Honeymoon Question

Posted By: Gringo_in_Belize

Honeymoon Question - 10/28/04 02:17 PM

I'm new to the board, so forgive me if these things have been talked about before. My wife and I will be honeymooning in Belize over the Christmas break. I have a couple questions I thought you might be able to help with.

1.) I'd like to do something real nice for her one night while we're there. Something on the romantic side that she'll love. Are there any special places, things to do, etc. that I should know about?

2.) Is there anything special going on during Christmas? confused

Thanks in advance!
Posted By: RobertE

Re: Honeymoon Question - 10/28/04 03:56 PM

Dinner at Victoria house, sunset sailing or the overnight sleepover in a cave. Not sure who does the cave thing but I'm sure someone can respond with contact info.

Posted By: klcman

Re: Honeymoon Question - 10/28/04 05:02 PM

Ian Anderson - Caves Branch does the overnight..... one of a kind access his site from the lodging section above.
Posted By: Gringo_in_Belize

Re: Honeymoon Question - 10/28/04 05:20 PM

Fantastic. Keep 'em coming.
Posted By: mobunny

Re: Honeymoon Question - 10/28/04 08:05 PM

I have stayed at Ramon's twice and have had a wonderful wonderful experience both times. Both trips we had a beach front cabana. I think the best part was waking up at night and gazing out my open window...listening to the ocean break on the reef and seeing the palm trees (right outside my window) sway in the cool breeze...the moonlight sparkling on the water (25 feet from my porch). It was beautiful, peaceful and magical. Having said that it is true that you can get more for your buck at some other places, but the ambience at Ramon's is very special and I will treasure the time I spent there. mobunny cool
Posted By: Gringo_in_Belize

Re: Honeymoon Question - 10/28/04 09:00 PM

Actually, we're staying in the beachfronts at the Blue Tang Inn but I was considering Ramon's. It looks nice.
Posted By: MALIBU

Re: Honeymoon Question - 10/28/04 09:46 PM

Gringo: you sound like a wonderful guy for wanting to do somethng special for your hunnie!!! What a great catch she caught!

I too spent my honeymoon there in San Pedro. The most wonderful time we had were the romantic dinners with lots of wine and sitting right next to a window looking out at the ocean. There is a place up North, although they don't have the window, that has great food and great wine. Whew, forgot the name and had to look it up (on this site), it's called Mambo Restaurant and it's at Mata Chica resort way up North. The ambiance is great - have them seat you in what I think is the lobby - for a glass or 2 of wine before dinner. You can purchase a cigar right there, if that is what pleases you.... It will be a wonderful night. Warning: it is a bit pricey. You can look under lodging on this site and click on Mata Chica to check it out. A water taxi will take you there. Check them out at Fido's pier.

Good luck and I am sure whatever you do will be great; your bride surely knows what a great guy she has.
Posted By: Gringo_in_Belize

Re: Honeymoon Question - 10/28/04 10:20 PM

Malibu - actually, I'm the lucky one in this scenario, but thanks for the compliment. We'll definitely give Mambo a try. And yes, cigars and wine are right up our alley. laugh
Posted By: mobunny

Re: Honeymoon Question - 10/29/04 05:31 PM

Some of us hear John Deere trucks beeping in reverse and some of us hear the ocean breaking on the reef... mobunny cool
Posted By: NC_Diver

Re: Honeymoon Question - 10/29/04 06:59 PM

I heard a couple of trucks in the afternoon, however, they offload on a dock a few hundred yards away. There are other places closer to the docks (Sunbreeze/Palms to the North), so they would have even a bigger problem. In the mornings, I only heard birds, waves and boats. You may of had a really bad week, however, I'm sure it's not the norm.
Posted By: CyaBye

Re: Honeymoon Question - 10/29/04 07:08 PM

My advice is to buy her a house and a car, then move on to your next relationship.

(sorry, the devil made me type that!)
Posted By: MALIBU

Re: Honeymoon Question - 10/29/04 07:42 PM

It is typically quieter up North but you will be away from all the action. Being away from all the action isn't necessarily a bad thing - especially on your honeymoon. And you can rent a cart to get to town and back. Now you probably have more things to think about huh?

mobunny summed it up nicely: Some of us hear John Deere trucks beeping in reverse and some of us hear the ocean breaking on the reef... mobunny
Posted By: 4leafclover

Re: Honeymoon Question - 11/07/04 12:12 AM

Try a romantic sunset cruise on the Lady Sharon. They do dinner cruises as well.
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