Latest Reef Ransom Journal!

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Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 08/31/04 01:37 PM

Here's the best morning reading there is!
the latest installment of Reef Ransom's Journal!

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Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 08/31/04 02:15 PM

you got to love this guy .he is living his dream ,52 weeks a year ..
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Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 08/31/04 02:30 PM

Awesome reading. I love Reef Ransom. Through the written word, he makes you feel like you are at AC. He has quite a gift. I cannot wait to return! Thank you, Reef!
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Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 08/31/04 10:44 PM

Just finished reading the journal!! I could read his stuff every day! Keep writing Reef, you are a gem.
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Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 08/31/04 11:01 PM

Some great advice for board members:
One of the reasons I came to Belize originally was to meet new and diverse people from another culture and to escape the trappings and over regulation of America. Now, I am sure that most of the folks that come here to visit are nice and I would probably enjoy knowing them but I just don't get why anyone would travel to a third world country in Central America and one of their goals would be meeting other Americans they chatted with on the internet. Why not just stay in America and meet down the block at Applebee's? Ok, I admit I am not all that sociable and am much like the guy in the Jimmy Buffett song who "is losing his hearing and don't care what most people say." It's just for gosh sakes there is a whole other world here so why not let loose of those chains that bind us as Americans and see what else exist. Wow, am I on the soap box today or what, let me check; no the moon is not full. Right Here, mi amigos---Reef Ransom.:
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Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 08/31/04 11:27 PM

Now Jesse, don't imply that people on this board might not be worth meeting while in Belize. Just because Reef Ransom must have met you and me causing him to form that opinion, does not mean meeting others might not be a pleasant experience. laugh
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Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 09/01/04 08:06 AM

It's been my experience that while the U.S. is "one country" - it has lots of different cultures. The culture in LA is much different from Columbia,South Carolina or Taos, New Mexico, which are all different from the big sky country of Montanna or the heartland of Kansas. Each part of the country has it's own cuisine and entertainment and brand of hospitality. In many ways it's like visiting a lot of different countries.

I'm looking forward to meeting the people of Belize and my newfound boarder friends from all over the U.S.

Viva la difference! smile
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 09/01/04 01:26 PM

There are as many different reasons to visit Belize, as there are different people. Go for your owm reason.
Posted By: govikes

Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 09/01/04 04:29 PM

I was enjoying the read until I came to that inane paragraph about why would a tourist want to meet other tourists they met on a chat board????? Why would someone NOT want to make new friends? To imply that they have no interest in meeting the hosts of the country they are visiting is ridiculous. However, most of the Belizeans HAVE TO WORK for living--i.e, they can't spend the afternoon sitting at the bar, going snorkeling, diving, fishing (unless of course they are WORKING). And most of them go home to eat their meals (just as we do when we are at home). One of the great things about this board and the excellent job that Marty does trying to keep all the diverse personalities that visit it in line, is it allows people from everywhere meet on vacation. It's great to make new friends, experience new places/food/drink, etc. together - it bonds alot of these people to the point that they want to return to Belize and party with their friends again. Seems to me to be win/win situation for all involved. Now, I'll get off the soap box. laugh :p
Posted By: KBG

Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 09/02/04 03:27 AM

Go to Belize, to meet locals, Ex pats making it happen, and like minded, hoping to make it happen. Dreams are plans in the works. KGB
Posted By: DrewLori

Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 09/02/04 05:40 AM

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Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 09/02/04 05:43 AM

"Dream as if you will live forever,Live as if you will die today"-"James Dean"
Posted By: seashell

Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 09/02/04 08:18 AM

"Dance like no one is watching, love like you'll never be hurt,sing like no one
is listening,and live like it's heaven on earth."- William Purkey.

I'd always felt a bit that way, (at least with regard to the singing and dancing) but never truly learned to do it fully until I started spending time in Belize. smile Of course, the punta music helped a great deal in the dancing category. wink
Posted By: MALIBU

Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 09/02/04 02:00 PM

"Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body,
but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, and shouting "Holy shit......What a ride!"
Posted By: jvid

Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 09/02/04 10:56 PM

You are so Right on!Seize the Day!
Posted By: bywarren

Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 09/02/04 11:17 PM

A little history that goes with some of those sayings.

His name was Fleming, and he was a poor Scottish farmer. One day, while trying to make a living for his family, he heard a cry for help coming from a nearby bog. He dropped his tools

and ran to the bog. There, mired to his waist in black muck, was a terrified boy, screaming and struggling to free himself. Farmer Fleming saved the lad from what could have been a slow and terrifying death.

The next day, a fancy carriage pulled up to the Scotsman's sparse surroundings. An elegantly dressed nobleman stepped out and introduced himself as the father of the boy Farmer Fleming had saved.

"I want to repay you," said the nobleman. "You saved my son's life."

"No, I can't accept payment for what I did," the Scottish farmer replied waving off the offer. At that moment, the farmer's own son came to the door of the family hovel.

"Is that your son?" the nobleman asked.

"Yes," the farmer replied proudly.

