hedonistic trip

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hedonistic trip - 07/21/04 04:59 AM

Hi. Let me just start by saying I hope I don't offend anybody, and I ask these questions as not to annoy the locals/other visitors when we arrive...and also, we're not some crazy weirdos or loud annoying americans...we're just a young couple who likes to feel liberated and have fun once and a while...

1. what's the attitude towards nudity on beaches near San Pedro? I'm staying at the Bannana Beach Hotel, and although I'm sure it'd be inappropriate to go skinnydipping in the middle of the day, what about a 4am dip? Would it be ok on a more isolated beach? Perhaps if we drife a golf cart to a secluded area to go for a dip? Any recommendations on such an area? Or are there any nude beaches?

2. we're no druggies, but would like to smoke a few splifs in the evenings after we finish the days activities (rather than drink alcohol)...our plan is to buy a small bag upon our arrival in BC, and take it to the jungle place we're staying at for evening smokes. We'd finish that there, then buy a bit more in SP when we arrive a few days later...
questions... how is this done in Belize? From what I gather, it's generally accepted to have less than a couple grams... so when a guy comes up to me and says ganja, should I just ask him for 2 grams of "Belize Breeze"? And what would that cost, generally? Any recommendations on streets/places to go to for quality smoke in BC and SP? (I'd much rather just buy a little bit, so one puff can get us where we want to be...)

3. What are the best nightspots in SP? The Sat nite we'll be there (Aug 21) we'd like to do some good dancing. Sun and mon nite, we'd like to go to some places with good live music or chill/comfortable places to relax and hang out. What's hopping on a sun or mon nite?

4. What's the best way to avoid having my golf cart stolen when in SP? I live in NYC and always lock down my bike with a "Kryptonite" (U-bar)lock. Should I bring that? Or is there insurance on the carts, or a good way to lock them when roaming around the island?

5. Is the bus from BC to Belmopan and points south (Dangrina) safe (relitively spreaking)? For me and my fiancee?

Thanks...that's it...any help yould be appreciated...I'm really looking forward to this trip///
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Re: hedonistic trip - 07/21/04 02:13 PM

Posted By: Everglades

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/21/04 03:17 PM

I second that, think Negril, not Belize.

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/21/04 03:32 PM

Maybe Hattieville.
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Re: hedonistic trip - 07/21/04 04:10 PM

Choochoo is referring to Belize's all expenses included resort known as their prison. Not somewhere anyone would want to be, but if you pursue your vacation desires - that's maybe where you will end up.

Jamaica is much more suited to offer you what you are looking for.
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Re: hedonistic trip - 07/21/04 04:59 PM

I can't belive how uppity some of you boarders are. Don't tell me none of you smoke pot. We enjoyed some with our Belikins while in SP, if you want it you can find it. No AC is not Jamacia, espcially when it comes to the nudity part, locals are very nice and trustworthy, you don't get hassled all the time, which is great. But you can find the all night parties too if that's what your into.
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Re: hedonistic trip - 07/21/04 05:11 PM

I can respond to question 1 (I'm at work...)

Nudity is "not done" in Ambergris Caye - on the outer atolls - yes (or maybe if you can find a private spot north of the cut on AC), but otherwise, definitely frowned upon. There was a completely flat-chested, but gorgeous Italian woman who did go topless the week we were at Banana Beach - and most American guests (except for me) were pretty freaked out. She did ask the staff at Banana Beach if it was OK before going topless.

Otherwise, I would say AC seemingly caters to a conservative hard-drinking crowd, and you can find whatever you are looking for - but don't expect NYC quality!
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Re: hedonistic trip - 07/21/04 05:14 PM

Seems pretty harmless to me. Everyone appears to be taking a "not in my back yard" stance on this but, WHOOPS, most of the replys appear to be from the states so its not really their backyard at all. The Belizian authorities have stated publicly that they really don't care about a few grams either way.
As far as the nude swimming, he clearly stated that he doesn't plan on doing it in downtown SP so why should anyone care.

