Victoria House vs. Captain Morgan's

Posted By: belize05

Victoria House vs. Captain Morgan's - 12/05/04 10:41 PM

My fiancee and I are scheduled to visit Belize in April 2005. We'll be there for 8days/7nights and plan to get married (no big wedding, just the two of us).

We currently have reservations at Captain Morgan's ($400 deposit), but after discovering this forum as well as the BelizeForum, we're wondering if we shoudl've booked our stay at the Victoria House (VH) instead.

We would like our room to be on the beach, which is what we were told we have reserved at Captain Morgan's (CM). When I read some of Lan Sluder's posts I really got the feeling that VH is superior to CM.

So... I started looking at VH's website and saw that their "Rainforest Suite" is right on the beach, like we want. Problem is, it is booked solid throughout April. The only rooms available are the Plantation rooms or a "Casita". I didn't get the impression that either of these is on the beach. Does anyone know how either of these two rooms would compare to the cabana's at CM?

Another thing I liked about VH, is that their packages include Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner! Also being able to bicycle into town in 10minutes is nice.

Can Lan Sluder or anyone else who is familiar with both these resorts help "sway" us to one or the other...? By the way, we're also at risk of losing our $400 deposit at CM, if we cancel. This is not a huge deal, but makes us slightly more likely to keep our plans to stay at CM.

Bottom line, we only plan to get married once in our lives and we'd like this to be a wonderful experience, leaving us to no regrets! Any advice/comments would be appreciated!

P.S. - I also posted this at BelizeForum but it seems like the ambergriscaye forum has more activity so I'm posting here as well. Sorry for thsoe of you who visit both sites and may have already read this...
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Re: Victoria House vs. Captain Morgan's - 12/06/04 05:44 AM

Both places are beautiful but if you're going to spend phat cash, go for Victoria House.

I've been to several weddings at VH and they're incredibly well done.

Captain Morgan's is a bit problematic for travel to town.

It's all pretty much "on the beach" in San Pedro, you're never far from the water.
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Re: Victoria House vs. Captain Morgan's - 12/06/04 01:41 PM

Agree with playabees V.H. is awesome, C.P. is a water taxi($10us.)every time you go to town.
V.H. is about 20-30 min.walk,or rent golf cart,you can always stop a cab going that way for $5belize just make sure you ask how much.
Have agreat time in paradise!!!
J DOG P.S.that water each way per person I believe.
Posted By: CrackerLarry

Re: Victoria House vs. Captain Morgan's - 12/06/04 02:20 PM

No question about it, the Victoria House is a much classier place than CMs and you won't have to suffer a timeshare pitch.
Posted By: J DOG

Re: Victoria House vs. Captain Morgan's - 12/06/04 02:45 PM

Just wanted to correct myself,I believe that W.T.was $5us each way,never stayed across the cut only dined there a couple times,anyway congradulations,I can't imagine a better place to get married than A.C.
Been married 35 wonderful a beatiful lady,
Wishing you nothing but many yrs. of happiness,

Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Victoria House vs. Captain Morgan's - 12/06/04 09:45 PM

VH is much more upscale tham CM. But the cabanas at CM would be closer to the water than the casitas or plantation rooms at VH. I have heard that both do a very good job with weddings. I have had a clients get married at both and they went very well. CM is more secluded and a bit harder to get around from due to the water taxi situation. VH is more accessible since there is a road that goes there. I wouldn't recommend a meal package at either place since there are so many great restaurants to choose from all over the island. In my experience, the place people decide to stay at becomes their favorite place once they are there and there are usually no regrets so if you don't want to lose your deposit, stick with CM. Go to VH for a nice dinner (at the end of the trip so if you like it better you won't know till the end and it won't ruin your trip! wink )
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: Victoria House vs. Captain Morgan's - 12/06/04 10:32 PM

You will have a good time at Captain Morgan's. Being on your honeymoon I can forsee "town" as a one day/one evening option.

Nice secluded beaches and less folks driving/walking around. Nice for evening walks on the beach and stargazing.

