What's a BRIDE to do??

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What's a BRIDE to do?? - 09/11/04 09:10 PM

Nate and I have NEVER been to Belize but have fallen in love with it via mail, email, website and this board!!! We have booked rooms at Captain Morgan's for our June 23, 2005 wedding. I would appreicate any info. that would assist us in making this a great experience. My plan: (keeping in mind I only know what I've been able to research without ever going there) It sound's like the night before, dinner ar Casa Picasso. Married on the beach on the 23rd at CM with dinner at Capricorns....and I understand they are next door??? Maybe a short sunset boatride before dinner? And we plan to do dinner at VH our last night. We also wouild like to do a sunset cruise on Lady Sharon for our guests. We plan to relax over that weekend and go cave tubing and to BC's. And diving is a must while we are there.

Any suggestions on photography, videography, other meals, special events, etc?? I would like to try to find "Rosario" to give Nate and I a massage the night before.

Thanks everyone (especially ChooChoo and our new friends from San Deigo who recently were married at CM) We can't wait!!!
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Re: What's a BRIDE to do?? - 09/11/04 10:11 PM

Already sounds like a wonderful plan. Best wishes- you are starting your marriage in a very auspicious way! Maybe try some local meals--street vendors, rubys, popular bakery, a beach BBQ, etc? You can search the board for ideas for casual places and BBQ. Also, just walk around, meet people, and enjoy the lovely atmosphere. If you have a golf cart, take some kids for a ride. If you have time, just chat with locals and others.
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Re: What's a BRIDE to do?? - 09/11/04 11:20 PM

Just got back last week, was a 1st time for us. Next year is our 25th year together. We were planning for Hawaii, but now, were thinking Ambergrise again.

you have to hit Elvi's kitchen. Had garlic roasted/fish there for lunch
- best fish on earth:)

Friday nights- Seasons rest. for Tacos, above Paulie's pizza.
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