[B]Belizean Reef questions[/B]

Posted By: egcntrk

[B]Belizean Reef questions[/B] - 10/28/04 08:38 PM

How well equipped are the kitchens at Belizean Reef? Anything not there you thought needed to be?

Which floor has the best unobstructed view of the sea? Don't really want to sit on the balcony and look at/through palm trees. lol

Doesn't the rooftop patio have a covered area?

All info appreciated! smile
Posted By: JeanH

Re: [B]Belizean Reef questions[/B] - 10/28/04 11:36 PM

I don't cook at all while on vacation, so I can't give many specifics. I do recall a blender, coffee maker, microwave, place settings for four, some pots and pans. I know you can use the grill out back if you want.

Both times we've stayed there, we've been on the third floor. Wish I could remember the room numbers. If you're standing on the beach looking at the building, the room on the third floor on the right is larger than the one on the left. We've stayed in both, can't complain about the view in either one.

No shade on the roof.

Posted By: egcntrk

Re: [B]Belizean Reef questions[/B] - 10/29/04 12:15 AM

Thanks, Jean! I don't really "cook" either. Make a bit of pico de gallo, rum punch, cut fruits, blender drinks, hubby does breakfast, rum punch, nachos, blender drinks.....I see a pattern here. laugh Doubt I use the grill but nice to know it's there if we do BBQ. With Ramon's & BC's just a hop away...why grill?

Thanks for the tip about which room is larger. The pics I've seen of the units look great. Already wishing I were there. sigh

Darn! No shade on the roof. Bet I won't spend a lot of time up there. wink

Last question [for now] Is there daily maid service & do they "do" dishes?
Posted By: belizelaw

Re: [B]Belizean Reef questions[/B] - 10/29/04 10:51 AM

Hey egcntrk!

I've stayed at Belizean Reef three times, and have enjoyed it every time. While it is, in some ways, a bit more basic than some other condos and resorts (no pool, smaller, no restaurant), there are many who come back year after year.

I've stayed on the second floor 2br unit (I think it's 3a; 3b is the manager's studio unit, or vice versa) and I've stayed on the top floor in one of the 1br units (don't remember which one). I like either floor better than the bottom flor, because on the bottom, though you're beachfront, passersby (i.e. children selling things, etc.) are only 30-40 feet from your deck.

I remember my unit having a stove, fridge, microwave, blender, and all the pots and pans I needed--though honestly, as the week wore on, we began eating out more and more. The housekeeper comes every day, and cleans the place immaculately. I seem to recall she might have even cleaned some stray dishes we left out--but we didn't leave a bunch out for her intentionally, and I don't know whether that's promised to you.

One of the good things you'll hear most consistently about Belizean Reef is its cleanliness. The manager (an American) is ALWAYS on duty (lives there), and told me he rarely leaves the site other than to shop and do a daily run (he hasn't even been across the cut in years, he told me!).

The location is a tradeoff. On the downside, because of the lot size close to town, there's not much beach area to play on or lay on (though there are a few chairs and hammocks out). On the other hand, there are good swimming areas nearby, and you're within walking distance to all the good in-town restaurants, shops and bars.

Hope this helps.
Posted By: JeanH

Re: [B]Belizean Reef questions[/B] - 10/29/04 12:59 PM

Looks like belizelaw answered all of your questions. The bathrooms have a laundry basket that you can put your dirty laundry in and for BZ$15.00 it will be washed and waiting by the door at the end of the day. Sounds sort of expensive, but it's a large basket and very convenient.

Have a great trip.

Posted By: Bobber

Re: [B]Belizean Reef questions[/B] - 10/29/04 01:09 PM

One thing I don't think I've seen mentioned in the years I have been around this board is tipping the cleaning staff. While nothing has ever been said officially, we usually leave a daily tip for the cleaners, usually like $5 BZ. Little details tend to get taken care of, never a shortage of toilet paper or towels. I know the maids get paid, but a little extra "thank you" goes a lot farther than you might imagine.
Posted By: belizelaw

Re: [B]Belizean Reef questions[/B] - 10/29/04 01:18 PM

I do the same, and here's something else I do.

