vegetarian food

Posted By: Nfpolaris

vegetarian food - 07/21/04 02:58 PM

Ok...not sure we've had this question before...

Where can vegetarians eat in San Pedro, Belize? All the local places
that our friends are loving for the fresh seafood and stewed chicked
only have rice and beans for vegetarians. We do eat dairy. We love to
taste the local flavors and love spicy food. Thank you!
Posted By: mobunny

Re: vegetarian food - 07/21/04 03:43 PM

Now this is a topic I know something about. We are vegetarians and have been to SP twice. Lot's of choices. Here are some of my favorite places:

1) Tastes of Thailand - personnel favorite #56 Kaeng Mobunny wink Yum! Check their website. //
2) Jade Garden - //
3) Casa Picasso //
4) Cannibal's - wonderful "veggie potato boats"
5) Blue Water Grill -
6) Rasta Pasta
7) Rubies for breakfast
8) Estels by the Sea for breakfast //
9) Sweet Basil //

I may have left some great places out. 15 days and counting...mobunny cool
Posted By: mobunny

Re: vegetarian food - 07/21/04 04:11 PM

Also do a search for "vegetarian". (Search link is on top right of this page) Lots of good threads on the subject that include some places I forgot like the "Bamboo Shop" in San Telmo area. mobunny
Posted By: Nfpolaris

Re: vegetarian food - 07/21/04 04:48 PM

Thanks mo...why didn't i do a search before i asked..duh!!

Have a great day!!
Posted By: cajunman

Re: vegetarian food - 07/21/04 05:11 PM

you can have bloody marys...

Re: vegetarian food - 07/23/04 04:39 PM

and panty rippers
Posted By: govikes

Re: vegetarian food - 07/23/04 04:42 PM

yeah, as Gay says, drink RUM. oh, wait that was the other thread wasn't it? :p

Re: vegetarian food - 07/23/04 04:43 PM

rum is on my "r" list

i am cracking up, huh!
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