30 days to go

Posted By: wizaussie1

30 days to go - 08/04/04 09:43 PM

My wife and I are heading to AC from central New Jersey on September 4 - 11. We are first timers and it was all the good reports and information that convinced us to go. We were able to use our frequent flier miles on Continental out of Newark. We probably would have picked a different time of the year but the price was right.

We ordered and read Lan Sluder's book on San Pedro which has a lot of good information. We decided to stay at the Palms because of its close proximity to town. We have a list of all the bars and restaurants we want to try and for some reason the list of bars is much longer.

My question is are many places closed during September? Also, does anyone have the website that lists the dates when cruise ships arrive to Belize? I remember someone listed it awhile ago but now I cannot find it.

Posted By: Johnboy

Re: 30 days to go - 08/04/04 11:30 PM

I know that Norwiegan is there on Wednesday, & I know that Carnival & Royal Caribbean is there on other days but I'm not sure about it but I think it is Tuesday & Thursday.....Not many come to the Island But the "Water sites" get a lot.......
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