Posted By: C from UK

Tipping - 12/06/04 02:32 PM

Another week and we'll be there! - can't wait!
Just wondering about tipping though. I have looked at topics in the past and all say 'tip as you would back home' although, I'm not sure if the English tip is the same as the US as we may tip for different things and I wouldn't want to be thought of as a scrooge because of ignorance.
Please could somebody let me know what percentage to tip the following: Bars, Taxis, Meals, Fishing trips and excursions and any others you may have encountered that the English do not tip as we might not be aware of.
We do not tip getting a drink at the bar in England but I think you do in the US, I'm not sure, also, I have heard you don't tip taxis whereas we do, is this true? Any advice would be really appreciated. - thanks!
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Tipping - 12/06/04 02:58 PM

c from uk I tip in resaurants here 15%to 20 %of check .. taxi and bars a few xtra $$ over the bill fishing I tip a lot as the will work hard for you ,,I give my mate and $75 each belize a trip some times more ..the prices for fishing here is so low compared to state side prices I feel guilty .. you are one classy person to think about doing the right thing that's good for you !!!! tight lines to you and good fishing go have a blast and enjoy....
Posted By: Richard Chambers

Re: Tipping - 12/06/04 03:08 PM

Jeff is right. One aspect he didn't mention is the cleaning folks who keep your lodging squeekie
clean daily. I like to be generous with these folks as it is probably their only source of income for a long days work. They are probably paid minimally as well.
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Tipping - 12/06/04 03:31 PM

richard vey good point !!!!!!!but you must ,I repeat you must!!!!!! give the tip to the cleaning folks in there hand..there are a few places that will pocket the money you leave for cleaners and keep it for them selfs .. this is has been know to happen ..this is not the norm ,but does happen .so give your generous tip directly to the cleaners you will do a good deed..
Posted By: seashell

Re: Tipping - 12/06/04 06:42 PM

I leave my tips for the cleaning staff on the pillow of my unmade bed in the morning. And remember that you may not have the same cleaning staff all week, so tipping daily is a better way to handle it than at the end of your stay. It would be a real shame to have the same cleaner(s) all week and then end up tipping on a shift change day.
Posted By: Bobber

Re: Tipping - 12/06/04 07:40 PM

We usually tip about $5 BZ a day for the cleaners. It ensures plenty of clean towels, and sufficient toilet paper, and usually any little favor you might ask. Our last trip at the Palms also got us a thank you note every day, and a "have a pleasant day and God bless you." We also do at least 15% for meals rounded up to the next dollar to avoid change. It might be different if we ever HAD a bad meal, but so far just about every meal is exceptional.
Posted By: C from UK

Re: Tipping - 12/07/04 04:59 PM

Thanks for all your advice - shall take it all on board. Can't wait for next week, can't concentrate on work! Only 7 more sleeps! - Caroline
Posted By: Kathy F.

Re: Tipping - 12/07/04 06:59 PM

C from UK

I know you have been anxiously waiting for next week to come for several months now. HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!! cool

Posted By: C from UK

Re: Tipping - 12/08/04 12:26 PM

Hi Kathy
Yes, we've been saving all year - we booked back in January and have been looking forward to it ever since. We had a fright a few weeks ago though and thought we would have to cancel as my father in law was rushed into hospital. The hospital told us to cancel and I started doing just that on their advice - however, all's well now and the hospital have given the all clear to go so we rebooked flights at exhorbitant costs - we could only get the same flight out but different flights home but at least we are going and everything's OK and can look forward to it again - it's going to be an extra special Christmas for us as it could have been such bad news all around.
Thanks for the well wish for our holiday!
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