Inevitably, we end up with more food than we need, and can't take back. I don't mean a half-eaten bag of potato chips; I mean, for example, unopened drinks, an unopened package of meat, etc. My wife and I both hate any food going to waste, so, along with our tip, we always offer the unopened (or slightly used, like a large jar of jelly) food to the cleaning staff. I don't want it to look condescending, but I hate food being wasted, and if someone offered me free unopened food I'd take it!
Posted By: tincup

Re: [B]Belizean Reef questions[/B] - 10/29/04 01:43 PM

To Bobber - One thing you may not know is that the "service charge" that is added on to your bill in some lodging facilities is technically supposed to be shared by the service employees based on a scheme registered with the Belize Tourist Board. This allows employees that would otherwise be overlooked by "individual" tipping to share the gratuities. Each participating employee receives a percentage of the service charges collected. This makes it possible for the less obvious employees that work "behind the scenes", like the gardener for instance, to participate.
It would still be appropriate to leave a small additional gratuity for aomeone who has gone out of their way to make your stay more enjoyable.
Posted By: Bobber

Re: [B]Belizean Reef questions[/B] - 10/29/04 03:31 PM

I am aware of service charges, and I also know that the staff who cleans the fridge out after our stay does not throw the usable food and drink away. On our first trip we had planned to leave a hefty tip for the maids on the last day. Our friends who tipped every day frequently had to supply us with tp. Thanks for calling attention to the folks "behind the scenes" that make things more enjoyable for all of us.
Posted By: egcntrk

Re: [B]Belizean Reef questions[/B] - 10/29/04 09:33 PM

You guys are great!

BelizeLaw: Don't need a pool or restaurant and small is right up my alley. Already decided to stay on the upper floors due to the passerby issue. Lack of beach area is not a problem 'cause I don't lay around on it anyway...too fair skinned. Yup, town is right there! There won't be a ton of dishes & I usually washed them myself...kinda nice to find 'em done after a day of snorkeling, though. Nice to know it's really clean.

Don't like to waste food either. Gave it to the neighbors last time. Anything else I didn't want to pack [sunscreen, rope, clothespins, etc] was left for the maid, if she wanted them, with a thank you note and a nice tip. Yes, bobber, we tip! Myra deserved every penny of it, too. Gave the flashlights, batteries, etc. to Tulu.

Jean: Whoo hoo...laundry service! May need that since we're planning on 10 days and the price sounds ok by me.

Now for the hard part...waiting till May. groan
Posted By: JeanH

Re: [B]Belizean Reef questions[/B] - 10/30/04 02:49 AM

Geez, Egnctrk, if you aren't going to May, we may very well be back there by then too. Hope you don't have my room (just kidding). Seriously, we probably won't make it back until June.

It does seem like an awfully long time....

Posted By: egcntrk

Re: [B]Belizean Reef questions[/B] - 10/30/04 08:57 PM

Awww Jean, I wouldn't take your room [on purpose] laugh

Seems like FOREVER !!! I'm almost to the point of throwing a swimsuit in the purse, driving to the airport and taking the next flight down. eek Geez...I need a decent rum punch! Next time down, the checked luggage will be full of fruit concentrate for the return [awful word :rolleyes: ] trip.

The planning keeps me going.... wink
Posted By: JeanH

Re: [B]Belizean Reef questions[/B] - 10/30/04 11:16 PM

My former college roommate was in Ambergris Caye a week or so before we were in March of this year. I was supposed to bring her home some of that punch concentrate, but I forgot. I was on her 'list' for months. Finally managed to redeem myself when we visited in September. I'm not much of a rum drinker, but that punch concentrate is darn good stuff in and of itself.

We can actually get tickets right now for under $500.00, which is cheap for the local airport. Unfortunately, dear husband can't get off work. We are taking our (young adult) children to Key West for Thanksgiving. Guess I'll have to settle for that. Can you believe they didn't want to go to Belize??????? Jean
Posted By: egcntrk

Re: [B]Belizean Reef questions[/B] - 11/01/04 07:25 PM

"...punch concentrate, but I forgot."

The concentrate is important stuff! Wasn't much of a rum person either until I had the first rum punch. wink

AA had airfare, direct flight, for $440 last week but it had to be used by Feb. Key West, Belize confused ...Key West, Belize confused ...definately Belize! cool

Have the kids been to Belize?
Posted By: JeanH

Re: [B]Belizean Reef questions[/B] - 11/02/04 01:32 PM

Nope, kids have never been to Belize. My oldest son is a pretty conservative traveler, doesn't have much interest in getting out of his comfort zone. In fact, when I told them we were going to travel this year for Thanksgiving and said they could pick the place, they chose Las Vegas. Phooey. Obviously, I had veto power. I do like Key West, so it will be an ok compromise.

A friend of mine at work just decided to go to Belize in January. So, I'm enjoying helping her plan her trip. I do wish I could go along.

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