Trip Pics

Posted By: timalpr

Trip Pics - 09/12/04 01:07 AM

Here are some pics of my new wife Wendy and I. I will try to caption them when I get more time. Also a trip log post will be coming shortly.
Posted By: timalpr

Re: Trip Pics - 09/12/04 01:08 AM

Sorry about that.
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Trip Pics - 09/12/04 01:25 AM

Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing smile

Do you still have 2 hands....frightening croc pics eek
Posted By: timalpr

Re: Trip Pics - 09/12/04 04:12 AM

Yup, I still have both of them. I still do not know why i did it. At the time I felt like it had to be done. Those are actually wild ones that live behind the water treatment plant. The kid in the yellow bandana took us to them for a small tip.
Posted By: DrewLori

Re: Trip Pics - 09/12/04 04:47 AM

Thank you timalpr! Its great to see anothers perspective through pictures. We all see the beauty of the island & the mainland in different ways. Your wife is very pretty. Lucky guy! Or is she the lucky gal?


Oh what is the hold this country has on me? confused

Posted By: Now Danny

Re: Trip Pics - 09/12/04 12:31 PM

Nice photos. Thanks for sharing. Good you two kept both of your hands. :p
Posted By: Fluffy

Re: Trip Pics - 09/12/04 03:23 PM

Great pics. Thanks so much for sharing. Looking forward to your trip report.
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Trip Pics - 09/12/04 03:31 PM

Hey, I'm impressed! They are some of the nicest pics I've seen in a long time. That cute little native girl in a lot of your pictures, just added to the experience!

Lori, I know what the hold is... in a previous life you were a Mayan princess and you are longing to return to once again watch over your empire. eek
Posted By: Sirena

Re: Trip Pics - 09/13/04 02:15 AM

Wow...that's so much better than MY past life. I was once told I was a NUN!

Loved the pix. The Mayan ruin guy was awesome. Where was that taken? Looking forward to more info. I am still waiting to take my first trip. Maybe February?

Posted By: DrewLori

Re: Trip Pics - 09/13/04 04:55 AM

By George...thats it! I knew I was a princess! I must return to my mother land as soon as possible. Do princesses drink beer?
Posted By: timalpr

Re: Trip Pics - 09/13/04 07:35 AM

That was taken at Lamanai. It was really sureal to be at a ruin and think that at one time it was a great civilization.
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Trip Pics - 09/13/04 10:37 AM

Why, yes Lori, yes they do drink beer. Then after enough beers, they climb the temple steps... but the best part is that with every step they throw down an article of clothing to the cheering subjects below. Then when they have finally gotten to the top of the temple....

geez, I better stop right here. eek
Posted By: USNA73

Re: Trip Pics - 09/13/04 12:03 PM

We shared the same thoughts at Lamanai. Did you climb the High Temple? My utmost admiration if you did. Whew!
Posted By: fuzzy_navel

Re: Trip Pics - 09/13/04 12:25 PM

Excellent photos! I really enjoyed them. Thanks for sharing.
Posted By: timalpr

Re: Trip Pics - 09/13/04 06:56 PM

We did climb the High Temple. It was quite tall. There is a picture of the two of us on top of it.
Posted By: Grace

Re: Trip Pics - 09/14/04 03:17 PM

Nic shots....thanks for the post
Posted By: MALIBU

Re: Trip Pics - 09/14/04 04:11 PM

Thanks for the pics! Saved one of the underwater ones as a desktop theme! What type of underwater camera did you use? It takes lovely underwater pictures!
Posted By: timalpr

Re: Trip Pics - 09/14/04 04:54 PM

It was just a fuji disposable. We were not sure how well it was going to work, but as you can see it worked fine.
Posted By: Scubacat

Re: Trip Pics - 09/16/04 05:05 PM

Great Pictures. You guys look like you had a wonderful absolutely awesome time! Went on alot of excursions. I will be going to AC for my first time in Nov. and so much looking forward to it. 2weeks and will try to get in as many excursions as you guys did! Thanks for bringing the trips to life!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Trip Pics - 09/19/04 11:23 PM

Tim & Wendy!
We made it back yesterday. Thanks for cluing us in to the crocs. Great croc shots! We ran into Manuel all over the island for the next two weeks! Can you email me the instructions for posting pics and how to do the link? (Detailed - I'm a computer idiot!) Can't wait to read your report. Hope to get ours posted this week! Fell in love with Belize, think we're heading back in May. Keep in touch!
LeahAnn & Vic
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