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Posted By: Gela

Message for CaptJeff - 09/09/04 05:56 PM

Oh Cap, two friends of mine that I met in Costa Rica this past May are traveling to AC per my recommendation. They will arrive from St. Louis on November 28 and will depart AC on December 8. They are staying at Banana Beach and are looking forward to some fishin - bonefish or snook?

Anyway, I gave them the website you post and I'm sure they'll hook up with Capt. Bicho. Just wondered if they would be there when you are down. If so, can you pretty please, if you run into them, show them how much we love AC?

Glenn and Randy are their names - very fun guys - will fit in nicely on AC, I think.

Posted By: captjeff

Re: Message for CaptJeff - 09/10/04 04:39 PM

gela my love will give them the royal treatment for sure... have them call me at 1 800 231 7447 toll free at my place ..but tell them to book bicho quick, as he is the hot gudide now .hope all is well with you ...
Posted By: Gela

Re: Message for CaptJeff - 10/12/04 09:03 PM

Dear CaptJeff,

I received an email from my friend Glenn last week - he won't be going to AC afterall in November - seems he fell and broke his ankle! Not sure the story - but knowing Glenn, I'm sure it is a story worth telling over a few bottles of wine and Belikins. He will get there next year for sure!
Posted By: govikes

Re: Message for CaptJeff - 10/12/04 09:09 PM

Yes and Capt. Jeff, honey, can I please go fishing with you again in Nov. and catch more fish than Chris? laugh laugh I won't even say anything about his floppy rod or his new rod, or whatever he decides to try fishing with. laugh
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Message for CaptJeff - 10/18/04 09:04 PM

gela sorry to hear that ,just got back from europe ,be down end of oct and end of nov trying to live the dream as much as I can ..
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