Please don't ask.......

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Please don't ask....... - 12/02/04 05:44 AM

(Even though I did.)What,where,when or how to do. I'm a newbie to this board and went back in history to October and if you can burn it up any harder or faster than Fluffy or Lawcuci's trip reports GO FOR IT!!! All that and time to read a book too?? Hope I can do half as much! I have air but no room and am already so excited I can't stand it.Thanks guys!! How did you do it all. SORRY had to ask :rolleyes:
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Re: Please don't ask....... - 12/05/04 07:21 PM

Thanks, enemeane! A big part of what helped us do so much was being there for a little better than two weeks. Even so, we took a lot of days or partial days to just laze around, I actually read four novels!

Also, if you're still undecided about where to stay, I highly recommend Banana Beach. We stopped in at a lot of other places and I'm convinced there is no better value and we were quite happy with the place. We had a one bedroom suite and loved the extra room and full kitchen.
I'm sure wherever you stay, you're gonna love it! smile
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Re: Please don't ask....... - 12/05/04 11:10 PM

The short answer is, I didn't do it all.

Your question brings back a cherished memory.

The first morning on AC, I was sitting on the porch having coffee when Tulu arrived to arrange the snorkeling tours. I'd spent months copying things to do and places to eat from this site. The pages were spread over the table and I was busy making a schedule for the week. Tulu quietly asked what I was doing. At my response, he threw his hands in the air and said "Girl, you're on vacation! You don't need a schedule. Throw that thing away!!!" I did just that and never regretted it. I didn't do everything on the list and that means there are things to look forward to doing on the return trip. What I did do was slow down and enjoy the beauty of the island and people one day at a time.

When Tulu popped in a couple days later, there I was with that little notebook in front of me. His gaze said it all! I quickly reassured him I was making notes for a trip report. His eyes twinkled as a huge smile crossed his face. "Good!"

I can't recall one bad day even with three straight days of rain. The island rain was beautiful, too.

When are you going? I can hardly wait to hear what a good time you had. wink
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Re: Please don't ask....... - 12/06/04 04:57 PM

I'm not very good at posting yet so I hope this goes to the right place. Jan 14th for 8 nights. Finally decided on Exotic. This has been the hardest vacation to plan. Soooo many choices. I like the idea of throwing the LIST out the window! Don't think I can bring myself to do it though since most of it has come from help of the members of this board. Many thanks to all! I try very hard to plan wonderful vacations for the family. We save all year and I take it very seriously.
Just happened across this board when looking for rain forest possibilities and feel I dont think I could have made a better choice. Hard to believe I'd never heard of AC until 2 months ago. Haven't been snorkling for about 4 years? Hope to meet some of you there.
I've never posted a trip report but will assure you this time will be a first!
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Re: Please don't ask....... - 12/06/04 07:31 PM

Normally, my wife does extensive research on vacation locations. Prior to our first trip early 2000, we didn't even know this board existed, and went in fairly blind. We had linked up with Tradewinds and they made all the reservations and put us in Paradise villas. After a day of traveling, and the neat little flight to AC, we got in about dark. A taxi ride in an older van down middle street to PV left me thinking, "what have you gotten us into this time, woman"? Checking into PV left me in a little better mood, nice place. Being hungry after unloading, we wandered back into town looking for food. Ended up at the Barrier Reef, which no longer exists, and had a lobster the size of my forearm, and my first Belikin. Watched the sun come up the next morning, and realized what a beautiful place it was. Now AC is our first choice, unfortunately won't be able to make our 5th trip this year. The majority ruled for extensive shore diving this trip so we're headed to Bonaire. This concession was made by a few of us in order to ensure with no arguments it will be back to AC next trip.
I will add you to my envy list.
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Re: Please don't ask....... - 12/06/04 09:29 PM

enemeane, I'm laughing! Oh, I poured over that list and narrowed it down to must do...North on a golf cart, BC's BBQ, snorkeling, eat at Elvi's, etc. I believe you and your family will have a wonderful time. Glad you found the board & that it has been helpful in your planning...yes, too many choices! Oh, while waiting for your hopper to AC have a rum punch at Jet's. wink You get to go soooo soon!

Hey, bobber: we stayed at PV, also. It is a nice place and so close to everything. Sorry to hear you have to wait another year confused to get back to AC.
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Re: Please don't ask....... - 12/10/04 03:51 PM

Good decision, Exotic Caye... make friends with Rick (bartender) at Crazy Canucks & say hi from Canada... Nancy
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Re: Please don't ask....... - 12/11/04 01:25 AM

Cozmo- will do! (Make note to self)Canada says hi.... Anyone else want to deliver messages. Can always start a new list!
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