Belizean Shores

Posted By: lilwings

Belizean Shores - 01/17/05 04:25 AM

My husband and I are planning a trip back to AC this year and this resort has struck our interest. We are curious if this is the resort next to Captain Morgan's (to the North). We were at Captain Morgan's 2 1/2 years ago and there was a resort that was a little run down but were told that it had been sold and the new owner's were going to be opening the resort. When I look at the pictures on the site, I believe that it is but am not 100% sure. Can someone please tell me the location so I can get my surroundings.

Everything I've read on Belizean Shores sounds wonderful. We're just looking to return and enjoy this wonderful paradise and see more things we didn't get to see the first time around.

Any help, sugesstions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Posted By: jfabes

Re: Belizean Shores - 01/17/05 05:19 AM

I havent been to AC yet but I can answer your question. Click on this link //

and it shows a map with the belezian shores resort 2 resorts north of capt morgans

Re: Belizean Shores - 01/17/05 11:34 AM

Belizean Shores is all new from the ground (ah, sand) up. We used it in June to lodge 21 guests for our daughter's wedding.
Posted By: Belikin Joe

Re: Belizean Shores - 01/17/05 06:40 PM

Belizean Shores is two properties north of Captain Morgan's. The "run down" one you're referring to is a different property - I believe that one is called Essence Way.
Posted By: THEO

Re: Belizean Shores - 01/18/05 08:24 PM

Belizean Shores is a world class resort with excellant management and infinity pool complete with swim up bar. You will not be disappionted staying there. Enjoy.
Posted By: doninct

Re: Belizean Shores - 01/20/05 03:42 AM

How close is town from Belizean Shores? They mention some type of ferry but is this a hassel?
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