I wonder if the Belezians that are working hard to promote their busineses through this board appreciate a bunch of foreigners telling people to go elswhere with their dollars because they, "foreigners," don't agree with their view of how to behave in Belize.
Posted By: evening

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/21/04 05:14 PM

FYI - other than in Negril, female toplessness and nudity is completely taboo in Jamaica so not sure where the above open-minded folks get their info. Both former British colonies and all that....
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Re: hedonistic trip - 07/21/04 05:45 PM

there has definitely been skinny dipping in hotel pools at 3am or so. Don't know about ganga/mota/weed.

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/21/04 05:55 PM

"The Belizian authorities have stated publicly that they really don't care about a few grams either way." Documentation?

I guess that the BZ police at the airport with their dog, sniffing gringo luggage and carry-ons, didn't get the memo.

Don't get me wrong here, I really couldn't give a shit how y'all behave in San Pedro, and there's a lot of stories to back that up. Just be careful.
Posted By: dogmatic prevaricator

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/21/04 05:59 PM

I stumbled onto a nude beach one evening in Negril a few years back...just my luck it was pajama night.
Posted By: ChrisW

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/21/04 06:15 PM

"flat-chested Italian woman"

Isn't that an oxymoron?
Posted By: papashine

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/21/04 07:10 PM

As far as nude beaches there are none butyou can always get someone to take you to a secluded spot and drop you off for a couple of hours where you can do whatever you want. There are lots of spots to dine out and a few good nightclubs where you can dance. As far as pot is concerned, it is illegal in Belize, they still bust people for having it, so you are on your own with that one.
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Re: hedonistic trip - 07/21/04 07:24 PM

Choo Choo:

Granted its the same source, but he does name the official that said it, and there were no follow up posts challenging it.
Also you are changing contexts, smuggling contraband through an international airport is an entirely different matter.
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Re: hedonistic trip - 07/21/04 07:32 PM

Growsnomoss, send me a private email. It is not listed under your profile. Some things are better not discussed in public :-)
Posted By: Jack and Rose

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/21/04 08:21 PM

She has to be the only "flat chested Italian Woman" in the world!!!! Are you sure it was a she!!
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Re: hedonistic trip - 07/21/04 09:38 PM

Growsnomoss, San Pedro is not really know for it's nude beaches. It is not unheard of to see a few tourists topless sunbathing,but that said, it is not something you would see a local San Pedrano do. Let discretion be you byword here. Now to your other question. Ozarktroutbum, it is my back yard, and I'm not really happy to have anyone creating a market for any of the pharmecutial of choice. When the dealers are scoring they're breaking into my house or lifting the cameras out of your rooms. This was hashed out rather thourghly in previous posts, but it's a problem and we'd like to see it go away. No one is passing judgement. Pick up a local paper, you'll find the names of a few good citizens who have just been busted with minusicle amounts of weed.They probably have't heard of a new government policy.
Posted By: Ozarktroutbum

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/21/04 10:18 PM

Point taken L&T. I didnt really want to get into a debate about drugs, I just took exception to the earlier posts advising grownomoss to go somewhere else.
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Re: hedonistic trip - 07/21/04 10:18 PM

thanks for the responses everyone...and I'll see what the other lowdown is from Larry.
I thought Thurston's comments rang true. The whole illegal aspect of ganja does pose a number of more complicated and detrimental problems--A major reason for legalization...
wouldn't it be ironic if the guy I bought from later stole my golf cart....
oh and btw...i would never bring any of it anywhere near an airport...I'm not looking to get arrested after-all.

As far as the skinny-dipping goes, I think we'll save that for a deserted island--preserve the innocence of the families.

any thoughts on the prevention of golf-cart theft or the safety of mainland busses?

also, are there jet-ski rentals available or boat rentals available for going out to secluded islands?
Posted By: lovey and thurston

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/21/04 10:52 PM

Growsnomoss, Think you will have a great time in Belize. Golf carts have a lock provided when you rent them. (The batteries are hot commodities!!)You will be quite safe on the mainland busses.No boat rentals but many places rent jet skis and kayaks. Best, Lovey
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Re: hedonistic trip - 07/22/04 12:32 PM

Hello Growsnomoss,

First of all I would like to say that I will see you at Bananas, during that time in August.What are your dates??

