Belizean gem stones?

Posted By: Hon

Belizean gem stones? - 11/17/04 02:54 PM

My husband and I are going to be visiting San Pedro in January.

When I travel, I like to buy myself a piece of jewelery as a souvenir and I prefer it to be something that is made of locally mined stones.

confused Does Belize mine any precious or semi precious stones? Can I buy a small piece of jewelry at a decent price in San Pedro?

Thanks for answering.

Posted By: ChrisW

Re: Belizean gem stones? - 11/17/04 03:15 PM

Belize has some minerals, but nobody has found a deposit large enough for a commercial operation. I think the only commercial mining that has been done has been for limestone. That being said conch pearls, coral, and jade could be considered local semi-precious stones, but there is a chance if you buy one of those that it actually came from some place else (so I would ask).

Also there are definitely artisans in San Pedro that make jewelry with a local flair...
Posted By: Hon

Re: Belizean gem stones? - 11/17/04 06:20 PM

Thanks for responding, ChrisW.

I may have to tell my husband that Belizeans mine diamonds, though, so play along OK? wink

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Belizean gem stones? - 11/17/04 06:45 PM

San Pedro had a shop in town, can't remember the name now, that was a combo jade store/mini-museum. You can't miss it. We bought some beautiful jade stuff there, and each set was wrapped in a locally made basket w/ lid which was very cool. Wide price range, good quality stuff. Also, lots of smaller inexpensive pieces, silver work, etc. all around. Shop away!
Posted By: egcntrk

Re: Belizean gem stones? - 11/17/04 07:25 PM

There is a little shop in Fido's courtyard owned by Elizabeth [can't remember name of the shop]. She specializes in handmade, one of a kind amber pieces. The amber is Mexican and the pieces are lovely. Her prices are very reasonable. I wear the pieces all the time.

On middle street is an emerald store...the Emerald Mine, I think. Verrry nice quality and selection. I believe they are Columbian emeralds.

I did not locate any black coral pieces while on the island but did find it in one of the airport shops.

If you like anklets or necklaces made from seed beads and seashells, those can be found all over town. Bought some of those from the cutest little girl you've ever seen.

Never found pearls so if someone knows who has them I like the name of the shop.

Happy shopping, girl!
Posted By: ChrisW

Re: Belizean gem stones? - 11/17/04 07:49 PM

Just for clarification, I was refering to conch pearls not regular pearls. There was a thread about them in the classified section of this message board. They are a rare occurance similar to oyster pearls and the fishermen find them when cleaning the conchs. I will go bump the thread up in case anyone wants to take a look at it.

Oh and to Hon's Husband, Belize does mine diamonds but only really really big ones. wink
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: Belizean gem stones? - 11/17/04 09:54 PM

A short word to the wise.

Make sure the conch pearls are real. Have someone check them. Some carve them out of the shell material.

Posted By: Hareball

Re: Belizean gem stones? - 11/22/04 11:58 PM

My wife fell in love with Elizabeth's Jewelry in Fido's Courtyard. All of her jewelry is handmade. She specializes in Silver and Jade but has a large variety of other options. My wife purchased a bracelet and receives compliments all the time. I purchased another item while there and will give it to her on Christmas. Great Quality!!
Posted By: Hon

Re: Belizean gem stones? - 11/23/04 02:18 AM

This is great information! I will definitely visit Elizabeth's. Luckily, pearls are not one of my favourites so I won't be at risk of buying fakes or something that's not environmentally friendly.

Posted By: egcntrk

Re: Belizean gem stones? - 11/23/04 08:05 AM

Hareball, aren't you a "gem!" Bought her a piece from Elizabeth for Christmas. Good going, fella!

ChrisW & SIN: Thanks for the bump and found it to be interesting. May not look for conch pearls after all. Thought about adding something unusual to my collection.

Hon, name of Elizabeth's shop is "Ambar." Be prepared to spend a bit of time looking. It is chock full of pieces! Tiny little place with lots of choices and Elizabeth is a lovely person. Let her know you heard about the shop thru the board...she'd like to know that.
Happy Shopping!!!
Posted By: Wikkie & Guy

Re: Belizean gem stones? - 11/23/04 11:09 AM

I really liked the prices at "Ambar",too! She really has a lot of wonderful pieces. Hubby had been looking for a shark tooth necklace ,found & got 2 there in Oct.
Posted By: Wikkie & Guy

Re: Belizean gem stones? - 11/23/04 11:11 AM

P.S. Don't forget to check out the Gallery in the Fido Courtyard also.
Posted By: 4leafclover

Re: Belizean gem stones? - 11/24/04 10:55 PM

A couple of new places have recently opened as well...Gypsy's and Casbah. Located on front street. They both have wonderful jewelry and more! Soooo many wonderful artists on this Island!!! Happy shopping to all and have a wonderful holiday season!!!
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