Capricorn is next door and awesome for romantic dinners.

All the cabanas at Captain Morgan's are on a large white sand beach, not really good for swiming though.

Victoria House is a definite step up from Captain Morgan's. Awesome location, terry cloth robes and slippers, nicer cabanas for sure. All cabanas are on the beach.

Also very nice beaches and uncongested as with down town locations.

Min. 45 minute walk to town, I walk it daily.

Very classy, amazing restaurant at VH.

Posted By: simcic

Re: Victoria House vs. Captain Morgan's - 12/07/04 01:51 AM

I stayed at V.H. in Nov. first day casita, rest in Plantation room. Both are not more than a 1 to 2 minute walk to beach. Plantaton rooms are slightly larger with bigger bed. Go for it you won't regret it
Posted By: rockfish

Re: Victoria House vs. Captain Morgan's - 12/07/04 03:13 AM

Stay at both, since Captain Morgan's already has your $400 deposit spend 4 days at CM's then get 4 days at Victoria House. Best of both worlds.
Posted By: A&B to Belize

Re: Victoria House vs. Captain Morgan's - 12/15/04 08:23 PM

I loved Victoria House. However, it does not have much of a beach to speak of. It is on the water, but its not like going to a beach in the USA.

Most guests relax around the pool and swim at the end of the dock.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Victoria House vs. Captain Morgan's - 12/15/04 11:59 PM

That would go for all the hotels in Belize (generally speaking)!
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Re: Victoria House vs. Captain Morgan's - 12/24/04 04:14 AM

Hello all,
Thanks for all the replies. We decided to rebook at Victoria House. It was not an easy decision but overall we decided we would enjoy VH more. We still hope to visit Captain Morgan's during our trip to Belize. We have a $400 credit that is good until April 2006 at Captain Morgans (CM) so if it looks good when we visit, we may very well plan a second trip to Belize in early 2006 and stay at CM!

Thanks again, for everyone's responses. If anyone else has an opinion to add, we're still interested in reading what you have to say!

Now I need to find a photographer!...
Posted By: lilwings

Re: Victoria House vs. Captain Morgan's - 12/28/04 07:55 PM

I was married in Belize at Captain Morgan's in 2002 and absolutely loved it. I had the same problem you were having. It turned out CM was everything we were looking for. Beach, privacy and we wanted the hut.

The photographer we used was Kay, I can't remember her last name. AT the time she was the only photographer on the island. I was pleased with my pictures but they could have been better. good luck to you and you are going to love Belize. My husband and I are looking forward to going back.

One thing you must do is eat at Capricorn - very nice. It is next door to CM and you can walk over and check them out.
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Re: Victoria House vs. Captain Morgan's - 01/02/05 01:50 AM

Thanks for the reply. Your feedback on Kay is helpful. I E-mailed "Roy" at Benicolor ( ) a couple weeks ago. As far as I can tell, he is now the second photographer on the island... No response from him yet.

We are definately planning to eat at Capricorn! smile
Posted By: denverdan

Re: Victoria House vs. Captain Morgan's - 01/02/05 09:38 AM

Kay Scott rocks for pictures!
Check out her pictures on this website too.
You can contact her at [email protected] or call 011-501-226-2309 (I think that's the right #)
She is a professional and a sweetie who will do what it takes so everyone is happy!
I totally recommend her!
Do a search for her on this forum as well. Many VERY happy people have used her services and are still HAPPY! wink
Four hundred dollars credit at CM? Can you book dives with the dive shop or any tours with that credit? Maybe a HUGH party at the restaurant? When are you going again??? wink wink wink
Posted By: PapaPaula

Re: Victoria House vs. Captain Morgan's - 01/02/05 05:24 PM

we were married may 29th. Caribean villas did all our wedding plans and belize color did our pictures because kay scott was booked.Caribbean villas is beachfront beatiful and about 10 minute walk to town. Check with them. Lilly was the one who took care of all the paperwork. we are still reliving our wonderful decision of getting married in belize. Good Luck and now the memories are a lifetime of knowing it was the right place
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