"I'll make you a deal. Let me provide him with the level of education my own son will enjoy. If the lad is anything like his father, he'll no doubt grow to be a man we both will be proud of." And that he did. Farmer Fleming's son attended the very best schools and in time, graduated from St. Mary's Hospital Medical School in London, and went on to become known throughout the world as the noted Sir Alexander Fleming, the di scoverer of Penicillin.

Years afterward, the same nobleman's son who was saved from the bog was stricken with pneumonia.

What saved his life this time? Penicillin.

The name of the nobleman? Lord Randolph Churchill. His son's name?

Sir Winston Churchill.

Someone once said: What goes around comes around.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 09/03/04 12:06 AM

And the connection with Ambergris Caye? Or Reef Ransom?
Posted By: cajunman

Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 09/03/04 02:27 AM

"Yabba Dabba Doo!!!!!"

Fred Flintstone

8995 B.C.
Posted By: bywarren

Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 09/03/04 03:08 AM

Jesse, I knew after I wrote that it might go over some of your heads without further explanation. It refered to seashells quotes from William Purkey. In his auto biography he refered to that part of history that inspired some of his quotes.
Granted, it does not specificaly relate to your small world of San Pedro, but I thought it might be of interest to those who's minds are open to greater inqueries. Of course with you having the almighty capability to delete anything that is not in your ability to understand, I will hold no anamosity towards you if you choose to zapp my offer of something I thought might be of interest to others. frown
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 09/03/04 03:21 AM

No, I won't "zapp" it even though you choose to be insulting. The frustration lies in trying to keep the message board organized as it was designed... with helpful answers to prospective visitors in the "About Ambergris Caye", "About Other Parts Of Belize" and "Living In Belize" Forums, leaving the General Chat Area as a free-for-all where anything goes. The only other condition was no rude, insulting posts. The small clique that thinks they own this board will not comply with the above so there is a constant problem attempting to administer this board. Perhaps, in your great wisdom, you can offer a solution?
Posted By: jvid

Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 09/03/04 04:51 AM

Well,Well,Well,lets just take 5 and chill-out.You only live twice,one for your dreams,and one for yourself.Wisdom? take a good look around,wherever you are,Whats going on?Who are you to judge us? So sad...its just another day" Wake up and Live on,its only a keyboard and a drive, Deal with it.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 09/03/04 05:45 AM

In fairness to Jesse, I too support trying to keep the main Ambergris Board cleaned up and the General Chat area as a free for all.

When I saw the locked thread the other day with a number of the posts in it deleted, I was concerned once again about censorship. Then I saw that it had actually been treated in a fair and even handed manner, in that the thread had been copied in its entirety to General Chat. I thought that was a great idea.

That said bywarren, I enjoyed your piece.

And on that note, in keeping with my belief that this part of the board is for info on Ambergris, I'd better shut up now. wink
Posted By: Beachy

Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 09/03/04 07:30 AM

ditto seashell
Posted By: bywarren

Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 09/03/04 11:42 AM

Jesse, I see in re-reading my comments that your admonishment of them is correct if one goes by the rules that you remind us of and if one is prone to be a little thin skinned. Knowing they are indefensible, I will only attempt a feeble response before putting on my dunce cap and sitting in the corner for the rest of this session. If you were to apply your rules in every instance, there would be many post that should not be on the board. There are quite a few that would be considered not to apply directly to Belize or AC and definitely many that would be considered to be insulting. Now I personally happen to feel that many of those not qualifying under your rules actually add to the interest of this board and make the reading of more interest thus actually promoting Belize and AC as the board is intended.

This thread got a little off track when people started posting quotes. I happen to think that those post were uplifting. Granted they did not directly apply to Belize or AC, but I thought they were inspirering and I wanted to add to the inspiration with my little bit of history.

What I consider to be ironic is the posts I am referring to, the ones that do not meet the strict gridlines you point out, resulted from your post, Jesse, where you quote Reef Ransom’s comments about people coming to Belize and wanting to meet other members of the board and offering your advice to board members that those might not be good reasons or something that they should do while in Belize. Now I a sure some might take those comments to be insulting if they were thin skinned. And, I am sure that some could interpret you telling people what reasons they have not to come to Belize to be detrimental in promoting Belize as the message board is intended to do. Even though you do that with “your great wisdom”.

So I accept your admonishment, Jesse. And I will try in the future not to follow your example.
Posted By: USNA73

Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 09/03/04 12:00 PM

Nice story re: Fleming/Churchill. For details, background, whether true or false, check out cool
Posted By: MALIBU

Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 09/03/04 02:30 PM


by: your comment DOES relate to AC in the following way: "When I am in Belize, the sea breeze and beautiful ocean and reef make me reflect and think about things that one doesn't have time to think about at home. Wonderful stories about people in history comes to mind - especially if I happen to be reading a particular biography at that moment". Karin

Jesse: are you the Sgt at Arms in your club? If not you should get a club and volunteer for the job. I know we could use you when our mouths run away with us in my club.
Posted By: bywarren

Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 09/03/04 02:42 PM

Malibu, join a club or "get a club". Don't give Jesse any ideas for when he sees me next. laugh
Posted By: MALIBU

Re: Latest Reef Ransom Journal! - 09/03/04 03:37 PM

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