Jet Skiing?

Posted By: fx1rider

Jet Skiing? - 09/17/04 07:29 PM

Any places that rent jet ski's on AC or CC?

Posted By: RobertE

Re: Jet Skiing? - 09/17/04 08:01 PM

You can at Fido's dock. However in my opinion and my opinion only there are so many better things to do such as snorkel or take a trip to the mainland to do than rent a jet ski in San Pedro.

Also there is a lot of boat traffic in the area they rent jet skis so if you do, be sure to watch out for others.
Posted By: mountain Larry

Re: Jet Skiing? - 09/17/04 08:39 PM

The thought of jet skis zipping around AC is very sad to me, I agree with RobertE there's better things to do there.
Posted By: mobunny

Re: Jet Skiing? - 09/17/04 08:44 PM

Correct me if I am wrong but, I don't believe Fido's dock has jet ski's anymore. When we ask about them they said jet ski's were too difficult and expenseive to maintain and repair. I don't recall seeing any during our two week stay in August. mobunny cool
Posted By: MALIBU

Re: Jet Skiing? - 09/17/04 08:57 PM

I'll bet you will not want to do the jet ski thing when you get there (if they are available). Go sorkeling!!! That's my fave!
Posted By: CrackerLarry

Re: Jet Skiing? - 09/17/04 09:14 PM

I agree with Mtn. Larry. Jet Skis are the noisiest, most obnoxious nuisance to have ever been invented. I'd hate to be kicked back on the porch, watching the reef, listening to the surf, drinkin my drink and be interrupted by a few of those irritating behemoths.

Mace, good grief.......shoot the SOB!
Posted By: fx1rider

Re: Jet Skiing? - 09/18/04 12:34 AM

I do somewhat agree, i own them so no need to do them while vacationing, and yes snorkeling is much higher on the list, its actually at the top, that and drinking alot of Belikin.

While in Costa Rica one of the best ways to see dolphins and Manta Rays was to take a ski pretty far out, whe had a Ray jump about 3 feet out of the water right in front of us, pretty cool.

But don't worry i was just curious and do agree i'm sure we'll find lounging in a hammock a much better choice anyway.

Posted By: CrackerLarry

Re: Jet Skiing? - 09/18/04 04:15 AM

In Belize you can grab a ray by the horns and ride it as long as you can hold your breath. No jet ski required. Can't get a better ride than that, no gas, no noise, no nuisance, except, some may argue, to the ray......
Posted By: mikell

Re: Jet Skiing? - 09/18/04 04:51 PM

sorry but i have to jump in here in defence of jetskis...don't own one anymore...traded it in for a fishing boat...

but when i met my husband a few years ago, he was an avid jetskier and made a convert of me by taking me on several trips on lake ontario. we cruised the thousand islands area for several days two years in a row and made numerous shorter trips along the south shore of lake ontario. it was a truly wonderful way to experience the water...stopping in small bays and shallow lagoons or riding out deep and feeling the wind and sun on glorious summer days.

i think the problem most people have with jetskis is the riders! idiot "cowboy" antics with no regard to distance from shore or other water regulations gives the craft a bad name. but it's just another watercraft and the newer ones especially with fourstroke engines and "green" technology, are far less noisy and polluting than many other boats out on the water these days.

i'm most annoyed these days by the proliferation of those huge "cigar" speedboats that can be heard with deafening clarity even several miles offshore where we live...many of them create giant wakes in our small bay and almost knock you out of a lawn chair when they whiz by. luckily the cost of gas keeps many of them anchored in shallow water for hours partying.

give the jetskiers a break...criticize the way some people use them...that's fair game...but they can be a wonderful and responsible way to cruise any waterway...and i can certainly understand the appeal in tropical waters.

an ex-jetskier
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Jet Skiing? - 09/18/04 05:39 PM

Jetski rentals seem to attract lots of "cowboys" with no regard to the safety and peace of others.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Jet Skiing? - 09/18/04 06:02 PM

and Honda has a model out soon, if not already, capable of reaching wacked is that?
Posted By: SFJeff

Re: Jet Skiing? - 09/19/04 04:39 PM

...just want to quickly chime in here, as both a resident of AC and one of the few jetski owners here. Mikell brings up a lot of dead-on points, the main one being that it really boils down to the owner/operator. Yes, the jet ski "rental " market unfortunately caters to the idiot/cowboy (or cowgirl) crowd ...but so does (in similar ways) the golf cart rental market (ever wake up at midnight to find a bunch of 16 year olds doing doughnuts in your yard in a gas powered cart? Uh, we have.) In short, people can find a way to be an idiot on most ANYTHING. Thankfully, I doubt there will EVER be another jet ski rental business on AC as, if nothing else, it's a horrible return on investment. When you rent something to someone (car, cart, jet ski, whatever) it's abused... few people treat a rental as "their own" the best of situations maintaining a jet ski is a lot of work... in a rental situation it's a nightmare.

The jet ski we own is a new low emissions 4-stroke... it's exponentially quieter and cleaner than the 23' boat we have with a 2 stroke outboard. It also is (as mentioned above) an incredible way to experience the water (EX: I had the pleasure a month ago to be riding it on the backside of AC, south of Swab Caye, when I came across a pod of 6 dolphins, 5 adults and one young... they allowed me to mingle about with them for 1/2 an hour, within arms reach, as I quietly idled along on the jet ski.)

RE: klcman "Honda has a model out soon, if not already, capable of reaching 80+MPH, how wacked is that?" Well, again, it comes down to the operator... I mean you can buy pick up truck in the states that rolls off the showroom floor packing 500hp... how wacked is that? (cool, but wacked.) I HAVE gone VERY fast on the jet ski we own... however, I know WHERE, WHEN and HOW to ride it that way. If an inexperienced friend is riding it, we have them use the key with a built in governor that limits how fast they can ride. As with ANY activity, it's all about knowing your limits and your level of experience.

That's all... it's Sunday and I have to go, uh... tinker (yet again) w/ a ailing jet ski.
Posted By: fx1rider

Re: Jet Skiing? - 09/19/04 04:49 PM

You are right on the money.
It's great you got one of the new 4 stroke models, i would do the same thing but i'm a stand up rider and they have yet to make one for stand ups.

It is the unresponsible rider that gives all jet skiiers a bad name, there have been numerous times i've motioned skiiers over and told them of rules they were not obeying, but if you are a considerate rider there's nothing like it, you feel like your one w/the water, its awesome.
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