Reef Ransom

Posted By: russellxenia

Reef Ransom - 01/30/05 06:57 PM

What happened to the Reef Ransom articles? He provided great information.
Posted By: kayak4

Re: Reef Ransom - 01/31/05 05:56 PM

I have been wondering about this also. I posted the same question about 4 weeks ago -- no one responds.
Posted By: ChrisW

Re: Reef Ransom - 01/31/05 07:37 PM

Looks like his journal got buried a bit, but it is still out there. His last entry was on Sept. 27. Doesn't really bode well.

Also, you might want to sent him an e-mail and ask what is up or ask to purchase his journal by e-mail (though $7 a month seems a bit much)...

Took me a while to find this link:
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Reef Ransom - 01/31/05 09:53 PM

I too, thought where is Reef, just yesterday.

Thanks for the link.
Posted By: russellxenia

Re: Reef Ransom - 02/02/05 01:56 AM

thanks for the update
Posted By: egcntrk

Re: Reef Ransom - 02/02/05 10:04 PM

His PC could be in the shop again.

Link appreciated.
Posted By: ChrisW

Re: Reef Ransom - 04/11/05 08:34 PM

BUMP! Anybody have any news? I would be nice to have some closure on last entry that said goodbye or something. Oh well it was fun while it lasted...
Posted By: klcman

Re: Reef Ransom - 04/11/05 11:12 PM

I too, was just thinking about him this AM, as I watched the sunrise over the Atlantic........
Posted By: ChrisW

Re: Reef Ransom - 04/28/05 06:17 PM

One last BUMP then I give up. Its hard to believe that nobody on this board knows what happened to him.
Posted By: streetchie

Re: Reef Ransom - 04/28/05 07:13 PM

You should ask him. I think his email address is on the journal webpage.
Posted By: ChrisW

Re: Reef Ransom - 04/28/05 07:24 PM

I sent him an e-mail about two weeks back and got no response. Of course, he doesn't know me so that is not too surprising. The e-mail didn't bounce so I guess that is something...although since hotmail expanded their free accounts you can go a l-o-n-g time without reading your e-mail before your box fills up.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Reef Ransom - 04/28/05 10:52 PM

maybe "some" people do know, but choose not to reply, for perhaps, good reason.
Posted By: ChrisW

Re: Reef Ransom - 04/29/05 03:03 PM

No kidding...I am starting to think it is some sort of conspiracy myself or maybe that he irked the wrong people some how or maybe he just got tired of writing or maybe he had a sponser who pulled the plug (the old owners of the San Pedro Sun?) or maybe he got fed up with AC and went home. Oh well not much point in conjecturing...

In any case, I will always cherish his last words...especially the last two...

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