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corry mcdermott/oceanfront property - 07/24/04 05:43 PM

i was doing research and i was wondering what folks thought about corry mcdermott and the palm bay project. i am looking to invest long term in oceanfront lots. it seems as though areas like san pedro ambergris and even placencia are getting tapped out. so, i would welcome any feedback about the opportunities that you folks would recommend. i will engage a good attorney and set up a belize corp, but it just seems that the ground floor opportunities are where it is undeveloped so i know that palm bay 18 miles north of san pedro may be many yrs off but i was wondering if the beaches were nice and if corry mcdermott was reputable.

the folks i spoke with said corry but belize on the map and is very honest, however, i wanted your folks feedback as well.

thanks in advance

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Re: corry mcdermott/oceanfront property - 07/24/04 08:13 PM

Sounds as if you haven't visited the site.
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Re: corry mcdermott/oceanfront property - 07/24/04 09:13 PM

Andoll, I think the message board is probably not the site you will want to utilize to find information on individuals. If you have been to Belize, would contact as many people as you can on a one to one basis. If you have not visited or checked out sites you are interested in that would be the first thing I'd do. Some boarders may have information you are seeking but would probably prefer not to post on the message board.
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Re: corry mcdermott/oceanfront property - 07/24/04 09:50 PM

Good suggestion.
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Re: corry mcdermott/oceanfront property - 07/24/04 10:40 PM

Palm Bay is beautiful. Its within Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve and just minutes from Bacalar Chico. The beaches are nicer than most areas of the island. Rocky Point is the only spot in Belize that the Barrier Reef joins land. Really a spectacular area.

Jerry McDermott, brother, is one of the many pioneers of Ambergris Caye.

Barrow and Williams, Belize City - good legal firm.

Posted By: Tom

Re: corry mcdermott/oceanfront property - 07/25/04 11:11 PM

Yes, Jerry and Cory are brothers and have both been in Belize for a very long time and diffinately would qualify as some of the early pioneers of developement.

I will personally say that I beliave Barrow & Williams to be one of the best lgal firms in Belize City and have had several dealings with them.
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Re: corry mcdermott/oceanfront property - 07/27/04 08:14 AM

There is not a multi-list, like in the US. You should visit the Realtors get thier listings and get to know them. Only time in the country getting to know the land and its people will be your best guide. You will be very well informed by personal one on one conversations. The people of Belize are very friendly.
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Re: corry mcdermott/oceanfront property - 07/29/04 10:43 PM

check out the many realtors ,and get lots of information ,do research when buying speculative property ,do your homework ,good luck ,,
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