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Posted By: jderie

fly fishing patterns - 07/13/04 04:55 PM

Since I live with a fishing fanatic and we will be in AC March 1 to 8, 2005, he would like to tye his own flies for bonefish, permit and tarpon. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look these up or can you give me some names of flies or directions etc. We still haven't booked our guides. These are tough decisions. Thanks for any help I can pass on to the big guy.
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Re: fly fishing patterns - 07/13/04 09:15 PM

He'll probably tie too many(we all do)but, I'd recommend Silver/white wing and gold/tan wing crazy charlies for bonefish. #6 and #4 in a range of eye-weights. The bones aren't tough and anything thats gets to them with flash will do. For tarpon, tie keys-style flies in white,black, red and yellow, all grizzly hackles; sized a bit small in March--1/0,2/0 will do. The Lemay big-eye series are good examples. Permit around AC seem to prefer shrimp patterns rather than crab styles. Some tight and light cockroach patterns are good on hooks #2 to 1/0. For guides try Vincent Dawson or Manuel Azueta. You can schedule them through Tiffany at Ruby's Hotel. They'll pick your husband up wherever you're staying. Actually the first week or two of March I'll be down too, so one of those guides will be booked! Keep in touch with the board over the year.
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Re: fly fishing patterns - 07/13/04 10:15 PM

if you book capt bicho , you can e mail him ,your questions as he is a expert,he will share with you all you need to bring with you .. if you want to have great fishing on the flats,,try him out ..there are good guides here ,but I think he is just wonderful..and will produce action packed days for you check out all the rave reviews he gets from the all the people who used him from the board the dream ,enjoy.
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Re: fly fishing patterns - 07/13/04 10:24 PM

Hey Jeff,
I've got a group coming down in January that want to fish, fish, fish! I gave them Bicho's information, and they got in touch with him that same day. They just emailed me and told me that they are doing a huge countdown calendar! I told them about you and that you go down every month. They all agreed that was the way to live.
Hope to see you again soon!
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Re: fly fishing patterns - 07/14/04 02:10 PM

viki be down the 3 of august to th 10 ,will try to to hook up with you this time !!!!!!!!
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Re: fly fishing patterns - 07/14/04 06:49 PM

krehfish: Thanks for the great information. You're right. We went to the Bahamas and had way too many flies. I'll try to hold him back this time. I'm leaving the guide choosing up to him. I don't want to be responsible.
Posted By: BLUE_48_98

Re: fly fishing patterns - 07/21/04 11:02 PM

just got back from a.c on the 19 of july. spent 2 great days fly fishing for bones , tarpon, only need 2 flies. a crazy charlie in a #8. forget the #4&#6. root beer or pearl esence will do. for tarpon a standard 2.0 orange grizzly hackle with orange palmered hackle. the permit hit the #8 crazy charlie like a mack semi. no hesitation at all.cought and released 23 bones in 2 days using the root beer colored #8 crazy charlie. i too tied my own flies and could have left all but those two patterns home. you will no doubt hear about guides for fishing. but! i used george bradley ( phone 011-501-226-2179) e- mail at [email protected] i am a fly fisher. george is without a doubt a fantastic indiviual and guide. i came away from my experience with george a more knowledgeable person. you dont get that from to many guides these days. good luck and tight lines.
Posted By: krehfish

Re: fly fishing patterns - 07/22/04 07:25 PM

BLUE: Congrats. Great post and it's nice to have the name of another quality guide. I'd sized up to #4s only b/c most fish are quicker than I am and it's easier to get the hook out. Haven't really noticed a differemce in takes. Just shows how agreeable Belizean bones are.
Posted By: seashell

Re: fly fishing patterns - 07/22/04 09:37 PM

This is just a general question that has been niggling at me for some time.

With all the avid fisherman than seem to show up on this board from time to time, why doesn't anyone ever talk about El Pesacador? And why aren't the fisherfolk looking into that resort, in the first place?

I'm just curious. I've got no dog in the hunt, so to speak.
Posted By: jderie

Re: fly fishing patterns - 07/22/04 09:45 PM

We decided to stay at Banana Beach because our friends had been there. I didn't know about El Pescador at the time. The people I was going with didn't want to stay north and use the water taxis. We also wanted to do a lot of different things besides fish and I didn't know how those trips got planned through a fishing lodge. I have had quite a bit of contact with a guide named Richard French with Belize Flatsfishing. Does anyone have any feelings on this? Blue 48_98_ Thanks for the info on the flies. The specifics are great. How did you find George Bradley?
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Re: fly fishing patterns - 07/22/04 10:23 PM

I booked my trip at Turneffe Flats lodge for a number of reasons, the main ones being the isolation and available flats when I'm not with the guide. And the icing on the cake was it was alot less expensive than Pescador. Another reason I went there was that I've been reading about Turneffe for years in the fishing mags. Its always been in the top ten saltwater destinations.
For the remainder of the trip I'm in San Pedro and will probably hire a local guide a day or two.
Posted By: BLUE_48_98

Re: fly fishing patterns - 07/22/04 10:24 PM

i found george to be one of the true flats guides of a.c. he spends about 250 days a year on the flats. notice the word flats--no part time reef and part time flats.i fished with george for two days and came away with a wealth of knowlege about the waters we were fishing and the bones and permit and tarpon we were after. the only reason i did not acheive a grand slam rests squarley on my shoulders. i pulled the fly right out of the mouth of a 60# tarpon because i got buck fever. same for the permit. had him hooked and blew it. in all this george and i just sat back and laughed and enjoyed ourselves. our last 3 hours were spent in 10" of water like glass with bones tailing all around as far as you could see. i will return to a.c. as soon as time permits and i will plan that trip so i can hunt the flats once again with george .george far exceeded any expectations i had about fishing in belize. he is the personification of the belizean kindness and willingness to please their guests.
Posted By: krehfish

Re: fly fishing patterns - 07/22/04 10:36 PM

SEASHELL: I speak with absolutely NO personal experience w/ Pescador. However they are an all-inclusive place geared almost entirely to flyguys. I make a long family trip to AC each March. I fish, they wander and catch rays(sun). We really enjoy eating/drinking somewhere different each nite. Also have enjoyed staying at dif. places. San Pedro is unique in it's ability to provide me with a reasonably priced world-class fishing opportunity and the rest of my family with what they want. My other couple of trips/year are pure fish/eat/drink with guys. Our priorities are great guides, good food, and ok booze. Where we lay our heads isn't a big deal. Fishing-wise, I'll put-up a couple of the guides I fish with against any at Pescador. Esp. last March I know we had more opportunities. (notice I don't claim to be a better fisherman)This is not at all intended to be critical, I just don't think my interests fit their target customer. That said, the reason I came to AC the first time was due to their advertising.
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Re: fly fishing patterns - 07/23/04 08:09 PM

The guides are sub contractors and appear to work for several resorts from what I can tell. Its that way up here too.
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