1)I was also there in August of last year when the Italian girl was topless, actually, it was not a big deal.Americans are very modest, God only knows why, when it comes to nudity. So, I would not even worry about going topless at the beach at Bananas.Skinny dipping, I have seen it done at wee hours in the morning.

For all of you travelers, I hope that you know that Jamaica is not the only place to go topless. I have seen it done in Aruba,Cancun, St. Thomas, Turk&Caicos.

2.) Dont know, but have been approached a few times, should not be a problem to find any, but the typical answer would be, Just dont get caught.

3.) Sat. night Big Daddys and Jaguars, a night clubs-in town.
Sunday during the day is probably, BC's then the Palapa Bar. Monday would be Crazy Cunucks-they have a band, the Punta Boys, if they are still playing there on that night.

4.)Like previous stated, all the golf carts come with locks, just make sure that you lock it and you will be fine, no matter what happens.

5.) I took the bus from Belize City to Orange Walk, it was just very hot, crowded and bumpy(an old school bus), but I felt safe. On the way back, I took the Express, which was airconditioned and the seat were more comfortable, I also felt safe.

If you would like to email me,with any more questions or comments, feel free to do so.

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Re: hedonistic trip - 07/22/04 04:37 PM

This thread made me giggle so much I had to respond. I don't know which was funnier, the responses or the question. Anyone who travels knows that you can get splif pretty much anywhere in the world. Anyone who travels knows that anywhere that there are swimming facilities, people always find a way to skinny dip sometimes. When these two activities become an issue is when those practicing them do not respect the locals. Most people do not care what anyone else does as long as it does not interfere with their lifestyle. So, just don't be stupid, use your common sense. As for those who are pretending to be so anally retentive that they actually care whether people in the world smoke dope or go naked, I have no doubt they have their own dirty little secrets.
Posted By: growsnomoss

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/22/04 05:13 PM

Jackie- thanks for the info...I think we'll be at banana from friday night until the next saturday, and will be doing a trip to the jungle in the middle of it. I think we'll organize something with the hotel though, rather than finding our way there on our own.
Just got our flight tix today....maaan that was expensive...should have done it last week when the prices were lower. We missed the 4 week price jump...oh well...
and collyk, that's why I not to disrespect the locals when I arrive...the ganja is just the icing on the cake. I smoked in ansterdam, paris, and switzerland, because they're cool with it there. Other places, I've stayed away from it (cancun, Iceland, egypt) because of stories I've heard and a perceived no-no attitude towards it or the simple lack of availability. (although in cancun I was quite tempted after being shown an amazing 8 inch bud).
Anyhow, I'll be sure to employ full respect for the people who live there for more than a week, and if it looks sketch, I'll definitely stick to the belikin and bathing suits.
Posted By: Everglades

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/22/04 06:07 PM

growsnograss, just smokes it, said:

"I smoked in ansterdam, paris, and switzerland, because they're cool with it there. Other places, I've stayed away from it (cancun, Iceland, egypt) because of stories I've heard and a perceived no-no attitude towards it or the simple lack of availability. (although in cancun I was quite tempted after being shown an amazing 8 inch bud)".

