August 11 Friends

Posted By: Serenity

August 11 Friends - 08/03/04 10:29 AM

Hello everybody,
I am arriving in AC on 11 August with my 15 year old daughter. We'd like to meet some oyther mums and teenagers. We are staying at paradise Villas. Who will be there? Anyone want lunch or dinner with us smile )
We are from the UK, near London. Mad about animals, diving, movies and novels, the environment.....well basically just mad lol.
Feel slightly nervous about this big trip. It would be lovely to have a couple of numbers to call, or dates in our diaries. Alice and Ami
Posted By: seashell

Re: August 11 Friends - 08/03/04 12:34 PM

Sure, it will make you more comfortable up front. But you really shouldn't need them. Don't be nervous. You'll meet all kinds of people, especially if you are the least bit outgoing. If, you've been there a day or two and still haven't met anyone, do some tours. That'll get you meeting people right away.

Re: August 11 Friends - 08/06/04 03:13 PM

well serenity, i am a mum and david acts like a teenager. we can be found at caribe island very soon
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: August 11 Friends - 08/06/04 03:55 PM

Hi Gay!!!
Are you on the countdown????
Can you give Butch a hug from me when you get there? He is on his way back Monday. It's been an interesting month, (with the big meeting too), but he's just SO not into being in the US anymore. (He wants to go barefoot everywhere!!, and I thought he was going to pull into the Golf Cart place a few days ago... just to sit in one wink !!)
Have a great trip!

Re: August 11 Friends - 08/06/04 04:00 PM

see you soon vicki, i will be so happy to have my toes in the sand that i will be hugging everyone in sight. butch will get the "customized from vicki hug"
hell, i could get carried away and hug paisano, i think august is his bath month, isn't it?
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: August 11 Friends - 08/06/04 04:42 PM

I think it's NEXT August.

Re: August 11 Friends - 08/06/04 04:52 PM

Well then, i will hug butch twice. i may just hug him every day that i am there!!!

Re: August 11 Friends - 08/06/04 04:58 PM

hey ernie, wish you were coming with us. this has been a trip that was long in the making. if i had to leap over one more obstacle, i was going to say to hell with it and jump in the car and head for galveston. it should be well worth the wait (i hope)
Posted By: DrewLori

Re: August 11 Friends - 08/07/04 06:17 PM

We will be there August 14th- August 21st. We have an 11 year old daughter & 14 year old son. How long will you be there Alice & Ami?

Anyone else going to AC with kids similiar in age during that time frame?
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