golf carts

Posted By: cajunman

golf carts - 07/12/04 12:18 AM

I have seen posts talking about gas carts vs electric the rental places offer you a choice???
Posted By: Johnboy

Re: golf carts - 07/12/04 12:33 AM

Most of them do.....I just got back & I Had a choice at Moncho's...I chose gas .....
My trip report will come soon......... wink
Posted By: cajunman

Re: golf carts - 07/12/04 12:39 AM

are they the same price???
Posted By: MALIBU

Re: golf carts - 07/12/04 02:16 AM

Hey Johnboy!!! Hope the trip home was good for you, not too depressing. We are headed out tomorrow. It was so very nice to meet you guys. We had a great time at the cocktail hour and a din-din. Please tell Ms Linda we enjoyed meeting her as well. By the way, got Colorado Denise and Scott home OK Friday nite. Boy is that a BUMPY ride!!!

cajumnan: we rented a gas cart from Ambergris Carts, it ran perfectly for us and was the right price. You couldn't possibly use a whole tank of gas in a week. Ambergris carts appeared to have only gas carts as they did not offer electric. If you want to go exploring on the North side I would recommend a gas cart.

Don't forget: makeup and hairdryers are totally dead weight. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT forget the sunscreen.
Posted By: cajunman

Re: golf carts - 07/12/04 02:25 AM

thanks Malibu, have a safe trip....
Posted By: seashell

Re: golf carts - 07/12/04 05:34 AM

Malibu, I'm not sure why you keep saying that makeup and hairdryers are dead weight. Myself, I always take my hairdryer . . .true, I don't use it every day, but I still like to have it. The hairdryer that I carry with me is just a little travel dryer with a folding handle; even so it pumps out 1200 watts.

As for makeup, I don't wear any during the day, but I do apply eye makeup for evening. If you are talking face makeup, then I totally agree. It will probably just slide right off anyway. I don't use it at home either, and so in that regard, it's a non-issue for me.

I totally agree with using a strong sun-screen and get the waterproof kind. I've even burned the backs of my hands. For sunburn, I use the green aloe jelly. Works well and if you forget to bring it with you, they sell it at the pink supermarket.
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