WOW, that's what you call a real success story.
Posted By: lovey and thurston

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/22/04 07:15 PM

Did someone put something whacky in the Tang this morning. What's really making me giggle is everyone falling all over themselves discussing their druggy past. Call me anal retentive, but Lovey's not inclined to go on the message board and tell you I'm sitting here doing lines on an old copy of The Watchtower"!
Posted By: dogmatic prevaricator

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/22/04 07:23 PM

[Linked Image]
Posted By: coriver

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/22/04 09:39 PM

STAY AWAY. As a frequent visitor, myself and any one I know will turn you into police soon as you start either of the things you consider "recreation". Not your country take your bad habits somewhere else.
Posted By: toad

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/22/04 09:43 PM

you sound like a real ball of fun...
Posted By: coriver

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/22/04 09:46 PM

Come to think of it. If you insist on coming to Belize take the boat to Caye Caulker go to the cut you will be fine. If your a high roller as you sound go to Caye Chapel and knock yourself out.
Posted By: coriver

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/22/04 09:48 PM

toad, are you a want to be frog or just a grass princess.
Posted By: KWIBMF

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/22/04 10:48 PM

coriver, Are you a natural born ahole, or do you have to work at it?
Posted By: ronmyway

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/22/04 10:49 PM

Sounds like a born snitch...
Posted By: toad

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/22/04 11:08 PM

no, i am just a garden variety, you never know where i'll turnip....
Posted By: taters & dab

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/22/04 11:13 PM

I thought the whole idea of going to Belize was to let your hair down, relax and go with the flow. GO SLOW, MON Now if someone wants to have a little "mota" for his/hers enjoyment there is plenty there to have. If you don't, then all you have to do is IGNORE IT! No morality opinions needed in Belize. If you're not enfringing on someone else's enjoyment then what you do is OK. Nudity at the beach is generally a private couple thing so go somewhere private to partake. Nobody asked anyone to be a snitch nor should they feel compelled to act that way. Go your own way in AC and do your own thing BUT respect other's ways also.
Posted By: lovey and thurston

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/22/04 11:20 PM

Ok. Bill didn't inhale, he's in. Bush Lite hasn't said, Al fessed up (out).What do we know about the two Johns?
Posted By: Bobber

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/22/04 11:26 PM

I wish as many people were as tolerant of cigarettes and cigars as they are of weed. Kinda makes you wonder sometimes. Nudity on the other hand, is universal, however my experience has been that the majority of people who go naked , shouldn't. wink
Posted By: Tom

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/23/04 01:39 AM

Well let me tell you, I took the bus or rather buses from BC all the way to Guatemala City and a bus to Belmopan has got to be a piece of cake compared to that.
Ya'll are just too funny. This was a very interesting thread with the varied responses.
By the way you will find just as varied ideas once you get to Belize. Come and have a great time but remember to respect others and you will be just fine.
Posted By: Everglades

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/23/04 04:56 AM

Don't ask, don't tell, should work fine. If you can't be "neat", be discreet
Posted By: Madarass

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/23/04 05:50 AM

I'm still considered a local although I now live abroad due to the fact I grew up in Belize and still go back 3 times a year for up to 5 weeks at a time. Belize is where I call home. I see nothing wrong with growsnomoss' plans. I partake/have partaken in every activity he speaks of while in Belize and have a damn good time doing it too. Get your trees in Belize City. They'll charge you an arm an a leg in SP. Hopefully you can get some high grade. I've seen topless sun bathers at ramon's in broad daylight. You don't have to wait until 4 Am for skinny dipping. I'm sure night fall is good enough. Too bad I won't be in SP on the 21st. I have a wedding in Corozal to attend that night. The golf carts come with locks. You won't need to worry about getting it stolen as long as you lock it. You can just cruise around at night and you'll find a real chill bar. If you're looking to party, check out Jaguar's or Big Daddy's.
Posted By: collyk

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/23/04 12:04 PM

growsnomoss..well have a great time...if you have travelled that much then you know you can just get on with stuff and do what you want as long as you aren't silly...

coriver I find it interesting that you put quotation marks around the word recreation..I presume that you mean that any recreation that you do not enjoy does not constitute a real recreation...get over's the bloody's hot..people like to relax and enjoy themselves and if they are not hurting anyone why can't one is asking you to smoke splif although it sounds like you could do with some and no one is asking you to get naked...perhaps you should holiday somewhere that there is no fear that your type of 'recreation' may be offended by somebody else's type of 'recreation'...although as I said, those quickest to judge are those with the nastiest most fascinating skeletons in their family cupboards..
Posted By: BiggieFL

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/23/04 06:25 PM

Well I will tell you my experience on the topics at hand:

1)You may and you may not want to skinny dip. Beaches on AC are not like most other places and the beach is more populated for travel than the roads. Again...most who go naked...SHOULD NOT.

