Deep sea fishing in February

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Deep sea fishing in February - 09/23/04 10:06 PM

In my sister’s words, “I just want to catch a really big fish. I don’t care what kind it is. I just want something that looks good in a photograph and puts up a good fight.”

Neither one of us have much salt water fishing experience. Any thoughts and suggestions that anyone would like to offer will be appreciated.

We will be in AC in February? How much should we expect to pay for a day of deep sea fishing including all gear? Do we pay for the whole boat or per person? Do we need to make prior arrangements (reservations)?
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Re: Deep sea fishing in February - 09/23/04 11:55 PM

I know you pay for the boat not per person. This is something we have wanted to do also but I don't think Feb is a good time of the year. Which is when we are always there. Maybe you will find something out. I tried last year and didn't get much of a response.
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Re: Deep sea fishing in February - 09/24/04 05:28 PM

you pay by the charter you get a price for half day or full day out ,then add your extras ,like bbq beach lunch etc if you want . ,, very fair prices ,cheap when compared to the states ,go to my buddy web site I go each month with them and catch lots of fish ,action galore.he is the famous capt bicho rivero .. a nice guy and vey good guide he will show you all you need to know ,expert instruction and it will be your best day there .. go live the dream and enjoy ..
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Re: Deep sea fishing in February - 09/24/04 07:23 PM

captjeff - I cannot find anybody who does DEEP-SEA fishing. only does reef and flat..... Do you know who might offer DEEP-SEA trips?
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Re: Deep sea fishing in February - 09/24/04 08:17 PM does reef and flats great action almost aways produce super fishing but ,the offshore fishing is not great here.most want to go out to get a game fish but all they get is a boat ride !!!!!! just lots of broken promises but no fish ... however next summer when bicho gets his new 28 foot custom fishing boat he will go way off shore to areas away from here..a long ride. a half day away but too long for a one day trip ... but for now !!!!he gets all the action people want, fish after fish some big cud'as up three to four feet long feet and folks seem like that,,they like the action and makes for a great day .. much better ..than a slow boat to china ,just trolling for a dream fish but no bites !!! bicho gives his passangers lots of bang for the buck they love him and he pampers them .but if people like to go on a boat ride go on the lady sharon tour boat ,nice night out no fishing boat but a nice time .. go live the dream and have fun ..
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Re: Deep sea fishing in February - 09/24/04 08:30 PM

Try but they are based out of Belize City. Excellent company.
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Re: Deep sea fishing in February - 09/30/04 02:35 PM

There are quite a few people that blue water fish in Belize (mostly private trips) but not many charters out of San Pedro. Is that going to be your only destination in Belize?
Last year my fishing group had checked to charter Sea Boots from Hustler last year for the Belikin tournament (this year's tournament is next weekend out of the Belize Yacht Club on AC) but we ended up chartering a boat out of Placencia that is rigged for blue water fishing.
Blue water fishing is expensive (and can sometimes be slow but we have never come back skunked so I guess it is a matter of skill and a good captain).
I think most fishing guides in San Pedro trying to make a living are restricted by the type of gear necessary, the weather factor, and boat size and it is much easier to be rigged out for flats or reef fishing and there is more of a demand for.
If it is your sisters dream to catch the big one, then tell her I said go for it and, to get her motivated, I will paste a link to my sister's dream that she lived a few years ago on one of the many tournaments we have fished in Belize. //

Also, may be a good chance that our all female fishing team will be back in action in February for the International Billfish Tournament since we are unable to fish next week.
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Re: Deep sea fishing in February - 09/30/04 02:47 PM

Pedro Graniel has a boat rigged for the kind of fishing you are inquiring about. His number in San Pedro is 226-2584.
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Re: Deep sea fishing in February - 09/30/04 04:08 PM


We will be in Belize 3 weeks and only 7 days of that will be on Ambergris. Other than a trip to Tikal we are probably just going to "wing it" for the rest of the trip and see where the wind blows us. Although if something really interesting comes along we will make advance reservations. Can you give me more information about the boat you chartered from Placencia?
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Re: Deep sea fishing in February - 10/01/04 04:48 AM

I will be glad to help out and will send you an email on Sunday or Monday. Fishing two days starting early AM tomorrow and I've got to get some rest.
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Re: Deep sea fishing in February - 10/01/04 03:06 PM

Spent about three hours out with Hillyboo--an excellent guide no one seems to talk about, is there something I don't know?--a couple of years ago and had a typical deep-sea day for the area. Pretty slow overall.

But, at the end of the trip, I got a 45-pound wahoo and it really made the day worthwhile.

Deep sea isn't what SP's famous for and I'd go reef fishing, outside the reef, and take your chances on a "big" fish there. Sometimes it happens. Unless you're willing to risk your time and money on a limited chance to be successful. Up to you.
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Re: Deep sea fishing in February - 10/01/04 04:34 PM

I see Hillyboo get some good press around here on a fairly regular basis. As someone else pointed out earlier, he just doesn't have as a big a marketing team here. wink
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Re: Deep sea fishing in February - 10/01/04 04:38 PM

Hillyboo doesn't need the heavy marketing. He has an excellent reputation and many repeat customers.
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Re: Deep sea fishing in February - 10/01/04 04:42 PM

I've lost his number.

Jesse, can you forward it to me? And let's not talk about him any more as I want to be certain I get him booked when I'm back. wink
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