Questions about Ambergis Caye...

Posted By: Bevan Hebert

Questions about Ambergis Caye... - 10/01/04 11:06 PM

I am interested in coming to Ambergis with my girlfriend at the begining of January. Can anyone please give me some information about the town. i.e, places to stay (near the beach and walking distance to social scenes), snorkeling, fishing, nightlife, prices, ect...

While a nightlife is desireable it is not the deciding factor in where I take my trip. I have heard many positive things about Ambergis and just want some more information. Any advice woudl be appreciated.
Posted By: aerohavana

Re: Questions about Ambergis Caye... - 10/02/04 12:56 AM

we just got back from our first ever trip to AC so naturally we are the ultimate experts here. We stayed in the "heart of town" at the Mayan Princess, it was clean, safe, friendly and close to almost everything. I would imagine the town to be more crowded in January that September. We really liked Lilly's for breakfast and didn't have a bad meal anywhere at night. Elvi's is good as was Sweet Basil on the north end (closes at 5, I think) and we liked Ambergris Delight on middle street. Fido's was alright though rice and roll sushi and martinis upstairs was more to our older taste. We rented bikes one day and did the entire north & south of the island, quite the ride but worth it, we thought. Snorkeling, doesn't get much better than here. We did Shark/Ray alley twice, Mexico Rocks and Tres Cocos, all worth the money. We also did Laminai Jungle tour, an all day adventure but lots of fun. The rum punches started at 8:20 AM and didn't stop for the entire day. We walked extensively all over town as well as the beach south to a little past past Victoria House and up north just past Capt. Morgans and always felt safe. Our absolute favorite place had to be BC's Beach Bar just south of town on the beach (of course). Lots of ex-pats, rum punches, caipirinhas, and Beliken this is a cool place! We have been a lot of places but this was one of the best, in our opinion.
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: Questions about Ambergis Caye... - 10/02/04 11:14 PM


AC is the most wonderful place on earth. I am going for my fourth time in 2 years. I travel there alone, very safe. Belizeans are extremly kind hearted. There is SO much to do there, cave tub, zip lining, Ruins, manatee tour, etc.... Do you want to stay in our out of town? As far as nightlife, there is plenty of it, at the same time it is not college town-Cancun like- you can have your nightlife or go without it here. You choose.

Posted By: mountain Larry

Re: Questions about Ambergis Caye... - 10/02/04 11:22 PM

I will be glad to show around just buy my flight. Mountain Larry
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Questions about Ambergis Caye... - 10/03/04 07:01 PM

If you are interested in nightlife, stay in or S of town. Staying North of the cut can make it difficult to get back in the wee hours.
Posted By: Fluffy

Re: Questions about Ambergis Caye... - 10/05/04 12:37 AM

Go to It is the website for the Exotic Caye Beach Resort. Nice place to stay and very close to town. Crazy Canucks, the resort bar, has the coldest beer in town and two of the best bartenders on the island (IMHO). Give them a call or drop them an email. I don't think you'd be disappointed.
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