2) My cart was stolen because I went into the hotel for about 15 mins to grab some beer, etc. ALWAYS use the lock. Luckily I got it back. Do NOT get an electric cart either. Try Amergris cart rentals, real nice and $50 for 24 hours.

3) Wait a day and ask your favorite bartender or bellhop. I got a nice "blunt" for like $5blz that lasted me all week. I was told that is the only way to get it...maybe from him? Anyway it was a while since I smoked a blunt and instead of taking a few hits, I took about 20. I was so whacked I locked myself out on the balcony. You have to be an idiot to import/export it, I find bellhops are the best source(even @ checkin), then your favorite bartender.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/23/04 06:42 PM

Skinny Dipping is better done at the end of a resort dock in the swimming area

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/23/04 09:40 PM

Ah, Jesse

I trust that is from heresay and not from personal experience. Neither one of us need to be doin' that.
Posted By: Jack and Rose

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/23/04 11:34 PM

I get a real kick out of this topic.All you ever hear on this board is "booze,booze,and more booze.
What kind,where to get it,cold in the room before you arrive,rum punch,beer,mnartini's. Just mention
weed & boy do the opinions start flying. I will never understand why it's so taboo in so many places still. It's proven that by far it is less destructive than booze in many ways.

Oh excuse me I just toked a while ago and my food just came!!! I,m starved!!!!!

Posted By: mobunny

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/23/04 11:44 PM

Now that was really funny! LOL mobunny cool
Posted By: Sirena

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/24/04 04:31 AM

I'm still wondering who the "flat-chested Italian woman" was. She has GOT to be carrying a mutant gene.

Posted By: lovey and thurston

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/24/04 04:40 AM

Well, Thurston is out in front tacking up a "Nude Beach" sign in front of the house, so you party animals come on down!
Posted By: mobunny

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/24/04 04:43 AM

I was statying at Ramon's last August. Lot's of very thin very very tanned flat chested topless sunbathing Italian women - at least 5-6 a day. Apparently not such a mutant gene afterall (from my personal observaton.) Sorry boys! Almost 12 days and counting...mobunny
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/24/04 04:59 AM

Hi Lovey: After Thurston is done with that one...have him put one of those signs in front of the Police Station.
Posted By: dogmatic prevaricator

Re: hedonistic trip - 07/24/04 11:16 AM

i'd have to go with the flat chested, hairy italian women........who want to see naked cops, anywho?
Posted By: outsidedog

Re: hedonistic trip - 08/14/04 02:05 AM

Hey growsnomoss, I visited Belize/SanPedro last march. I arrived on a Saturday afternoon and checked into the Radison in Belize city. The Belize police carry AK 47s and dress like military. There were 4 at the entrance to the Radison. This, I found a little intimidating. After settling in, I haled a cab and headed to The Mayan Princess to do a little Gambling. The cab driver(always a good source of info) was very friendly. I ask him what the general attitude was as far as police,pot and tourist. He said that the police really were not concerned with small amounts. I got his card and told him I would call him when I was finished gambling. I called him a couple of hours later, he was there in less than 5 minutes. I got him to ride me around the city for a while. After getting to know him a little bit I just ask him if he could hook me up. He said its was to dangerous at night but if I would call him in the morning, he would help. I called him the next morning, again he was there in 5 minutes. He took me just down the street and introduced me to an independent tour operater. I paid the guy ten bucks for a tour of Belize city, he hooked me up, cheap price, average quality. I checked out at noon and took a boat to San pedro because I didnt want to go through the airport holding. Good luck, I found San Pedro to be very relaxing and friendly, this was the best vacation in my life
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