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Posted By: mobunny

Ali Baba's - 11/24/04 04:23 PM

Has anyone been to Ali Baba's since it relocated over by The Palms? How is Omar doing there? Besides the factthat Omar the owner is a very nice guy...It is out of my own selfish interest that I ask...I want him to still be around when we return next summer. Omar makes the best falafel and pita we have ever had. Both Irm and I crave the crunchy falafel sandwich all the time. We haven't even been for falafel since we returned home in August because the product here is so inferior to his. Thanks for any info..mobunny
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Re: Ali Baba's - 11/24/04 04:27 PM

He's doing very well! Good location. He's got the whole town addicted to his takeout rotissere chickens... BZ$15 for a whole chicken and garlic sauce.
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Re: Ali Baba's - 11/24/04 05:11 PM

thanks for the update. That is really good news. We ate at his old location about 6-7 times last August. As we sat at our patio table eating there would be a constant stream of locals coming in for those rotissere chickens. 4-5 birds at a time. Good for Omar. mobunny
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Re: Ali Baba's - 11/24/04 10:43 PM

We love his rotissere chickens!!! We'll have to try that falafel, sounds great! The new location gets him a lot more customers. He is a very nice guy! Way to go Omar!
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Re: Ali Baba's - 11/25/04 03:12 PM


Just ate 1/2 of one yestrday with fresh Pita.

The hookah's in the lounger area are smokin' too! pun intended

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Re: Ali Baba's - 11/27/04 05:51 PM

Where exactly is Ali Babba's new location near The Palms? We were there in Aug at his (apparently) old location and loved the freshly made food. Next time we go we're bring a bottle of Retsina just to drink at Ali Babba's!

Posted By: mobunny

Re: Ali Baba's - 11/30/04 03:04 AM

I believe it is almost directly across from
Tropic Air. Somebody on he island me if i am wrong. mobunny cool
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Ali Baba's - 11/30/04 08:44 PM

Near Palms... where you turn in to go to BC's. Was TMM Charters.
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