Posted By: Dianemarie

Snuba - 10/31/04 09:03 PM

Is snuba available on the island? If not can anyone on the island arrange a trip? thanks
Posted By: Johnboy

Re: Snuba - 10/31/04 10:31 PM

What is Snuba ??????? If you ment scuba there is plenty...... confused
Posted By: bzews

Re: Snuba - 11/01/04 03:11 PM

I know of no Snuba in Belize, I had an operation on another island and the Snuba was some what sucessful with cruise ship passengers. I would think it may work here but the divers that come here take their diving to heart. It is a goog introduction tool to scuba if done right. May be a good idea to follow up on.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Snuba - 11/01/04 03:41 PM


Also, I thought Protech said they had snuba available?
Posted By: klcman

Re: Snuba - 11/01/04 08:23 PM

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Re: Snuba - 11/01/04 09:14 PM

This post replaces the one I deleted. I am informed (I am currently out of the country) that we do in fact have "snuba" as well as the "sasy" that I mentioned in a PM to Dianemarie. It's new and I hadn't seen it.
Posted By: Johnboy

Re: Snuba - 11/01/04 11:00 PM

Thanks Seashell....I really hadn't heard about snuba... So guess I better do research next time I try to answer a question.....Especially
one I know nothing about.....I'll check it out next week while I'm on the island..... wink laugh
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Snuba - 11/02/04 03:21 AM

Wow, thanks for that link Seashell.

I wanna do it to smile
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Snuba - 11/02/04 03:46 AM

Snuba is a very restrictive form of scuba where you are connected via. a long hose to a compressor floating around on the surface. It doesn't have a good safety record because non-SCUBA trained people have done it without proper instruction because it looks so easy.

I would guarantee that Protech would run everything correctly -what I do not understand is why people would prefer this to Scuba which is IMO easier and allows more freedom underwater.

It might be better for people with dietary problems who do not consider 70+lbs overweight - they consider themselves "cute and cuddly" - because with SNUBA they don't have that heavy tank on their back when they're getting out of the water.
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Snuba - 11/02/04 04:10 AM

Have you tried it? Curiosity makes me think you had some trial and error in doing this.

It's not for real depth, so it reads. It looks rather easy.

I'd still like to try it and I bet others would too. I don't think dietary reasons are necessarily part of this. Odd you mention things like this confused
It confuses the person asking or those wanting to give it a try should Protech offer to the tourists.
Not everyone is slight built like anorexic appearing people smile
Posted By: Gela

Re: Snuba - 11/02/04 04:37 AM

I tried Snuba in Hawaii many years ago. It was a good way to learn how to clear your ears, mask, etc. without the added concern of a tank on your back. I would recommend it to folks who aren't sure how they would do with scuba. I didn't know it was offered on AC either. I still love just kickin around with my snorkel laugh
Posted By: Chris

Re: Snuba - 11/02/04 05:13 AM

NYgal: "It's not for real depth, so it reads. It looks rather easy.".....which is precisely the problem with SNUBA. You're connected to the surface by a gives you a warm and cuddly feeling of safety..which is why some people have been tempted to try it without proper training, with disastrous results.
Posted By: Chris

Re: Snuba - 11/02/04 05:14 AM

And one mustn't forget that most diving accidents occur in very shallow water...35ft or less. "It's not for real depth, so it reads. It looks rather easy."
Posted By: seashell

Re: Snuba - 11/02/04 05:17 AM

About SASY
Posted By: seashell

Re: Snuba - 11/02/04 05:20 AM

With regard to SNUBA, there are real concerns. There's always danger breathing compressed air under the water. It is necessary to understand very well, the need to continue to breath and *never* hold your breath. Too quick an ascent from even a *very* shallow depth can be dangerous. Boyles Law applies to SNUBA the same as it does with SCUBA.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Snuba - 11/02/04 10:17 AM

Boyles' law also applies to snorkelling, as was tragically demonstrated some years ago when snorkellers "surfaced" into a subterranean air pocket not far below the surface, chatted there for a while, then went back into the water and shot to the surface without breathing out. Neither survived.

But thanks to Pedro1 for his confidence in our professionalism. Snuba is new to us - it's certainly new to me - and we won't offer it to the public until we know how to do it safely.

In brief, SNUBA is shallow diving with surface-supplied air. A variant on the standard method used by many commercial divers. SASY is "snorkelling" on the surface but actually breathing from fairly conventional scuba equipment, with a jacket with permanent buoyancy (so it's impossible to duck dive as in real snorkelling).

I'll post on this board when the SNUBA is ready for you eager lot to come and try it.....
Posted By: Dianemarie

Re: Snuba - 11/02/04 01:58 PM

Thanks for the info. I'm not "cute and cuddly" and I've been snorkelling alot, but I don't dive. Been afraid to for lot's of reasons. Thought the snuba might be very fun! I'll be coming up from Livingston/PG and I could stop at Jauger Reef to snuba but I'd rather be in San Pedro. Again thanks for your help
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Snuba - 11/02/04 02:13 PM

Snuba still sounds like something I can do and would most certainly not just jump in without direction. But thanks Chris for the heads up smile

Protech sounds to be a great training center for underwater fun.
Snorkel Snorkel Snorkel, till I get to try Snuba.

DonnaMarie, will you let us know how it works out for you while on AC?
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Snuba - 11/02/04 02:32 PM

OOPS...I mean Dianemarie, sorry smile
Posted By: Dianemarie

Re: Snuba - 11/02/04 02:46 PM

That's ok. I'll be down in Jan and let you know how the Snuba was. I may even try the SASY
Posted By: klcman

Re: Snuba - 11/02/04 05:41 PM

P2 -

Out of curiosity, when do you expect that to be? Give or take a month or two wink
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Snuba - 11/03/04 12:42 AM

Probably by Christmas.
Posted By: sanpedroone

Re: Snuba - 05/14/05 03:35 PM

Hi There, sorry I got into this topic at the end. Have read the posts, but am unclear confused there a SNUBA opperation on AC, or any other Belizean Island? confused
Posted By: Bobber

Re: Snuba - 05/14/05 04:53 PM

I was watching some kids using SASY when I was in Bonaire this year. I also met some kids, 6 or 7, that were definitely into it and not your typical kids. Also an 8 year old girl that dove, she was something else, some kids are beyond their physical years.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Snuba - 05/14/05 05:59 PM

Note dates in this thread, it jumps 6 mos.
Posted By: holidaz

Re: Snuba - 05/14/05 07:19 PM

For some one who has had back surgery like my self, who is limited to weight this sounds like a chance to enjoy the under water joys. Ive never heard of this befor but will be looking for it soon.
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