Exotic Caye (formerly Playador)

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Exotic Caye (formerly Playador) - 08/23/04 03:57 PM

Going to be staying at the Exotic Caye resort. would like some background about the rooms. I have a standard room booked. Two people. not willing to share a bed. what are the accomidations like? Any help would be great. would love some pics of the rooms. thanks to all.
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Re: Exotic Caye (formerly Playador) - 08/23/04 04:17 PM

Travelbum24: I stay in Unit 2B which is a one bedroom condo. I find the accommodations nice. Not excellent, but nice. My definition of excellent would be Banyan Bay where I stayed in March. But those accommodations were pricey as well. I want to spend my money on more fun things other then the room. Like snorkeling and drinking.

They have an above ground pool which is alright. There is a restaurant on site called Monkey Bites. There is a beach bar on site, called Crazy Canucks. The Punta boys play there on Monday nights. Otherwise, it is radio and CDs.

There is a new dive shop on site and the beach area is very nice.

Don and Carol the managers are very good and will accommodate your every need.

All in all, I would say good choice. But then again, it's how and where you want to spend your money.

If you email me at [email protected] I would be glad to send you pictures of the resort.
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Re: Exotic Caye (formerly Playador) - 08/23/04 06:23 PM


Exotic Caye formaly Playador, is a great spot just 1/2 mile south of town. There is a large beack area with lounge chairs and plenty of Coconut trees. You can find pics of the property and some of the rooms on BELIZEISFUN.COM or the (click on lodging) web-sites.
I enjoy unit #2-B as it is my home away from home. The unit is on the beach and just steps away from the pool also srtaight accross from the bar on the other side of the beach. Hope this helps.
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Re: Exotic Caye (formerly Playador) - 08/24/04 05:44 PM

From what I have seen the standard units only have 1 dbl bed in the bedroom and a pullout sofa bed in the LR. It is very tight in there with the bed out! You would do better with a deluxe 1 br or request a std 1 br with loft (has an upstairs & is not really private but much more room.) Same price as the std w/o loft.

Nice place overall. Deluxe units are very nice and the honeymoon suites are fab!
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Re: Exotic Caye (formerly Playador) - 08/25/04 12:38 PM

where is the airconditioning in the loft.
what size is the bed in the loft?
Thanks all for you help
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Re: Exotic Caye (formerly Playador) - 08/25/04 01:36 PM

Stayed in a unit in the loft once and there was no AC up there.It can be warm up there too! The only AC was in the Bedroom in the older unit we stayed in. I recommend one of the newer lower units without the loft if you are sensitive to the temp issue. eek
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Re: Exotic Caye (formerly Playador) - 08/25/04 05:09 PM

Yes, the loft units only have A/C downstairs. Not sure of the bedding as it has been a while since I have seen one, and they may vary as the units are individually owned.

Email Sam at the resort and he can answer all your questions.
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Re: Exotic Caye (formerly Playador) - 08/27/04 12:53 PM

Thanks all for your help. Cant wait !!!
Will be leaving Aug 30th....

Will let you know how it goes. !!!!

Thanks again all
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Re: Exotic Caye (formerly Playador) - 08/27/04 05:51 PM

Barbara K,

Just to clear things up, some of the units are privately owned and some are retained by E.C.B.R.I am one of the units that is privately owned unit #2-B.
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