Best places for a young family?

Posted By: Spleen

Best places for a young family? - 01/07/05 03:30 PM

Hey everyone...long time lurker first time poster....

I've checked the archives for info on good places for kids, but I thought I'd throw it out there again. We have three little kids (5, 3 & 1) and want to find a place that has a good beach (they're beach-crazy) and is prepared for children. Honeymooner-type spots might not be a good fit.

I think a kitchen is pretty necessary. I've seen stuff online at Caribbean Villas, Victoria House and Banyan Bay that look pretty good, but pictures don't always tell the whole story. The penthouse at Playa Blanca on the North side looks large and comfortable too and might be in the running if my sister and her little ones come along. Does anyone have any impressions about any of these being a good fit?

A place with a pool would be cool, and I think a place with a restaurant that serves or includes breakfast would really save us a ton of trouble.
Also, how useful is it to be closer to town? I'm sure we'll need to stock up on milk and juice and snack foods when we're there, and I guess we'd probably make lunches and maybe try to cook about half the nights. I'd prefer to eat out but it's not always fun or practical to drag three little kids out to eat, at least here at home anyway.

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Re: Best places for a young family? - 01/07/05 03:41 PM

You might want to consider "Exotic Caye" Resort.
I think they have one of the better beach/water access areas. Don't know if they have 2 BR units though.They do have full kitchen facilities in the condos, pool, and close to a large grocery. And they are very reasonably priced!

Re: Best places for a young family? - 01/07/05 04:21 PM

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Re: Best places for a young family? - 01/07/05 05:22 PM

Caribe Island has a nice pool/beach area, but it's farther away from town.
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Re: Best places for a young family? - 01/07/05 05:43 PM

Richard Chambers? Not Racing Richard from Whites by chance?
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Re: Best places for a young family? - 01/07/05 05:49 PM

Nope, just another old San Pedro lover! :rolleyes:
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Re: Best places for a young family? - 01/07/05 05:57 PM

Haven't been to EC but Banyan Bay, Banana Beach or Xanadu would fit the bill. Stayed at all of them and had great experiences at each.
Posted By: Scott

Re: Best places for a young family? - 01/07/05 06:03 PM

Spleen... The Palms has very nice 2 bdrm units with the second bdrm and bath upstairs so the parents can get a little extra privacy. Nice kitchens and a great view from the veranda. Very close to town and a nice pool. It's next door to Ramons Village which has the nicest beach area close to town. It does not have a restaurant but there are many within a few minutes walk. They have a nice website and can arrange transfer from BC for you. Being close to town is very nice if you want to try different restaurants every day, do some shopping and hit some restaurants/bars for evening fun. There are mnay markets in town, too If you just want a quiet week with your family and don't want much, if any, nightlife then it is nice to stay a liitle farther from town and rent a cart for a day or two of exploring. Have fun where ever you end up!
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Re: Best places for a young family? - 01/08/05 11:52 PM

Yep, my guess is we'll go for a quieter week. Nightlife is kinda out of the question since the kids are all so little. Besides, when we take them out half the time they don't want to eat what we ordered, or want to get the heck out of there. It can be chaos. We might just step out a couple nites and maybe cook the rest of the time.

Given this, maybe sequestering ourselves somplace quite on the north or far south side might work out?
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Re: Best places for a young family? - 01/09/05 02:56 AM

Spleen... stayed at Banyan Bay this past October with my husband and 6 year old son. The two bedroom oceanfront units are spectacular. My son loved the beach area and the pool also. The pool is great for children it has three levels ankle deep, just past the knee and the deep end which is around 5 feet deep. They have a family friendly restaurant which would make my son just about whatever he wanted as long as they had it in. They also stocked our refrigarator for us and just added the cost of the food and drink to our room bill. I would highly recommend Banyan Bay. It is a little far out of town but my son was able to get to sleep with no problems ie noise, and my husband and I could kick back with our wonderful neighbors for a few drinks and alot of laughs
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