it for this), Victoria House. We were not impressed with the food, service or atmosphere. This was the only meal we dressed up for, too. Had on my best kaki long pants and a clean button up shirt. Wife in a nice dress. The food was mediocre, the place was closed up and stuffy, the waiter all but rude. Price almost $200. Oh, and they add 18% gratuity charges to the bill for ya, too! Won't go back there, sorry Capt. Jeff.

We will have to return soon to complete the mission as I really hate failure, but I think I fought a good fight.
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Re: The failed lobster mission - 07/03/04 09:57 PM

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Re: The failed lobster mission - 07/03/04 10:41 PM

Did you try JamBels?

Re: The failed lobster mission - 07/03/04 10:53 PM


Made the same tour last week. You got it right. (VH, ditto)
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Re: The failed lobster mission - 07/03/04 10:58 PM

No, sorry Seashell, did not try Jambels. Just wasn't enough time to fit it all in. Nor did we get to Mata Chicas. I'm going to diet for a couple months until I can get back into my 34s, then have another go at it :-)

ChooChoo, glad I got some agreement there and glad it wasn't just us who thought VH overrated and overpriced.
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Re: The failed lobster mission - 07/04/04 08:07 AM

The first time I ever ate at JamBel's was the first day I was *ever* in San Pedro. I wanted the lobster and so that, of course, is what I ordered. Unbeknownst to me at the time, is that the house specialty lobster is one heck of a hot dish (comes jerked). I couldn't eat it.

The next time I went back, I asked if I could have it unjerked. They happily met my request. It was delicious and since then, I've eaten most of my SP lobster at JamBel's. Deliciiiiiouuuussssss . . .
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Re: The failed lobster mission - 07/04/04 08:43 AM

Yes mam, we found that out at more than one place. The folks down there like their food HOT.
I like it like that too, but some was a bit too hot for me. Good, but real hot. We had a blackened lobster, I think at Calientes, might be wrong, that was borderline inedible, real HOT. Went through 3 packs of Rolaids, wish I had 3 more!
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Re: The failed lobster mission - 07/04/04 05:36 PM

Cheers to a job well done. laugh
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Re: The failed lobster mission - 07/07/04 07:26 AM

I too have a delicate palate and soon learned that caliente means HOT! I now always ask if a dish can be made very mild as I will have to send it back if it is too hot. Now I seldom have a problem.
BTW - some dishes just aren't right when they are made mild. wink
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Re: The failed lobster mission - 07/07/04 04:18 PM

Lobster ...mmmmm...had it night before last at Belizian Yacht Club-wouldn't recommend it. Had it last night at Jerry's Crab Shack in a seafood mix in a Caribbean Sauce-very mild & VERY GOOD.
Today . . .pass the round steak (bologna;)
You fought ther good fight, Cracker
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Re: The failed lobster mission - 07/07/04 04:42 PM

Our first three trips I was trying for a new personal best, some form of lobster every day. This last trip, I got tired of seeing everyone else enjoying their snapper, so I stopped trying to make a contest of it and just ordered what I felt like at any particular meal. So, ate a pile of snapper (grilled, blackened or fried) lots of conch in various forms, and enjoyed the meals just as much. Lobster is still king, but when you have it every day, it becomes a little less special and you miss a lot of good other things.
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Re: The failed lobster mission - 07/07/04 04:51 PM

Saw on another thread somebody exchanged US$ for BZ$. Is this necessary? Or can we pay in US the entire time?

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Re: The failed lobster mission - 07/07/04 05:10 PM

No need to exchange, you can pay for anything in US$. You will almost always get change back in BZ$. Be careful towards the end of your trip not to accumulate too many BZs, as no one wants to change them back to US. Your only choice is to run around trying to spend them or take them home as souveniers. We ended up loading up on Maries Hot Sauce and One Barrel Rum, paying the departure fees in BZ and airport meal and drinks. Still brought home a few BZ$. Speaking of meals, that restraunt in the Belize City airport is pretty good!
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Re: The failed lobster mission - 07/07/04 05:22 PM

Good advice... On the $ and your restaurants above. It has been so long since I've been to AC..... I am getting anxious about it. Hubby and I want it to be the same as it was 10 yrs ago. But I think it will be great according to all the boarders....

How often do you go?
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Re: The failed lobster mission - 07/07/04 07:08 PM

I don't worry about changing back or spending my BZ $ anymore. I know that I will be back soon to spend them.
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Re: The failed lobster mission - 07/07/04 11:46 PM

And no matter how hard you try to spend them all, there is a secret ingredient in the BZ currency that causes them to propagate while packed in your suitcase or stuffed in your wallet. Something to do with the flight altitudes of CO, AA, and USAir me thinks. Guaranteed to have more when you get home than what you left BZE with!
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Re: The failed lobster mission - 07/13/04 05:20 PM

CrackerLarry, You ate so much lobster,what would you do if you were in New England where the absolute best Lobster in the world is? Probably 3 meals a day!!! Lobster omlettes are fantastic for breakfast.
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Re: The failed lobster mission - 07/13/04 05:57 PM

Been there, but I don't really like those big clawed Maine lobsters as much as I do the southern crawfish. Two different critters. They are good, no doubt, but a different flavor and texture. I also like to eat conch along with the crawfish.

Yall got some good crabs and clams up there, though!

What I would do in New England is freeze near to death, and then take the first plane heading south. Summers are prety nice up there, both weeks of it :-).
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