Tradewinds, Pardise Villas

Posted By: Hunter45

Tradewinds, Pardise Villas - 12/28/04 07:42 PM

Me and my Wife will be staying here in Mid January and was wondering if anyone has stayed here before and what to expect. Also, can you catch fish from the dock and any suggestion on what to bring if I want to fish.
Posted By: Bobber

Re: Tradewinds, Pardise Villas - 12/28/04 10:10 PM

We've stayed at PV, through tradewinds, 3 times. The poolside rooms are nice, the oceanside rooms preferable. I would probably avoid the back units, a bit noisy because of the street. The rooms are clean and comfortable, adequate space but not excessive. Great pool and private grounds are very nice. We've never had a problem with Tradewinds, good people to deal with and I believe they still have managers on site to take care of any problems or wishes. Close to groceries, and a short walk to good food. As far as fishing from the dock, don't know.
Posted By: H2Otstr

Re: Tradewinds, Pardise Villas - 12/29/04 02:04 AM

Stayed there over Thanksgiving. Was nice & clean. Pool and pool area very nice & clean. Had a 2nd floor, 2 bedroom unit & the front bedroom (which used to be the porch) was very hot. The AC was cold in the back & very little air in the front. Management was very nice & accomodating.
Posted By: cheetah

Re: Tradewinds, Pardise Villas - 12/29/04 07:20 AM

Hunter you should be spending time with your wife and not wondering about the fishing!!! Ha HA !!
Posted By: krehfish

Re: Tradewinds, Pardise Villas - 12/29/04 04:08 PM

The dock in front is a public one, and frequently used by the local kids for swimming. There's at least one fish crib that's been placed to attract fish for snorklers. Small jigs tipped w/pieces of shrimp or crab will get you all manner of aquarium fish. Have seen jacks busting baitfish in the morning between the docks.
Posted By: Phyllis&Ray

Re: Tradewinds, Pardise Villas - 12/29/04 09:37 PM

We stayed there last April, and will be back this April. We stayed in 24B (which we hope to get again), upstairs with a balcony looking out to the ocean, perfect. Slept every night with the doors open, breeze off the ocean and the sound of the waves crashing on the reef. Not to mention the bed was a huge king that was super comfy. The staff is super, we were picked up at the airport, one of our bags didn't make it until later and they brought it to us. We e-mailed them about a week before the trip, and had a fridge full of cold Belikin, Stout Belikin (which my husband loved) and bottled water. Very clean grounds, nice pool and close to everything, just a short stumble home from Wet Willies on Wednesday night! Enjoy !!
Posted By: Phyllis&Ray

Re: Tradewinds, Pardise Villas - 12/29/04 09:41 PM

Oh and we did snorkel off the public dock right outside the gates from PV, there are a couple of reef pots to attract fish, not a ton, but enjoyable. We didn't fish at all, maybe this year, but we didn't really see anyone fishing from the piers, not that you can't try. If a school of Jacks happened to pass by that sure would be fun. Don't forget to post a report when you get back !!
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Tradewinds, Pardise Villas - 12/29/04 10:26 PM

Most docks are posted "No Fishing" for a reason. as has been mentioned, the docks are used by the local kids for swimming and snorkeling. Wet Willy's feeds the fish on a regular basis. Therefor it's kinda like shooting fish in a barrel.
If you want to fish it is best to hire a guide and a boat or go out to the lagoon. The river (or cut) is a good place to fish, especially at sunset. The local kids line up there and tight line fish. It is a real education and experience.
Posted By: BUGMAN

Re: Tradewinds, Pardise Villas - 12/29/04 10:43 PM

We'll be staying at Casa de Lisa during mid February. Although I know this property is 3.5 miles south of SP, I can't find it on any maps. Does anyone know if it is facing into the tradewinds . . . I don't believe there is air conditioning in this property. Thank you.
Posted By: egcntrk

Re: Tradewinds, Pardise Villas - 01/01/05 01:55 AM

Paradise Villas is lovely. Beautiful, well tended grounds. No matter which management company you're booked with they work together to take good care of you. Just ask, and they will make it happen. We were in 1A in May, oceanview, and loved it. Security staff is top notch. The Tradewinds office is right out the back gate, too. Picked up at the airport, delivered there for the return flight; all flights confirmed by them for arrival and departure.

Willie feeds the fish. For your first view of the sea fauna, just have a meal at Willie's then hoist the scraps over the railing...the fish will arrive in short order.
Posted By: Hunter45

Re: Tradewinds, Pardise Villas - 01/05/05 08:17 PM

Thanks for all of the replys, I can't wait to go..
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