Minors ?

Posted By: horse

Minors ? - 12/22/04 12:45 AM

What is the drinking age in San Pedro/Belize?
If my wife and I are in a cocktail longe having a quick one can our kids sit with us?
Thanks horse.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Minors ? - 12/22/04 12:58 AM

Drinking age is 18. If you are in an open air beach bar with kids there shouldn't be a problem. Buy them a virgin pina colada.
Posted By: horse

Re: Minors ? - 12/22/04 01:13 AM

Thanks Jesse,
We're not big drinkers but would like to try the local beer I hear so much about and did'nt know if the kids had to stay outside with thier noses against the window.
Thanks again,Scott
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Minors ? - 12/22/04 02:45 AM

Horse, there ain't no windows. Go have fun!
Posted By: wonderwoman

Re: Minors ? - 12/22/04 05:27 PM

cool Hi Horse! Don't really know of any bars that don't allow children, but most bars won't allow them to sit at the bar, so just sit at tables! Don't forget to take them to the Chicken Drop on Wednesdays at 6 pm and check out Sundays at the Hammock House on the Cut, there is a slide and we love kids!
Posted By: horse

Re: Minors ? - 12/22/04 07:01 PM

Hear lots about the chicken drop, where abouts is it? Coming down late this Sunday for a couple weeks and will try to get to everything in town.
Thanks Horse.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Minors ? - 12/23/04 01:57 AM

on the beach behind the Pier Lounge - in the Sprindrift Hotel building downtown
Posted By: wonderwoman

Re: Minors ? - 12/23/04 05:24 AM

In the middle of town, go inside the spindrift hotel to the pier lounge to buy tickets and then the drop is held outside on the beach.
Posted By: JoeKino

Re: Minors ? - 12/23/04 05:47 PM

They have it right in the UK pubs, dogs allowed -children aren't!
Posted By: horse

Re: Minors ? - 12/23/04 06:20 PM

Well Joe I guess its a good thing we picked San Pedro over the UK.
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