Posted By: minnie

Lobsters - 08/19/04 09:26 PM

Visited in March, out of lobster season...returning in November (YEAAH), and can't wait for the lobster. What is the going rate?
Posted By: specv

Re: Lobsters - 08/20/04 04:30 AM

I went to the co-op to get tails at $11bz a pound last Christmas holiday. MMMM good!

Posted By: MALIBU

Re: Lobsters - 08/20/04 04:48 PM

Hey mini... See if Caliente has their lobster quesadillas. Had them in July: they were GRRREAT!

Typically we paid between $15 & $25 US for lobster tails. If you go to one of the swanky places you'll pay a lot more.
Posted By: bywarren

Re: Lobsters - 08/20/04 04:54 PM

specv, I think you meant $11US a pound. That is about the usual price.
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