Dive / Pedros / Marthas ?

Posted By: The Swede

Dive / Pedros / Marthas ? - 10/12/04 01:52 PM

Im going to SanPedro a few days before my friends arrive.
Im looking for a cheap and nice place to stay for theese days i December.
I like some diving and hope I can get out on some trips. Do you think I have to book the diving from home? Any recommentations?
And where shall I sleep? Looked at Martas and Pedros Inn. Are they OK for a backpacker? The closer to town or diving, the better..
Posted By: Smok

Re: Dive / Pedros / Marthas ? - 10/12/04 07:56 PM


Martha's is much closer to town.. In fact, it's smack middle of it. Pedro's is a 15-20 minutes walk. They are both perfect for backpackers. I am much more partial to Martha's.
I recommend Alonzo Flota for local dives, and Amigos del Mar for Blue Hole dives, although everyone probably has a favorite.

Have a good trip.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Dive / Pedros / Marthas ? - 10/12/04 08:11 PM

You can book your diving once you arrive. While Alonzo may well be recommended for local dives, his website indicates that he works mostly out of the north area and your intention is to be in town.

If staying at Marthas, just head over to Amigos del Mar (or Reef Adventures, for a smaller shop)to make your arrangements upon arrival.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Dive / Pedros / Marthas ? - 10/12/04 08:21 PM

As for budget acco, you don't say what you consider budget, but have you looked at ? There's another place in town, called Tomas' (Thomases) just off the beach and well located, unless it has shut down for some reason. Anyone have more info on this hotel?
Posted By: Smok

Re: Dive / Pedros / Marthas ? - 10/13/04 06:12 AM

Tomas Hotel is right behind Cholo's bar, I'm not sure of the current status, but it is more expensive than Martha's.
Also, even though Alonzo is based at El Pescador, he will pick up divers at any docks close to them. cool

If under a tight budget, Martha's is the cheapest hotel on the Island, and not the worst..

Have a good trip.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Dive / Pedros / Marthas ? - 10/13/04 07:16 AM

As for Alonzo picking up, that was kinda my point Smok. He'll pick up at any dock close to El Pescador. How close is Martha's to El Pescador? wink
Posted By: Wendy

Re: Dive / Pedros / Marthas ? - 10/13/04 07:30 AM

Swede, have a look at Ruby's Hotel too. Located on the beach and close to most dive shops. They offer rooms with private bath or shared bath.
A great location.
Enjoy your few days in San Pedro!
Posted By: seashell

Re: Dive / Pedros / Marthas ? - 10/13/04 07:37 AM

It would be interesting to know which hotel Smok thinks is the worst . . . wouldn't it?

hee hee
Posted By: Wendy

Re: Dive / Pedros / Marthas ? - 10/13/04 07:42 AM

Yes, it would! Maybe Ruby's or not. It has been great for many, many folks for many years. Why would you find this humorous?
Posted By: seashell

Re: Dive / Pedros / Marthas ? - 10/13/04 07:59 AM

Sorry, Wendy. I didn't mean to imply that at all, at all. The timing of my post was bad, that's all. I just found how Smok had worded his post humorous to me.
Posted By: Smok

Re: Dive / Pedros / Marthas ? - 10/13/04 10:17 PM


You are right, my wording was funny and wrong smile (English is not my first language.)

When I was talking about Alonzo, and picking up at any docks close to *them*, -them- meaning the customer. smile You can get picked up anywhere you want on Ambergris Caye, wherever you are staying is what I meant to say smile . And the only reason why I say Alonzo as opposed to Amigos for local dives, is just because I like much smaller and intimate groups, that's all.

As far as the worst hotel, worst might of been a little harsh, I'm just not crazy about Ruby's. Same rooms than Martha's for three times the price. Martha's is $10 US a night if you get the room by the week! But then again ruby's is on the beach, and has a nicer building.. just a matter of opinion I guess.
Conch Shell can be really great and cheap too if you can get Sam to give you a good discount.

Posted By: seashell

Re: Dive / Pedros / Marthas ? - 10/14/04 04:00 AM

Ah, I see what you meant about Alonzo. However, it seems to me that if you were staying in town and diving with him, you'd be spending quite a bit more time driving around in the boat due to his location.

If you like smaller outfits, there are others in town, for example, Reef Adventures.

Ruby's has a better location and has an ambiance all its own. Hard to get that beach and ocean view over at Martha's. If a person doesn't care about location, then Martha's is probably a good choice for the money.

How much more is Tomas' than Martha's? It's probably a bit noisier at Tomas' too?
Posted By: The Swede

Re: Dive / Pedros / Marthas ? - 11/02/04 01:08 PM

I realy like all your opinions.
Thanks a lot!
It is soon time to decide.
Cause I do need to prebook, dont I?
How do I get from airport to the hotels?
Posted By: atomicindy

Re: Dive / Pedros / Marthas ? - 11/02/04 02:36 PM

If you stay at Ruby's, it is only a five minute walk from the airport to the hotel. Or you can take a taxi almost anywhere for under $5 US.
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