Question for Feb trip

Posted By: syzen

Question for Feb trip - 12/06/04 12:58 AM

First, thanks so much for all the great recommendations on eating out on AC laugh

However, I still would like to find out, since hubby doesn't drink (Belikin fans can't reply), if there is any non-alcoholic beer to be had on the island? And if so, in the bars, or only at the store and where? confused

Thanks, it will help out to know in advance how to find it (if only they made non-alcoholic rum...)

Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Question for Feb trip - 12/06/04 01:26 AM

Can't help on the beer but tell him to try the virgin pina coladas and other virgin blender drinks.
Go to Coconuts and get Margie to fix 'em.
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Re: Question for Feb trip - 12/06/04 03:05 AM

I asked around and this seems to be definitive. You won't get non-alcoholic beer in any bar, but you will find it in supermarkets. There seems to be just one brand, which I think was Miller but I nay have that wrong - it's certainly a US brand. Being imported it's probably expensive.

Some years ago I was off alcohol for a year, having had Hep A very badly. In the UK we had several brands of low alcohol beer available, with enormously varing %ages of alcohol in them. None was zero, and only a few were low enough for me to be able to tolerate (physiologically). They all had one thing in common - they tasted vile. I soon switched to fruit juice instead.
Posted By: syzen

Re: Question for Feb trip - 12/07/04 01:27 AM

Thanks muchly Pedro2. It will help to know we can get some for the condo. Two months tomorrow!!!!!!! Can't wait.

Susan cool
Posted By: J DOG

Re: Question for Feb trip - 12/10/04 03:01 PM

I always bring a 12 pack of what I drink at home (miller lite), I repack it in a soda 12 pack & throw it in my cooler. I do like Belkin, but sometimes sitting on the balcony late at nite it sure tastes good after a full day of Belikens.
Bring your own N.A. beverage just to get you started or for that special moment.
Been doing this for 12 yrs. no problem.
I'll be there 1/29-2/13
Hope to see every one at B.C.s 1/30/05
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